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Default Re: Gypsy 410 Engine transplant

Originally Posted by Twinn View Post
My recommendation to you would be to sell off the narrow track vehicle and pick up a nice good going MPFI gypsy. Reasons why I'm saying this are
  • 1.3 ltr engine should be mated with 5 speed GB for optimum performance
  • Considering you got for an 1.3 ltr engine and 5speed GB, then you need to change the diff to match the ratio's
  • With all this in your plate, you would approx spend close a lakh on conversion
  • For which you can get a nice MPFI wide track for the same price, less headache
  • These conversions always have small glitches, so it better to get a MPFi, plus do go for a MPFi if you can afford it, saves a lot of headache.
I thought the conversion wont cost more than 30-35k. I've seen 1.3 carb engines going for less than 12k and GB should be around 10 and the rest inc 4wd TC etc should fit in the budget.
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Default Re: Gypsy 410 Engine transplant

Originally Posted by MonsterPatrol View Post
I thought the conversion wont cost more than 30-35k. I've seen 1.3 carb engines going for less than 12k and GB should be around 10 and the rest inc 4wd TC etc should fit in the budget.
12k worth engines will need another 10 k worth overhaul.
GB for 10 k is like picking up a time bomb
+ you need to change you differentials for the better long drives, because the gear ratio is higher in 410, might provide better torque, but less mileage and low top end

1.3 carb is not worth the effort, go for an 1.3 MPFI. Pls drive one and then decide.

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Hi all,
Just happened to find this in one of my old scrapbooks. Thought it might be of some use to you guys incase of any reference.

Source : autoindia magazine

Attached Images
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Default Re: Engine Mods for MG 410

Hi folks,

I am back on 1000 cc carb engine on my gypsy. Engine overhauled and changed pistons and rings. Even the body is changed to regular gypsy from DC outlook.

Loving it!
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Default Re: Engine Mods for MG 410

Originally Posted by pdev29 View Post
Hello Guys,

Monstar is done with Stage one of 4x4 mods and now i am planning for a heart transplant.

I was thinking of 1.3 Carb eng with 4 speed GB

please share your view and let me know if you have any better option in mind.

I'm definitely no Gypsy expert. But personally, I can relate that the only Gypsy I've been in that I felt had a worthy engine was the later FI-equipped model. Smoother, lot more power (82bhp?), and supposedly 14kpl. on-road.

Two friends have had the painfully underpowered (and yet still unbelievably thirsty) 1.0L - I am sadly forced to drive one right now till the Marshal's DI is back together. Didn't find my father-in-law's 1.3 carb'd that much better. They just seem to be excessively antiquated designs. Not very powerful and not very efficient.

Being addicted now to diesel torque, if I owned a Gypsy, I'd be looking in that direction for non-Maruti engine swaps. Seen a couple diesel conversions up here in H.P. over the years. One local (imported) Toyota. Isuzu 1.8 sounds real good. Don't know how easily it could be done, but the Swift diesel's a beautiful mill, too - really powerful and thrifty to run. I always wondered about the old Fiat Uno turbo-diesel, too. Bet you could pick up one of those cheap by now, and it's probably pretty lightweight.

I really don't see gearing being much of an issue, so long as you're not lusting after high top speeds. Our Marshal has 4.27:1 diffs and not VERY tall 6.00-16's and a very slow-revving (3,200rpm max) DI, and it still has cruised hours on end at acceptable highway (NH1) speeds.

But if you really want to think out of the box a bit: I saw a Samurai (U.S.-market short-wheelbase) for sale abroad with a VW TDI 1.8 swapped in. Heavily offroad equipped (huge mudder tires, etc) and still economical enough to run - seemed just about the ideal package. I think that 1.8 TDI is the same basic engine that's used in Indian-market Skodas / VW's, and if I'm not mistaken, somebody abroad was making an adapter kit for the Suzuki (Gypsy). A lot more cost / electronics involved perhaps, but might be worth thinking about, depending on your tastes / constraints / requirements.

My opinion (not necessarily based on precise knowledge) is that a lot of proposed swaps are rejected on the basis of inconvenient oil chamber shapes / orientations, etc (maybe that's the reason for a lot of the 2wd Jeep / Gypsy swap units running around). Now, if the actual oil pump itself is hanging off the block in about the same location as your front axle, it's a problem - but if not, keep in mind that it's not too hard to modify an oil chamber and location of the oil-pump pickup to make things better fit the application. Apart from that, you're mainly talking about adapter plates to mate any engine to any transmission, and finding a clutch disc with the right splines, and a pilot bearing (or bush) of the right diameter.

Back in the day, a lot of people I knew were doing engine swaps (some of them pretty wild), and I never knew of one that didn't ultimately work, with a little planning / ingenuity / persistence.

Just my two paise...


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