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Lightbulb Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep

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Jeeping days in Tbhp and other forums began with the widely available and known Peugeot (Peejo) engine now made famous by its inherent low tolerance to negligence and thus overheating stories!

AirCon in peejos (XD3P) were OE in this position from factory, below the alternator, and away from the FIP side, for whatever reason the company deemed necessary and correct.

Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep-peejo-ac.jpg

Fast forward - Di and Di-turbo are the in-things and others are passe!

AC is a welcome must for any automobile and in a Di/DiT I have only seen 1 position where the AC is mounted.

Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep-samu-ac.jpg

This is from samu's thread and I thank sharath a lot for living thru my requests for detailed pics. I even got a video from him - thanks a lot.

I showed the video and pics to my mech and after days of debating and arguing, we went with the below setup.

AC below ALT, connected with 1 belt. Looks like stock Peejo setup, but 1 belt instead of 2. I know and fully understand the risks of 1 Vs 2 - but this thread is to show a 'alternative' position to AC Above FIP.

(Note - now this is acheived, running alt and ac with 2 seperate belts isnt impossible)

Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep-di-fip.jpg

Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep-di-alt.jpg

Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep-di-altac.jpg

If anyone wants to try this, this is the belt we used.

Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep-eicher.jpg

Eicher some truck fan belt, a easily available part.

The Compressor mount was custom fabricated, should look nearly the same a Peejos. Sorry no pics of it.

Hope this helps someone out there.


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Default re: Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep

Why was this position chosen? Easy service access to FP or some other reason?

I would still prefer the separate belt set up, since its less prone to failure and load is better managed. Unnecessary loading of water pump, alternator (bearings) can be avoided also by isolating the ac comp. Do keep in mind you would lose the brake servo also if the belt snaps.
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Default re: Air-Con Install in a DI-Turbo Jeep


Reason for choosing this position

1) AC is the least serviced/fiddled around part in a jeep according to my observation. Alt and FIP (along with starter) are freq opened up thanks to water dunks. (Doesnt AC comp get affected too? Pwrstr pump?)

2) If FIP needs some minor work, its difficult to position bits/sockets/tools around the AC comp.

3) If FIP needs major work - then 1 refill of AC gas is needed - money.

4) AC Comp having soft metal hoses (aluminium) it is better not to move around them a lot, even a few times is enough to cause metal fatigue and leaks.

A combination of such thoughts made us accept M&Ms original position. Even Sumos come with this rather inaccessible position. After looking into few Indian UV's decided that AC Comp and Pwrstr pump are better left in hard-to-reach from above positions.

It could also have something to do with gravity - AC (and pwrstr) has some mass/content moving inside and both of them are inbetween 2 other elements. AC comp is inbetween condensor and evaporator and pwrstr is inbetween a reservoir and str box - so may be their level/positioning got to mean something in overall packaging.

If not, I at least know to rant some believable nonsense ^

As to 1 Vs 2 belts, I had the same understanding, just left it for time being and Jeep-under-test still. Will surely convert to 2 belt ASAP. Its a 2 hour job.
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