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Default Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Big shoutout to .anshuman for shooting these pictures & his coverage of the Auto Expo. Thanks for sharing, man!

Large Mahindra sign welcomes you:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0088.jpg

The theme for this time was 'Future of Mobility':
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0087.jpg

They even had a small 2-story building inside the stall:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9992.jpg

The Stinger got the center stage:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0086.jpg

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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

UDO Concept

This is Mahindra's attempt at the problem of urban mobility. According to the company, this 2-seater concept will help in decreasing traffic as well as pollution levels in the cities. It is primarily aimed at the urban populace who are not technology-averse. The vehicle gets climate control system, touchscreen infotainment and Bluetooth connectivity. There is a pedal inside which can be used to recharge the on-board batteries. The 3-wheeler also eliminates the need to balance like conventional motorcycles.

The UDO is very narrow and gets a honeybee hive pattern logo at the front, small wraparound headlamps and small motorcycle wheels:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0039.jpg

The 2-door vehicle houses two seats one behind the other:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0041.jpg

Rear gets vertical tail lamps and a single wheel:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0043.jpg

A peak inside reveals U-shaped handlebar (steering wheel?) with a small display for the driver:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0042.jpg

ATOM Concept

Thought as the 'last mile connectivity' option, the ATOM has got a minimalist approach by the designers. It has a small footprint, while maintaining a spacious interior for its occupants and will have swappable batteries to increase the range of the vehicle. The ATOM will also have on-board connectivity to update occupants on the details of trains, buses or flights along with real-time updates on them. One can also book tickets while inside the vehicle.

Boxy looking car gets a small silver hood that has a grille on its left:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0040.jpg

Small wheels, large glass area and a cube-shape gives it a cute look:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0045.jpg

The rear houses the swappable batteries and 6-element tail lamps:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0044.jpg

e-KUV 100 Concept

The pseudo-SUV gets electrified! The e-KUV 100 will get a range of 140 km, a fast charging facility and an automatic transmission. It will also get connected car features like mobile phone connectivity, remote diagnostics, cabin pre-cooling, location tracking along with driving and battery monitoring. Thanks to fast charging, the user can recharge up to 80% of the battery charge in less than an hour.

Similar to the regular KUV minus the engine!
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0038.jpg

The rear gets a grey applique in the middle and 3 parking sensors that look after market:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0034.jpg

Dual-LED headlamps with integrated indicators and DRLs. Fog lamps get the regular halogen bulbs:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0036.jpg

Missing clutch? No, it’s an automatic now!
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0037.jpg

Interiors are finished in black, grey, white and silver elements. Thankfully the carpet is in a darker shade:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0035.jpg

TREO Concept

This concept is designed to be a low maintenance, lithium ion battery powered 3-wheeer. Mahindra hopes to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in India using this vehicle. It will be used for last mile connectivity in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities.

e-Rickshaw gets a dual tone colour scheme - white body and a grey roof:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0030.jpg

Spartan yet functional interiors. The handlebar gets a small display for the driver. The leg space appears to be more than the regular ricks:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0031.jpg

Simple looking rear gets basic tail lamps. No rear windscreen, but a rollup canopy can be used to protect the occupants from the elements in rainy season:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0032.jpg


The e2o NXT is based on the current 4-door e2o on sale in India. It gets a revised interior as well as exterior.

The e20 NXT gets dual barrel headlamps and two strips of LED below them: the outer doubles up as the indicator while the inner stays on as the DRL:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0027.jpg

Grille gets blue highlights inside it and the bottom part of the bumper houses a black insert:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0028.jpg

A close look at the wraparound headlamps:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0026.jpg

The rear gets vertical tail lamps and a grey applique below the rear windshield. The bottom of the bumper houses 2 hexagonal lights (reverse rights?):
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0021.jpg

White door pads look good, but will be prone to get dirty over time:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0025.jpg

Insides are finished in white and black upholstery:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0024.jpg

Dashboard now gets a large touchscreen in the middle:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0023.jpg

e-Cosmo Concept is the electric bus developed by Mahindra. The powertrain is developed in partnership with TM4 of Canada. The bus gets on-board battery management system, regenerative braking systems and can be customised as per the customer requirement including seat configurations:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-ecosmo.jpg

MESMA stands for Mahindra Electric Scaleable Modular Architecture. The 380 Volt system uses motors from T4 and battery cells from LG chemicals. It can be adjusted for length as well as width to accommodate a variety of vehicles:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-mesma-380v-powertrain.jpg

e-Supro and e-Verito were also displayed:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-esupro.jpg
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-everito.jpg

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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Dealership of future

Pininfarina designed dealership of the future was also showcased. Keeping in mind the customer experience, this concept makes use of the latest technology:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9997.jpg

Modern looking dealership had the regular e2o in a dark brown shade kept inside...
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9989.jpg

...while the TUV AMT and the Scorpio 4x4 were standing outside:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9990.jpg

A stall with merchandise for off-road enthusiasts:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9991.jpg

Mahindra Racing

Mahindra Racing is one of the ten founding teams of the Formula E series. They posted a strong show in the 2017 season. The M3Electro racecar gave the team its first win in the 3rd season of the series. In the same season, the team got 10 podium finishes, 3 pole positions and 2 fastest laps. Mahindra finished the season at the third position in the Team Championship and rookie driver Felix Rosenqvist took third place in the Drivers Championship.

The car carries colours of the Indian flag:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0017.jpg

Aggressive looking car has been designed for the best aerodynamics:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0090.jpg

TUV 300 Stinger Concept

The Stinger is a convertible SUV based on the TUV 300. The two-door car is powered by a 2.2-lire mHawk diesel engine that makes 140 BHP and 320 Nm torque.

The car lacks B-pillars and gets big 18-inch alloys:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0089.jpg

Front end gets dual LED DRLs - L-shaped on with the headlamps and another C-shaped unit in the bumper:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0007.jpg

5-slat chrome grille is covered with hexagonal mesh pattern. A silver bordered air dam gets the same pattern mesh; it later merges into the skid plate:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0008.jpg

The silver bars must be for the rollover protection:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0010.jpg

The car gets a black interior:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0011.jpg

Rear gets large wraparound tail lamps and C-shaped lights at the bottom:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0016.jpg

Stinger mentioned in a large font in a black housing. The car gets a silver skid plate and a Mahindra logo in the center of the tailgate:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0009.jpg

255/65R18 tyres are of the Iota Accelera make. Notice the carbon-fibre wheel arch:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0014.jpg

Spare wheel is housed inside the boot? Top of it peaks out:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0015.jpg

The car gets a square steering wheel and a vertically mounted tablet like screen in the center console:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0012.jpg

The XUV 500 makes its appearance as well:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0047.jpg


The KUV was showcased in a gold and black colour scheme:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0048.jpg

Large sweptback headlamps get DRLs.
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0002.jpg

Smart looking alloy wheels in a silver shade complement the car well:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0001.jpg

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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Mahindra Customisation

Also on display were the company's in-house modified cars. This time around Mahindra showcased their KUV 100 Adventure Edition and the Thar Daybreak Edition.

KUV 100 Adventure

Based on the regular KUV, it gets a customized body and wider tyres. Finished in a matte orange shade, the car gets black interiors.

Black, orange, silver and grey - despite using multiple colours, the orange stands out:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9993.jpg

The KUV gets a hood scope, blackened grille and headlight surrounds, dark grey push bars and a silver skid plate with a 5-slat grille on one side:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9994.jpg

Black cladding all around. The wide tyres come out of the body line:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9995.jpg

Similar to the regular car, the rear gets a revised grey tail lamp surround, black bumper and a silver skid plate:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_9996.jpg

Thar Daybreak Edition

The blue Thar Daybreak Edition gets big 35-inch wheels, a wide bonnet and a snorkel intake:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0050.jpg

This Thar sports gullwing doors to improve ingress to the rear seats. The huge tyres look bigger than the wheel arches:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0049.jpg

Rear gets a tailgate mounted spare wheel, a couple of jerry cans along with grey roof rails:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1837352304x1728.jpg

The car gets round headlamps with circular DRLs, a 7-slat grille, off-road winch and a revised bumper:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1838382304x1728.jpg

Mahindra customisation logo on the snorkel intake:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1838282304x1728.jpg

The entire side panel is a door that swings up:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1837492304x1728.jpg

The large spare wheel dominates the rear. The car gets horizontal tail lamps at the top and a couple of reflectors below:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1837422304x1728.jpg

Interior is finished in beige and black:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1837582304x1728.jpg

3-spoke beige steering wheel gets the bottom spoke finished in black:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1838202304x1728.jpg

Seats get 4-point racing harness. Notice the struts on the side of the car. These allow the entire side potion to pivot up:
Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180207_1838042304x1728.jpg

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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

The Mahindra badged G4 Rexton report is already live in a new thread - link.

Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018-aaa_0058.jpg

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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section). Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Disappointed to see many of these contraptions in a leading auto manufacturer's stall. Looks like just for the sake of displaying something, the designers (or aspiring designers) in Mahindra added LEDs, chunky tyres and whatever to all their existing models. Many body shops in Kerala will do a far better job than these.
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Seems Mahindra takes the expo as some kind of a joke!

Thar Daybreak, KUV Adventure and the king of all - the TUV Stinger concept - all three of them qualify for our 'weird and wacky' thread.

Electric versions and the new Rexton (Thankfully just Mahindra badged) were the saving grace for them at the expo.
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Fitment of those rear lights......cringe! Even most backstreet modifiers have upped their game compared to this awkward looking concept.

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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

I maybe wrong but i dont see a folding / retractable / detachable roof on the "Stinger". Does it deserve to be called a "Convertible" ?
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Nothing significant to show for Mahindra. In my opinion, they should have set up a smaller booth and displayed their electric vehicles only. That would have been more apt decision considering the investments involved in an AutoExpo.
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Looking at the THAR customization I can only say that Mahindra customization has set a 'niche' standard for itself and the 'benchmark' is getting 'upped' with time!! Except the simple version of the THAR hard top, I am yet to see something digestible from the customization dept for a long time. Not sure whether it is necessary to go so loud with the modification every time!
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post
...Pininfarina designed dealership of the future was also showcased. Keeping in mind the customer experience, this concept...
Sad to see Pininfarina now designing dealerships for its parent company! A studio that was once almost an in-house designer for Ferrari is now doing this. There may have been some truth to the story that the best, most talented designers in the studio had left by the time the distress sale of Pininfarina took place.

The XUV700 looks good and Mahindra Racing's display of their Formula-E series contender the M3Electro (and its prowess in the current standings) was heartening. The TUV Stinger convertible looks good and I hope it makes it to the showrooms - provided M&M have given the necessary structural reinforcement to retain the rigidity modulus.

The e-vehicle examples seem to be M&M's focus for the future (as it seems to be for most participants at the Expo) and that is certainly the way forward. But without a real world range of less than 150 km/charge, the e-vehicles from any stable will remain show-pieces. That, and of course, the price.
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Any difference in the XUV 500 on display and the currently available showroom version ? Am looking at buying an AT
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Default Re: Mahindra @ Auto Expo 2018

Loved the Stinger. I would buy one...like right now. I think it's a step in the right direction.
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