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Rehaan 12th November 2012 15:20

Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
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Hey BHPians!

Here's a bunch of Facebook Cover Pages that i created for petrol-heads on facebook.

DON'T save these images, instead - use the DOWNLOAD LINK in the 3rd post below.

Note: When you first visit someones FB page, the browser actually scrolls down a bit, cutting off the top of their cover photo. I've taken this into account for some of the designs below (hence 2 previews to show how the same cover image will look in both cases).

I've also included some Road Safety messages with the hopes of giving viewers of your facebook page something to think about. :thumbs up

Minimalist Grille
Attachment 1013462

Attachment 1013463

Live to Drive
Attachment 1013468

Driven by India
Attachment 1013464

Attachment 1013465

Attachment 1013461

Driven by Team-BHP
This tagline was Sam Kapasi's idea for a sticker, back at the time when some BHPians drove the evil-twins cross-country
Attachment 1013466

Attachment 1013467

Love Cars / Live Cars - Splash
Rudra's sticker design converted to a cover page
Attachment 1013469

Attachment 1013470

Team-BHP's New 2013 Logo
Start to love it, coz you'll be seeing a lot more of it soon :)
Attachment 1013471

Attachment 1013472

Drive Smart. Buckle Up.
Attachment 1013473

Attachment 1013474

Sorry for the slightly graphic imagery - but perhaps it will make a point
Attachment 1013475

Attachment 1013476

Club Torque's Supercars Driven
Here's our full report of the drive: Link
Attachment 1013477

Attachment 1013502

Ferrari F430
Attachment 1013479

Love Cars. Live Cars.
Attachment 1013480

Attachment 1013481

Got bhp?
Attachment 1013482

Live To EVO X
Attachment 1013483

Rehaan 12th November 2012 15:51

re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
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Here's a 1.3 MB zip file with all 14 cover pages in uploadable quality.

>>> Attachment 1013500 <<<

If it downloads as a .html file, try using another browser OR change the file extension from .html to .zip


F50 12th November 2012 16:17

re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Each of them is outstanding Rehaan. Why dont you add, Love Car Live Cars in Red too.

mayankjha1806 12th November 2012 16:22

re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Wonderful. After changing the cover my own Profile picture on the facebook page looked like an eyesore. Changed it to LTD after cropping. Would be wonderful if there are sample Profile pictures as well (just to avoid cropping and missing the real thing out), i am not sure what's the pixel dimensions for the same.

Tejas@perioimpl 12th November 2012 16:53

re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Some 4x4s too if possible? :p

theexperthand 12th November 2012 17:32

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Thank you Rehan for this eye candy :)

If it is not asking too much, can we have one or two Vintage and 4X4 themed cover pages too?

SDP 12th November 2012 17:39

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Thanks Rehaan! These are really beautiful. Especially liked the Ferrari one with you standing in front of it. :thumbs up

OK. So a major TBHP "face-lift" release is coming up in late 2012-early 2013! That's good. The site has started looking a bit too familiar and a bit tired nowadays.

Reading between the lines :D: would we be introducing some new stickers and new designs of old stickers?

How about a couple of more themes (Quick Stylers)?

Thanks again!

ACMohan 12th November 2012 18:18

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Thanks Rehaan. Nice effort by you.
'Got BHp?' and 'Live Cars Love Cars' are my favorite ones.


F150 12th November 2012 18:26

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Fantastic !! Will make the love cars, live cars one as my cover page.

Could we do the love cars live cars in black and white instead of blue and white ?

saadat1992 12th November 2012 18:55

Wow! Thanks a lot Rehaan! Was waiting for a long time to make LTD as my cover pic! Thanks a lot man! :D

Desmosedici 12th November 2012 19:02

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
I love the one with the Ferrari's rear. Simply Awesome. Can we get some more please. Nice diwali gift. :)

Happy Diwali to All.

cityvic 12th November 2012 19:09

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
I guess the first new cover picture was uploaded on the T-BHP Classifields page.

A set of newly designed stickers coming up soon?
When are the keychains being launched too?

champ27 12th November 2012 20:03

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Super stuff Rehaan :thumbs up Nice Diwali gift!!

Liked the 2013 Team-BHP logo and the Ferrari one.

New stickers on these lines would be awesome.

prateekm 12th November 2012 20:20

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Awesome Rehaan! Can you make something like 'Live to ride' too? (I'm talking about bike riding :p) Till then, I'll manage with the Got BHP? one.

Blow Horn Ok 12th November 2012 21:19

Re: Team-BHP Cover pages for Facebook! *Download HERE*
Recently I scanned almost all TBHP stickers to get a cover pic for facebook but was not getting the desired look. Thanks Rehaan for making this so simple for us! Now I am confused which one to add :)

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