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Default The Beginning! A mini-OTR even before we hit the trail..

I got a call on Thursday night from memo saying he was going for an OTR in the truck and wanted me to join. Since I had no other work I decided to join in. Day started off really bad. Was crossing the road near Kodigehalli junction, somehow managed to slip and twist my ankle really badly. Before I realized I was flat on the road. Tried my best to get up and get onto the footpath, but all in vain. I couldn't move my leg, I knew vehicles were coming from behind but I couldn't move an inch, I was helpless. Nearly after some 15 secs I gathered up enough strength to get onto the footpath safely without being run over by a Volvo. Begin to wonder, first step on the road for an OTR and I nearly killed myself. Would it be wise to go back home?

Before I realized, I am sitting in the truck explaining to memo what had happened. In trying to catch up on the last few months I forget the pain I was going through.

Name:  IMG_66531.JPG
Views: 2804
Size:  310.4 KB

We hit the airport road past Jakkur and I spotted something on my side in the ditch. We stopped and decided to help the poor I10 who had skidded straight into it at around 6am due to a blown tire.

Name:  IMG_66561.JPG
Views: 2822
Size:  586.7 KB

Dwarak sir decides to tow the i10 out, but ends up getting stuck himself.
Name:  IMG_66691.JPG
Views: 2768
Size:  489.3 KB

So in comes the mighty Tata truck to the rescue.
Name:  IMG_66611.JPG
Views: 2771
Size:  545.6 KB

Hrishi says "Hang on, mine is bigger than yours (the engine cc that is). I ain't going to let some Tata 207 take the title of the truck away from my Safari.
Name:  IMG_66621.JPG
Views: 2731
Size:  251.6 KB

Hrishi wouldn't listen to anyone. He was so miffed that the 207 was going to get all the glory that he decides to tow the Xenon out so that his lady in white can bask in all the glory.
Name:  IMG_66661.JPG
Views: 2698
Size:  458.8 KB

Hrishi has a rude shock coming his way when he realizes his white lady ain't got enough oompphh. In comes Hari's brand new 2.2 Dicor to the rescue to tow its sisters out of the mess.
Name:  IMG_66731.JPG
Views: 2567
Size:  425.5 KB

Two Safari's cant get this monster out of this.
Name:  IMG_66771.JPG
Views: 2508
Size:  468.4 KB

So in the end, we put all our genius brains together and chalk out a solution.

In comes the OTR tow machine.
Name:  IMG_66861.JPG
Views: 12812
Size:  577.0 KB

Lesson to all OTR members: If you need a vehicle to tow you out of trouble, have a tractor in the convoy . The tractor pulled the Xenon out as if it was made out of cotton.

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What an adventure, only 2 hours and already so much, can't wait to see what all happened in 20 hours.. Keep posting..

But good you all decided to help the i10 guy, he must have prayed god real hard.. for help..lol. I can imagine the look on his face when he sees half a dozen fully equipped 4x4s coming out of nowhere to help him out.. (Goshh, he should have asked for something real big) I Can't stop laughing man..
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Default Getting back onto the roads...

So we just completed a mini-OTR even before hitting the main trail. We must have lost atleast an hour here trying to pull out each other. What started out as a rescue mission for the i10 ended up being an adventure for all the Tata trucks .

Siddhu poses with his reliable (probably the only vehicle in his garage) 410. He goes onto say, his 410 would have pulled out the i10 and the Tata's with ease. Show off...
Name:  IMG_66901.JPG
Views: 2446
Size:  317.8 KB

Xenon back on the roads... And its obvious it needs a quick shower.
Name:  IMG_66871.JPG
Views: 2444
Size:  410.7 KB

A front view to hide the mucked up profile.
Name:  IMG_66911.JPG
Views: 2424
Size:  344.6 KB

Amidst all this show off, a certain Scorpio feels left out.
Name:  IMG_66591.JPG
Views: 2421
Size:  419.5 KB

A click of the 3L truck so that Hrishi doesn't feel left out.
Name:  IMG_6699.JPG
Views: 2464
Size:  382.5 KB

The Gypsy is back on the road too.
Name:  IMG_6700.JPG
Views: 2369
Size:  166.3 KB

I am told overcast weather is the perfect weather for an OTR.
Name:  IMG_6701.JPG
Views: 2581
Size:  364.1 KB

We then stop for breakfast. Discussions range from Siddhu's spurious RS to my VTU saga. Idli's, dosas, tea, coffee disappear with a blink of an eye. Little did we know what was in store for the rest of the day. Now its started to sink in that my leg could have suffered more damage then I had imagined. Still I keep my mind away from looking into it.

We then hit village roads and we are finally out of civilization. No cell phone network, no worries. Its just the wild and even wilder rides. The feeling is that of pure bliss....
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What a experice this whole think turned out to be, man we were just out there recovering each other in line one after the other, but the whole experince has just left some tuanting questions in my mind, and thanks to all the folks for this opportunity, hats off to the spirit you guys carry with you to keep going and going, and the value you carry for everyone else with you, unlike some other so called meet-ups, drives and on/off track events.

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Rahul, that's great writeup. An OTR is always the one that you never planed for

So, its from i10 to Xenon to 3L Dicor to 2.2 vtt and finally the tractor pulled them out is it? Great!

Hari, so you finally got the Black storm

Hrisihi, I guess this is one OTR for you after a long time, if I am right. Good to see you back.
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Default The beginning of the real deal!

So we finally hit the village roads and then get to the beginning of the trail

We have a small briefing and Vinay says "This is where the trail begins. And its a tough one, so if anyone wants to back out do so now, once you enter there is no way to get out". Everyone gets the message loud and clear.

The briefing reminds me of our track days. Sigh!
Name:  IMG_6710.JPG
Views: 2284
Size:  530.1 KB

A line up of all the monsters just before we ventured into the wild.
Name:  IMG_6712.JPG
Views: 2294
Size:  260.7 KB

The Mahindra v/s Tata battle begins.
Name:  IMG_6715.JPG
Views: 2917
Size:  580.1 KB

Since we all are worried about the OTR capabilities of the Tata trucks, we are advised to stay behind the jeeps. The jeeps come in handy while towing out vehicles I am told.

The KL jeep leading the pack.
Name:  IMG_6719.JPG
Views: 2273
Size:  615.5 KB

Vinay the guide helping out. This trail would have been a nightmare without him.
Name:  IMG_6722.JPG
Views: 2252
Size:  627.4 KB

Our destination is to reach that lake bed you see in the horizon. What beautiful experience this is going to be I tell myself.
Name:  IMG_6725.JPG
Views: 2259
Size:  357.2 KB

Lead kindly jeep!
Name:  IMG_6731.JPG
Views: 2227
Size:  536.4 KB

After a km or so, we re-group to decide the moving order. Dwarak sir explaining to the first timers the nitty gritty of off roading.

Hrishi, threatening memo to uphold the Tata brand name, failing which he would have to face dire consequences. Read, we will leave the 207 stranded in muck and not winch you out, for like ever.
Name:  IMG_6733.JPG
Views: 2220
Size:  334.8 KB

Siddhu I am told is the scape goat at all OTR's. So we send him to explore the way while we sit back and enjoy .
Name:  IMG_6735.JPG
Views: 2184
Size:  522.3 KB

Name:  IMG_6736.JPG
Views: 2171
Size:  488.4 KB

Once Siddhu gives a thumbs up, the ordeal begins.
Name:  IMG_6737.JPG
Views: 2159
Size:  509.3 KB

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Default Mistake in Thread name!

hey guys

I made a mistake when I started this thread. I think the name should read "Bangalore - CHIKKABALLAPUR OTR (02nd Oct 2009) - The Unforgettable OTR! "

Sorry about that.

Thanks roshan for pointing it out.

MODS if you can change the please do so.

Will update lots more pics and videos today evening.


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Well, it was a first time for me and my Safari, it was a good way to learn what your vehicle is capable of. But what impressed me the most is the never say die attitude of the off roaders, hats off to all the organisers and the guys who sweated it out in the muck and rain till late in the night. I salute your spirit guys.
Now kindly bring on the pics.
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Default As we venture deeper..

The non-eco friendly convoy!
Name:  IMG_6739.JPG
Views: 2092
Size:  441.2 KB

Siddhu's reaction on mention of marriage & dowry in one sentence.
Name:  IMG_6741.JPG
Views: 2116
Size:  309.2 KB

The first hurdle the truck had to face.
Name:  IMG_6743.JPG
Views: 2103
Size:  693.6 KB

Jeep slides its way out.
Name:  IMG_6748.JPG
Views: 2091
Size:  800.5 KB

The poser!
Name:  IMG_6750.JPG
Views: 2053
Size:  585.5 KB

No one knows what Shah was trying to do behind the bushes..
Name:  IMG_6756.JPG
Views: 2067
Size:  602.1 KB

The 2.2L ditches the 3L and makes its way through first.
Name:  IMG_6777.JPG
Views: 2074
Size:  655.3 KB

Siddhu does some work, once I promise him to get him a girl who'd give him 3Cr dowry provided he loses 3kgs .
Name:  IMG_6779.JPG
Views: 2042
Size:  632.2 KB

A couple of shots of the Xenon!
Name:  IMG_6781.JPG
Views: 2041
Size:  742.3 KB

Name:  IMG_6790.JPG
Views: 2027
Size:  589.5 KB

Guys, sorry for not being able to click pics of others vehicles. Due to the severe pain in my leg, I couldn't stand for long. Just clicked pics of vehicles immediately ahead/behind us. Lots more to come.
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Excellent and impartial writeup. Hope we will see the antics of Mahindras and Tatas soon and their offroading prowess tested and compared!
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Default The Pics at last!!

sorry guys count post the pics till now.. here are the pics.

1.Roadside recovery attempt of i10 byt Dwarak
Name:  PA020233.JPG
Views: 1975
Size:  145.2 KB

2.Xenon went in to help and got stuck!
Name:  PA020238.JPG
Views: 2043
Size:  143.5 KB

3.Hrishi trying to pull out the Xenon. Later Hari joined in and the
TATA Safari's tried pulling out the other TATA Xenon.
Name:  PA020237.JPG
Views: 2048
Size:  141.2 KB
Name:  PA020239.JPG
Views: 1964
Size:  146.9 KB
Name:  PA020241.JPG
Views: 1950
Size:  132.4 KB

4.Then comes along the Big Brother of Offroaders.'THE TRACTOR'! It easily pulled out the Xenon and the i10.
Name:  PA020243.JPG
Views: 1920
Size:  144.9 KB
Name:  PA020245.JPG
Views: 1913
Size:  144.0 KB

5.The line up before the trail actually began.
Name:  PA020246.JPG
Views: 1911
Size:  139.4 KB

6.Roshan's 540 tackling a hurdle. The trail for most part was ok, but no one could have imagined what lay in wait along the trail for us!!
Name:  PA020248.JPG
Views: 1925
Size:  134.2 KB
Name:  PA020249.JPG
Views: 1915
Size:  125.3 KB

7.Hari / Rehan / Rajesh tackling the hurdles along the trail.
Name:  PA020252.JPG
Views: 1909
Size:  138.1 KB
Name:  PA020254.JPG
Views: 1903
Size:  143.9 KB
Name:  PA020256.JPG
Views: 1907
Size:  139.6 KB

8.Rajiv's green gypsy sat on a stone, was pulled out by the Xenon.
Name:  PA020258.JPG
Views: 1934
Size:  140.9 KB
Name:  PA020259.JPG
Views: 1919
Size:  148.8 KB
Name:  PA020260.JPG
Views: 1901
Size:  145.9 KB
Name:  PA020261.JPG
Views: 1891
Size:  148.9 KB

9.Monish in the Xenon and our mm 540 tackling the trail.
Name:  PA020263.JPG
Views: 1899
Size:  149.0 KB
Name:  PA020265.JPG
Views: 1894
Size:  143.3 KB
Name:  PA020269.JPG
Views: 1895
Size:  141.4 KB
Name:  PA020271.JPG
Views: 1876
Size:  145.1 KB

More pics and Videos to follow..


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Default Water makes it a lot more fun....

We come across a small stream.

The Jeep opens the account.
Name:  IMG_6795.JPG
Views: 1912
Size:  719.5 KB

The running advertisement for TBHP soon follows .
Name:  IMG_6796.JPG
Views: 1885
Size:  654.6 KB

Hari makes sure I get this one.
Name:  IMG_6798.JPG
Views: 1894
Size:  533.2 KB

This stretch was really beautiful and no pics can describe the scene in front of our eyes. At one point one of the Jeeps I think started to slide towards the stream. Must have been scary.
Name:  IMG_6800.JPG
Views: 1880
Size:  539.0 KB

If only someone had carried some tents, we could have camped right there.
Name:  IMG_6801.JPG
Views: 1902
Size:  541.6 KB

Everyone takes a break to soak in the scenery.
Name:  IMG_6802.JPG
Views: 1898
Size:  549.7 KB

While Shah continues to show off his add car .
Name:  IMG_6803.JPG
Views: 1850
Size:  504.1 KB

A pan shot from 4 images.
Bangalore - Chikkaballapur OTR (02nd Oct 2009) - The Unforgettable OTR.!!!-untitled_panorama1.jpg

Up until now, the trail has been hassle free. Couple of times the Xenon and a few other vehicles did get stuck but were towed out easily. Just when I thought how hard can it really be....
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1.Rehan / Dwarak sir / Hrishi on the trail
Name:  PA020272.JPG
Views: 1855
Size:  149.7 KB
Name:  PA020277.JPG
Views: 1816
Size:  147.3 KB
Name:  PA020279.JPG
Views: 1819
Size:  147.8 KB

2.Rajesh's mm540..
Name:  PA020274.JPG
Views: 1817
Size:  149.9 KB
Name:  PA020276.JPG
Views: 1813
Size:  147.9 KB

3.Rajesh and Roshan's jeeps..
Name:  PA020281.JPG
Views: 1829
Size:  138.4 KB
Name:  PA020283.JPG
Views: 1822
Size:  144.2 KB
Name:  PA020284.JPG
Views: 1814
Size:  144.4 KB
Name:  PA020286.JPG
Views: 1799
Size:  145.7 KB
Name:  PA020288.JPG
Views: 1813
Size:  143.2 KB
Name:  PA020290.JPG
Views: 1809
Size:  143.7 KB

4.Dwarak Sir / Shanawaz / Roshan / Rajesh on the trail
Name:  PA020291.JPG
Views: 1806
Size:  148.8 KB
Name:  PA020293.JPG
Views: 1779
Size:  147.1 KB
Name:  PA020295.JPG
Views: 1794
Size:  145.5 KB
Name:  PA020296.JPG
Views: 1783
Size:  150.0 KB
Name:  PA020297.JPG
Views: 1777
Size:  146.5 KB
Name:  PA020298.JPG
Views: 1748
Size:  142.0 KB

5.Roshan & Monish on a stopover..
Name:  PA020300.JPG
Views: 1744
Size:  143.1 KB

6.Rajesh in his mm540 crossing the stream along the trail..
Name:  PA020304.JPG
Views: 1755
Size:  141.1 KB
Name:  PA020305.JPG
Views: 1741
Size:  148.7 KB

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Originally Posted by khan_sultan View Post
Dwarak/Vinay pass me on the road to OTR and say "there is a car lying in a ditch some 1/2 KM behind. Should we go and help him and pull him out?" I think for a second and say "OK".

I think we spent some 1 hour there only to find that not only we could not move the i10 but also get the xenon stuck big time. A tractor came to pull out both the xenon (that too after 2 safari's puling in serial could not move the xenon an inch) & i10.

Yes, one of the most adventurous OTR's that I have been to.

One biggest mistake done by me while pulling the i10 was, i put the gypsy in 4 WD , but forgot to lock the free wheeling hub. Else, atleast could have moved the i10 a bit.

Overall, the OTR was real fun, exhaustive, exhausting, hungry looking people, dry day .

Thank you all for support in keeping my engine running and towing upto chikkaballapur after my fuel got empty.
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Default More water to add to the fun....

So after a km or so, we come across a slightly bigger stream. A couple of gypsy's and jeeps tackle it with ease. I jump out of the Xenon onto the jeep so that I can capture a few clicks.

Xenon finally gets a shower.
Name:  IMG_6814.JPG
Views: 1742
Size:  608.8 KB

Hari is standing in line wondering "Mera number kab aayega?".
Name:  IMG_6818.JPG
Views: 1747
Size:  441.0 KB

Mera number aagayaaa. Hari heads for a bath next.
Name:  IMG_6820.JPG
Views: 1738
Size:  361.7 KB

What happened next is NOT fictional. Hari pulls up next to us and someone comes with a packet of mixture. Hari extends both his hands out. So Mr.X (cant remember who it was) pours nearly half the packet into Hari's hands and leaves. Hari is wondering how to eat, while Hrishi, memo and myself realize we just got ourselves a plate to take the mixture from . We needn't have to take trouble to hold the packet or pass it around or waste energy in taking out the mixture from the packet. Hari was holding his arms outstretched, all we had to do was make him stand still and not let him run away with what was the first particle of food we managed since we had breakfast.
Name:  IMG_6822.JPG
Views: 1682
Size:  542.2 KB

After everyone's cleared the small stream we continue to explore the forest carefully trying to make sure that we don't destroy any saplings.
Name:  IMG_6827.JPG
Views: 1661
Size:  443.7 KB

Until we hit this dead end....
Name:  IMG_6829.JPG
Views: 1674
Size:  455.0 KB
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