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Default Re: XD3P turbo?

I like it man! Having fun I see?

Originally Posted by prabhuav View Post
I got the turbocharged XD2S engine and swapped out the crank and pistons from the XD3P and voila I have the XD3T engine..

The 2 fundamental difference in this approach are:

The French made block and con rods are much better metal - designed with Forced induction in mind. And the Block has much better lubrication,stuff like under piston oil sprays etc.

Same goes with the BOSCH pump, which has a boost compensater. On a regular pump , with a turbo, you are either running too rich under boost , or running to lean while in boost.

Most of the overheating issues of the Mahindra's attempts to TC the XD3 are a combination of the two..

My tuppence
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Originally Posted by jyobeb
I like it man! Having fun I see?
You bet I am having a lot of fun. The only shortcoming is the stupid kmt gearbox. Lemme see if I can swap out with an NGT
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Default Re: XD3P turbo?

I have thought for some time that someone with skills could rebuild/modify Indian motors with much better pumps, injectors, turbos etc. and make money hand over fist doing so.

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Default Re: XD3P turbo?

Thanks for all the replies. I'd put this on a back-burner, but it looks like some interesting discussion came along in the meanwhile...

The original chart link is: http://dc391.4shared.com/doc/cujavW-a/preview.html I don't remember how I came across it, but considering the Mahindra logo at the bottom, I suspect it came from company sources.

Seems like Prabhuav has granted us the most enlightening technical info of all...

If it's a worthy comparison, I know from my experience with older Nissan "Z" turbos & their NA counterparts that the turbo-spec engines were seriously beefed-up vs. their NA counterparts, regardless of physical interchangeability of components. Stock 180hp turbo blocks / cranks / rods could allegedly handle up to 650hp in racing tune!!! BUT then again, I knew of at least three people who had turbo'd originally NA engines, and had no problems in the 200-250hp region (up from 110bhp stock NA). On mine (orig. turbo), I added an intercooler and turned up the boost pressure to more than double and drove it HARD for a few years with no issues at all. Depends on how over-built the engines are in the first place, I suppose.

In the case of the XD3P, I do have a feeling that it depends partly on how careful the execution is and on hard you want to push it - both output and usage-wise. Could a NA XD3P could be successfully / reliably turbo'd if 1) The boost-compensator type injection pump is utilized (an absolute must, I'd think, which I suspect was sometimes overlooked on Indian conversions - without it, you're running leanest at your highest boost levels, and the heat buildup in the combustion chamber / head and corresponding failure rates would be easily predictable in such scenarios); and if 2) boost pressures are kept on the low side - i.e., a bit lower than the original turbo engines utilized, and if 3) the vehicle in which it's installed is most often driven with a measure of conservatism...?

I was down with the salvage folks yesterday who tell me that running xd3p engines are selling at anywhere between 10-20k on account of low demand (in H.P.), whereas DI's (even non-turbo) are 40-50k. I was about to buy a 2000 model 4x4 Marshal DI, but concerning the price premium of the vehicle itself, am wondering if I could do just as well with the 1999 4x4 Armada also available, with an xd3p conversion... Both NGCS, both disc brake, Armada actually has the better interior with provision for A/C... Looking forward, the DI will surely be more easily serviceable with a lot more parts supply and plenty of turbo units out there, and 5-speed 4x4 gearboxes, etc... But it's all a lot costlier, and in addition, the XD3P is probably the quietest / most refined non-electronic Mahindra powerplant made - on paper, at least, powerful enough for most practical uses, with a little more high-rpm capability for those road trips...

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Default Re: XD3P turbo?

A budding jeeper, on some hunting had come across this link. Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom bins,pcb,repair info for test equipment and electronics
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