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GTO 14th February 2012 00:00

EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
This day in 2004, 10 die-hard car enthusiasts came onboard Team-BHP to start its engine. Yep, Valentines day of '04 saw exactly 10 registrations to our community. The only thing that mattered to us was having a solid platform where we could share information on every aspect of the Indian Car space, and say it like it is. Some things, I guess, will never change.

We BHPians have come a long way in the 8 years since. 14.49 lakh visitors, predominantly from India, came to read what you shared on your Team-BHP in January 2012 alone. And without any active marketing or advertising at all, calendar year 2011 saw 1,42,77,567 visiting our home on the internet. That's 1.42 crore visitors reading what you had to say!

We're here to learn, we're here to share and we love to help; there are 25 lakh posts attesting to this fact. Each & every BHPian who has chipped in with even a single post has played his / her part in building this all-encompassing knowledge base. It's giving back to the Indian Car Scene that we so dearly love.

In an industry that takes orders from advertising rupees, here's to nobility. Team-BHP hasn't and will never run a car advertisement. The Moderator Team commits to things staying that way. Team-BHP has an identity that is too strong, a philosophy that is driven by ethic and a core that insists on the neutral, unbiased exchange of information. We hold our independent spirit close to our heart. Team-BHP prefers to continue driving on the "different" road, and serve only the Indian car owner & enthusiast.

Thanks to our 28 Pillars of support : the outstanding, incredibly talented and steadfast Moderator Team that takes Team-BHP to ever-rising heights. .Anshuman, Aah78, Ajmat, Amartya, Bblost, Benbsb29, DerAlte, Eddy, Jaggu, Karlosdeville, Khan_Sultan, Manson, Mobike008, MPower, Navin, N_aditya, Noopster, Rehaan, Rtech, Rudra Sen, Samurai, Stratos, Suhaas307, Technocrat, TheMAG, TSK1979, Vid6639 and Zappo : We owe you for all that you selflessly give to Team-BHP. Between the 7th birthday and today, you've ensured that our forum quality continues to set new benchmarks for communities. And the fresh initiatives, oh boy! The Team-BHP Android & Apple Apps, the Assembly Line, our Photo Gallery, Thank You function, the you've been quoted feature and's only possible because of your indomitable support & love. Thank you guys! We've come some way for sure, yet there is a long, fast highway ahead for us to redline on.

Happy Birthday Team-BHP, and Keep Revvin'

GTO 14th February 2012 00:00

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
I'd like to revisit some unforgettable moments on our 8th Birthday. Of course, there are plenty more, these are but a handful:

The Team-BHP Story

Addicted to Team-BHP

Stolen car recovered, thanks to a BHPian

Bought a car in 6 minutes via SMS

The Team-BHP Member to Member Blood Donor List

So many friends & so little time

Driving for a cause : The Blind Man Car Rally

What I got for being a BHPian!

Team-BHP Stickers on Team-BHP Servers

The Commitment to Team-BHP's Quality

A top 10 Social App on the Apple store

You won't believe what happened to my office!

One of our many SCOOPS - The Tata Nano, 1st on Team-BHP

Reunited with his ancestral Rolls Royce, thanks to a BHPian!

The Team-BHP Meet Section

The value of Team-BHP

Over 800 Marshal applications to India's first ever F1 Grand Prix

Team-BHP PDI Checklist saved me from a dodgy dealer!

How the Team-BHP Classifieds helped me!

The day we officially became a "Big Board"

14,000 users online at the same time

Free consultations from BHPian Doctors & Dentists

Karl brings the Dalda-13 home

A Moderator's Life : What's there?

Ketan 14th February 2012 00:07

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Wow!! amazing journey, thats what we all care about right! enjoy the journey, whos bothered about the destinations!
Many congratulations to all the Moderators and T-Bhpians on this special day!

akhil_007 14th February 2012 00:08

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day "Team-BHP".. :)

Thanks to the GTO,Mod Team ,every member of Team-BHP(including myself) and all the guests for making Team-BHP a very successful automotive forum..


xingamazon 14th February 2012 00:11

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Congrats to all the members of the TBHP family, its indeed a great honor and joy to be part of the team BHP.
I did use this time to go thro all the thread link GTO has posted above its indeed a great collection of threads.

For people like me who start the day and end the day with TBHP nothing is great an info-tainment than TBHP. Thanks to the team for starting such a good forum, and mainly thanks for maintaining the quality of the contents

Warwithwheels 14th February 2012 00:20

Great work guys!

Not a single day has passed by without logging into team-bhp ever since I've become a member here.

Looking forward to see this amazing portal scale greater heights in the days to come.

mohit 14th February 2012 00:23

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
As someone who joined in the same year, I can say that Team-BHP has been a constant companion, first in India and then here in Canada. It has been a pleasure seeing the community grow without losing focus on quality of content.

Here's to many more such milestones!

Rehaan 14th February 2012 00:35

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family

Originally Posted by GTO (Post 2679865)
...We're here to learn, we're here to share and we love to help; there are 25 lakh posts attesting to this fact.

So true! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Really looking forward to seeing how this baby grows.


faustus77 14th February 2012 01:30

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Great to read your post.
Wish Team-BHP zillions of visitors in the years to come.

raviacc2825 14th February 2012 01:37

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Happy Birthday Team-BHP clap:

Thanks GTO for the list of great threads.

Thanks to all the moderators for keeping the forum neat and Spam free :thumbs up


Schoudhury 14th February 2012 01:46

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Proud to be a BHPian.
And KUDOS to the mods for keeping the values of the forum intact.


anekho 14th February 2012 02:11

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Happy 8th, Team BHP!

I've learned a lot here, interacted with some great guys and had many a fun conversation. Read excellent travelogues and always got timely advice. Drooled over exotics and laughed at bizarre, weird and wacky creations.

Three cheers, team. Keep redlining the Indian automotive scene.

Scarlet_Rider 14th February 2012 04:24

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Happy Birthday Team-BHP! Congratulations to GTO and Team!

mayankjha1806 14th February 2012 05:32

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Wow, lovely thread, and what keeps us and others hooked onto Team BHP is its its genuine and honest nature. It may have different perspectives but genuine nevertheless, and thats what car or for that matter any other purchase is like. Different people, different likes and dislikes, and sometimes they match and help others make a decision.

Our ownership reviews are the most honest and useful reviews because they come from an actual owner, living with his car day in and out, and it helps immensely in any car purchase, the official reviews are most extensive and cover every nook and corner of the car.

I always had one question, how do we fund ourselves, i do see little advertising on the top of the page, is that the only revenue source for us. I also would like to add, if there is ever a day we need funding there are many like me who would love to pitch in to keep the Team BHP the way it is. In this age where in Wikipedia is also requesting donations to stay afloat, we surely do not want to see good things getting diluted.

Poitive 14th February 2012 06:11

Re: EIGHT years as part of the Team-BHP Family
Congrats to all of us!

As one spends more and more time on this forum, one realizes the community that has been built. I believe that is a much bigger achievement than just the numbers, or even the information.

Thanks to the community members, for this very nice feeling.
Thanks to the mods, especially GTO, for creating and environment for the community to flourish.

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