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GTO 14th February 2016 00:00

A dozen years of memories...Happy 12th Birthday, Team-BHP!
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Happy 12th Birthday, Team-BHP!

When you come down to it, Team-BHP is really only about the cars...and the people! Together, they've created some truly fantastic memories.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Hence, I'm going to share some special moments from the last 12 years here. Please also contribute with your own Team-BHP pictures & memories on this thread.

Life is good...

When you head out for Team-BHP's 1st holiday drive with a bunch of relative strangers :Shockked: (related thread):
Attachment 1474997

When a BHPian hooks your Dad up with a car he used to own in the 70's (related thread):
Attachment 1474998

When Team-BHP's 'books' get blessed @ Diwali Pooja:
Attachment 1474999

When you wish you had a wide-angle lens for one of the first meets of 2004:
Attachment 1475000

When it's Sunday & time to play...
Attachment 1475001

...or perhaps, on weekdays too:
Attachment 1475002

When Team-BHP usually makes for the biggest group at family functions:
Attachment 1475003

When jumps go well...
Attachment 1475004

...and even when they don't:
Attachment 1475005

When you visit a BHPian's home and are told that these 2004-batch stickers still welcome visitors...12 years down the line!
Attachment 1475006

When you participate in an auto show for the first time:
Attachment 1475007

When friends drive 1,000 kms to spend a weekend together:
Attachment 1475008

Attachment 1475009

When Team-BHP gets prime placement in your bedroom...
Attachment 1475010

your cabin...
Attachment 1475011

your office...
Attachment 1475012

...and even wedding gifts!
Attachment 1475022

When pals burn the floor at your party:
Attachment 1475013

When an early morning in Bombay goes like:
Attachment 1475014

When birthdays are a big deal, even if it's not your own:
Attachment 1475015

When you find beautiful places no one has been to before...
Attachment 1475016

...even though getting there posed its own set of challenges:
Attachment 1475017

When a supremely talented Moderator makes you a special-edition bumper sticker:

When a buddy makes you fall in love with motorcycles:
Attachment 1475018

When BHPians create rangolis that leave you speechless:
Attachment 1475019

Attachment 1475020

When a mad ICE-man leaves his office to work on your 'disco':
Attachment 1475021

When your hosts insist on slapping Team-BHP stickers onto Team-BHP servers:
Attachment 1475024

When someone buys you dhokla because you had a problem with the restaurant's food:
Attachment 1475025

When you head out to just - DRIVE!
Attachment 1475026

When a BHPian beefs up his garage:
Attachment 1475869

When you spend a Sunday working on new Team-BHP sections and it feels like a Sunday well spent:
Attachment 1475870

When you test a yet-to-be-launched car and give such honest feedback that it's never launched at all!
Attachment 1475871

When your birthday gifts are like:
Attachment 1475872

When your workstation is ripped apart and the only things on your mind are 'new threads' & 'reported posts':
Attachment 1475873

When there are 5 people online and it still feels like a 'busy' forum:
Attachment 1475874

When a mass SMS leads to this. Remember, this was before WhatsApp & Facebook existed:
Attachment 1475875

When Dad is first to hold the keys to your office:
Attachment 1475876

And it's got quite the view:
Attachment 1475877

When boys...
Attachment 1475878

...will be boys. We just don't grow up :):
Attachment 1475879

When you get in the boot to shoot a video, and doesn't even exist:
Attachment 1475880

When you go discovering new places with friends:
Attachment 1475881

When a typically Team-BHP day drains you out:
Attachment 1475882

But the next morning, you're ready for it all over again:
Attachment 1475883

When it's time to retrospect and you realise there's nothing else you'd rather have done for the last 12 years. Thank you Team-BHP!
Attachment 1475884

Rehaan 14th February 2016 00:00

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The Team-BHP life is good...

When online friendships cross each other in the real-world, and beyond.
Attachment 1474082

When someone makes you laugh, even if they are miles away.
Attachment 1474083

When applying a sticker is a sign of pride & brotherhood.
Attachment 1476126

When you take a trip with people you barely know, and it's only the very beginning of your epic journey.
Attachment 1475907

8 years later at the same spot: ...the journey still continues - just with more power!
Attachment 1475908

When you leave work early, because a friend wants to mod his car.
Attachment 1475940

When the old man presses the button, and you know it's going to be epic.
Attachment 1474088

When you'd rather cut a cake on a hood than a table.
Attachment 1474099

When California isn't too far for a Team-BHP meet, or bell-bottoms.
Attachment 1474100

When a point-and-shoot camera is the limiting factor, but the passion is unlimited.
Attachment 1476127

When you've only got one thing on your mind, even at work.
Attachment 1474085

When the pundit knows what's up.
Attachment 1474086

When getting the right shot means 8 minutes of framing and 20 minutes of waiting, but you're used to it now.
Attachment 1476128

When a distinguished mod is willing to get down and dirty for the shot.
Attachment 1474084

When taking ancient cars up a mountain is considered fun.
Attachment 1475903

When you find out who's really been thanking all your posts.
Attachment 1474087

When you're waiting in line, because there's BHPians waiting online.
Attachment 1474108

When every BHPian wants to push the same button...
Attachment 1475942

...and turn the same switch.
Attachment 1476130

When a common passion crosses boundaries, and even continents.
Attachment 1475943

When a unique method of rat proofing the engine bay gets more attention than the beautiful scenery.
Attachment 1474105

When every group picture gets a reply saying can someone please add names.
Attachment 1474109

When your favourite place in the world can move around, but never changes.
Attachment 1476129

When you know more engine figures than phone numbers.
Attachment 1475945

When what you drive doesn't matter, as long as you love it.
Attachment 1476133

When your idea of a religious experience is going around in circles.
Attachment 1475946

When you know what car it is, and 'normal' people have no clue.
Attachment 1475948

When you think; wow - maybe we're living the dream.
Attachment 1474106
Credit to various BHPians for some of the photos!

noopster 14th February 2016 00:00

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Awesome thread. Here goes mine.

Life is good...

When even your luggage declares your identity:
Attachment 1475853

When boundaries between team BHPian and best buddy get permanently blurred:
Attachment 1475846

When taking pictures like this excites you even as others stare at you weirdly...
Attachment 1475847

..and no travelogue is complete without the mandatory pics of your ride:
Attachment 1475850
Attachment 1475851
Attachment 1475852

When generation next shares your passion...

Attachment 1475840

Attachment 1475844

...even as your wife wonders why you're so eager to take the kids to the toy store :D
Attachment 1475845

When you double up as tour guide to first-timers to your hometown:
Attachment 1475848

...and when the first Bimmer you drive is an M5!!!
Attachment 1475849

Happy birthday Team BHP!

Samurai 14th February 2016 00:00

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As years go by, it is becoming harder and harder to summarize the mounting years into a few paragraphs... But images can speak a 1000 words each.

So I am just going to post 1-2 pics from my every year in Team-BHP.

12th June 2005 [Bangalore - Mulbagal Drive]

Attachment 1474491

11th Dec 2005 [Bangalore - Krishnagiri Drive]

Attachment 1474492

8th Jan 2006 [Go-Kart Meet at Patel's Inn Bangalore]

Attachment 1474493

28th May 2006 [National Team-BHP Meet - Goa]

Attachment 1474490

1st Dec 2006 [Mega Chennai Meet]

Attachment 1474494

7th Dec 2007 [Kellambakkam Offroad Training for Team-BHPians]

Attachment 1474495

13th July 2008 [Jeep Thrills Offroad Event - Coorg]

Attachment 1474512

5th Nov 2008 [Delhi Meet]

Attachment 1474496

15th Nov 2008 [Family Meet at Vihangama Resort]

Attachment 1474497

24th Jan 2009 [Munnar Mega OTR]

Attachment 1474498

6th Sept 2009 [Sakleshpur Special OTR]

Attachment 1474499

21st Feb 2010 [First Mangalore Meet]

Attachment 1474500

25th June 2010 [First EXAMM/AKC OTR]

Attachment 1474501

30th Jan 2011 [Second BODA Annual OTR]

Attachment 1474502

5th June 2011 [First Udupi Meet]

Attachment 1474503

19th Aug 2012 [Kodachadri OTR]

Attachment 1474504

17th Dec 2012 [National Moderator Meet - Pawna]

Attachment 1474505

10th Feb 2013 [Founder's day Meet - Udupi]

Attachment 1474506

25th May 2013 [Samurai finally goes to Japan on Team-BHP business]

Attachment 1474507

13th July 2013 [National Moderator meet - Mumbai]

Attachment 1474683

15th Feb 2014 [Team-BHP 10th anniversary gift ceremony]

Attachment 1474509

11th Aug 2014 [First RFC in India]

Attachment 1474510

1st Feb 2015 [Wild Udupi Meet at the Beach]

Attachment 1474517

27th Oct 2015 [Japan Again - Tokyo Motor Show]

Attachment 1474511

benbsb29 14th February 2016 00:00

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Team-BHP is undoubtedly more than just cars. It’s a bunch of people who are united by a common passion, and needless to say, this extends to the human element as well. Since joining Team-BHP in 2006, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of people from this forum who’ve become my friends even off the online world.

I don’t have as many pics, but even the few below more than depict the special place Team-BHP as well as Team-BHPians have in my life, and some of the memories.

At Nandi Hills – The once upon a time default TEAM-BHP adda.
Attachment 1475407

Attachment 1475422

We meet, unfazed by rain, hail or fog.:)
Attachment 1475413

When one man’s wheels are a source of joy for many others.
Attachment 1475431

When objects in the rearview mirror are actually your friends.
Attachment 1475414

Traffic jam in the middle of nowhere is probably a Team-BHP meet.
Attachment 1475415

There's always a reason to drive, and find new places. All in search of that perfect wallpaper pic of your car.
Attachment 1475410

Never give up! Jaggu will do anything for a good pic. iPhone does the rest.
Attachment 1475421

When friends from Team-BHP babysit your car when you are away – with DBHPian condor.
Attachment 1475412

Making photographers out of ordinary people - the love for cars. Under the watchful eyes of the master himself.
Attachment 1475411

Giving an inter-state Team-BHP mod a welcome to Bangalore. Noopster does a stop-over.
Attachment 1475423

Bragging rights which few can counter - driving on the one and only Buddh Circuit!
Attachment 1475900

Attachment 1475893

Automobile interests extend to coverage of heavy vehicles too. VolvoFM480
Attachment 1475920

Taking Team-BHP international - With DBHPian phamilyman – Possibly the first meet in Brisbane, Australia.
Attachment 1475409

Rudra Sen 14th February 2016 00:00

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We do have a very hectic and tough life and this is a perfect place to chilax.

Attachment 1475447

A touch of car has to be there.. even when we're chilaxing early in the morning.

Attachment 1475448

A touch of car again. How can one resist such background?

Attachment 1475449

Rehaan baba with one of his thousand gizmos.

Attachment 1475450

Me: FlyingSpur, come closer.
FlyingSpur: OK

Attachment 1475451

Me: Come closer. Leave that truck behind.
FlyingSpur: More?

Attachment 1475452

Me: FlyingSpur! Closer I say!!
FlyingSpur: Arre, I'm going to touch you then!
Me: Don't bother, that's not your A Class and this is Rehaan's Innova.

Attachment 1475453

khan_sultan 14th February 2016 00:00

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Ah, it's that time of the year again when you look back as if it was yesterday you started on this journey with Team-BHP and how it became an integral part of life with friends who are closer than family, friends who are more friends than your school friends, friends who are meaner & more evil than Dr Evil himself, friends who know more secrets about you than you yourself :-)

Really, feels like yesterday but looking back time really flies. Going back through the old threads and pictures did make the evening nostalgic.

Here are some of the small extremely enjoyable moments from my life here -- in no particular order or chosen for a reason. Just random pickings from the ocean of footprints we leave in this online house of ours called Team-BHP.

When you have the First OTR organized solely on Team-BHP for Team-BHPians in 2008. Till that time, jeep_thrills & suzuki yahoo groups used to organize such OTRs
Sakleshpur OTR

Attachment 1475644

When pearl valley used to be off-roaders backyard for camping in Bangalore -- those were the days
Pearl Valley OTR

Attachment 1475645

And when 5 crazy Team-BHPians, impromptu decided to go on a 6 day GQ drive back in the winters of 2008.
GQ Drive 2008

Attachment 1475646

When you are returning from office and see a Team-BHP meet going on. You join in and have some fun.
Team-BHP Meet

Attachment 1475648

When you drive 1000 KM one way for an off-road event with fellow Team-BHP offroaders. You behave like alice in wonderland or a kid in a candy shop

Attachment 1475649

When your raincoat looks like a NASA space shuttle astronaut suit in an OTR to Munnar, during the monsoons, with fellow BHPians
Munnar OTR

Attachment 1475650

When it's raining cats & dogs and you like are a kid are having the best time of your life playing in the rain & mud. Yes, we want that pic to be clicked.
Sakleshpur OTR

Attachment 1475651

When you have the master himself -- rudra -- joining in for off-road and makes your gypsy look larger than life

Attachment 1475652

ampere 14th February 2016 00:00

I don't have pictures of people to share. But still its been one hell of a journey. When I take up my pen to write this piece, I just realise that I am one of the youngest within the “oldest” of the lots within this forum. Its like that proverbial transition generation which has seen both the worlds; the young and the old. But when I look at it just as a member, I also feel it does not matter which generation you belong to. Its the journey that counts.

I see the forum through a different eye, which I am sure many would agree too. To me the forum has been seminal in re-kindling that wandering soul. A true justice to the title and the words “Discovery of India”

Some of my personal favourites being:

The discovery of Kaas

Its been one of the best finds of the forum. And more importantly I have experienced in two colours. Firstly the colours of the monsoon seen through the eyes of the members. And secondly the grand landscape which it presents in winter through spectacular colours

Some Exotic locations in western ghats.

And to say I have explored is an understatement. Every new post on the forum about this region brings some thing new to the list. The monsoon season exploration of this place is still playing hard to get!

Unexplored places that bring a smile to our face
A perfect example of a place which can go unnoticed thanks to the shadow of its big brother. Finding such a place and reading about it, in itself is a revelation. Snapping it through your eyes takes you to that next level.

Hidden paradises close to our homes:

This is where all the action is. The search begins for that weekend itch. And it never stops, till you find something which that satiate your drive for that next journey of exploration.

And of course the re-discovery of the 2-Lane highways

Do I even need to say anything? Thanks to the boring 4-lanes, that urge to find that unexplored road by the country side is ten folds more than actually driving on it!

I am not even mentioning Leh and Himachal!

And last but not the least..

The collective sharing that has happened through the years which I have read and cherished have personally given me some amazing friends. Not to mention many, who have already translated from the virtual to the real physical world. I hope this journey continues sine die.

Aditya 14th February 2016 00:00

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Twelve years - that's a long time. Team-BHP has gone from being a small forum with a handful of members to the best automotive community in India.

It has given me opportunities to make friends, enjoy drives, parties and vacations with them, go wild and laugh a lot. It has also given me the joy of working in the industry that I love most.

Looking back, I have a lot of fond memories - drives we had to Mahabaleshwar, Goa, Bangalore, Alibaug and more.

I do not have too many images with me since I lost a lot of data when my old computer gave up the ghost. So, I'm sharing the handful that I managed to fish out.

Goa 2007:
Attachment 1475696

Attachment 1475697

Driving some of the best cars in the world at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi:
Attachment 1475699

Attachment 1475700

Attachment 1475701

Attachment 1475702

Attachment 1475703

Attachment 1475704

Driving the JBL evil twins from Mumbai to Bangalore:
Attachment 1475717

Attachment 1475718

Attachment 1475719

Attachment 1475720

Attachment 1475721

Blind Man Rally 2013:
Attachment 1475722

moralfibre 14th February 2016 00:00

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Happy birthday Team-BHP!

12 years have passed and it still feels like yesterday:

When you do a recce for a drive that's planned for the next day:

Attachment 1475965

And it turns out to be one of the most successful meets:

Attachment 1475966

When you have company for craziness:

Attachment 1475967

And it isn't restricted to just one weekend:

Attachment 1475994

Even if the tank misses wipers during torrential rain in Mahabaleshwar:

Attachment 1475995

When your ride gets elite company at Amby Valley:

Attachment 1475969

When a classic moves from one bhpian:

Attachment 1476046

To another:

Attachment 1476033

When only folks you meet past midnight are bhpians:

Attachment 1475993

And all we discuss at scenic locations is CARS!

Attachment 1475970

When drives to Goa are epic:

Attachment 1476021

When you get to flirt with a wishlist item:

Attachment 1476020

And your first off road experience is in a Range Rover:

Attachment 1476022

Here's wishing all of us many more years of happy motoring!

aah78 14th February 2016 00:00

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Twelve years have passed by in a jiffy!

And it feels strange but still not difficult to imagine that a lot of my first interactions with Team-BHPians has been overseas.

These are just a few of my memories over the many years - all linked to being a Team-BHPian and how the petrol (or diesel) that runs in all our veins makes those instances, special.

A nice surprise - getting to experience this:
Attachment 1475774

In this sweet little inconspicuous Swift (in Mumbai):
Attachment 1475775

Meeting these guys for the first time, ever:
Attachment 1475768

And getting to experience this monster tear up NYC streets:
Attachment 1475769

Learning what makes this teensy yellow car so special:
Attachment 1475771
Attachment 1475772

Catching up with these chaps:
Attachment 1475776

To experience this V10 bellow is it's last hurrah:
Attachment 1475777

Meeting up with a friend, and a fellow Team-BHPian, just because:
Attachment 1475778

When you click a picture in happiness:
Attachment 1476124

And wipe a silent tear as you say good-bye...:
Attachment 1476125

Happy 12th Team-BHP!!!

mobike008 14th February 2016 00:00

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This September, I will complete a decade of being a member of Team-BHP. I can only say one thing that after becoming a member to this fabulous forum, my life took a 360 turn and because of this forum I was able to express my love for automobiles and make so many friends and a few out of whom have become part of my life and darn sure this friendship will go till the grave

When I joined the forum in Sep-2006, I was fascinated by the opportunity to meet new people who had similar passion as me. I love automobiles and food ( in that order :D) and made full use of this opportunity to organize tons and tons of meets in Hyderabad that included not just the general drive meets but, also many theme based meets and just to give you an example of the meets that I organized were as follows and I doubt if any other city in India were able to cover similar theme meets.

Theme of the meets could have been anything. But, the topics discussed at each of these meets were about "Automobiles":uncontrol

Sample ones below :

1. Drive Meets
2. Dinner/Lunch Meets
3. Boat Ride Meet
4. Ghazal Night Meet
5. Haleem Meet
6. Holi Meet
7. Breakfast Meets
8. Cheese Meets
9. Drag Race Meets
10. Biking Meets

All these meets were just an excuse to meet new members and catch with members that I gelled well with.

Team-BHP has given me and opportunity on several fronts to learn from the amazing contribution by members with such vast knowledge not only about automobiles but, our forum is also a treasure trove for information on everything that is non-automobile related too. It used to amaze me in the beginning but, then realized later that quality of both content and members on this forum is "Given"

Not to mention the opportunity to review and drive a cars/bikes will always be memorable and etched into the mind forever

Below are some pictures that I randomly picked over the last decade from the forum itself that hopefully gives a brief glance into the glorious time that I had with members and all thanks to this beautiful forum

Many Congratulations and Happy 12th Anniversary to Team-BHP !!!

Tushar 14th February 2016 00:00

3 Attachment(s)
When nirvana is just a throttle twist away:
Attachment 1475782

When there's never a lack of excuses to explore:
Attachment 1475783

When obsession is just a part of the daily to-do list:
Attachment 1475784

Gannu_1 14th February 2016 00:00

8 Attachment(s)
Man, I really don’t know what to say. This forum has changed my life like no other. I was addicted to gaming and computer hardware and used to be a couch potato - you know, the kind that comes back from work only to sit in front of a TV/desktop gaming all night? I used to pen down short reviews about the games I had completed and the hardware I owned. Enter Team BHP in April 2013 and buying a ride during October 2013 - I am now fixated on cars, modifying my ride, penning down DIY guides, changing my perception of cars, learning to drive them carefully and safely, traveling to new places among others.

Team BHP is now my second home - my wife knows best! Ask her and she will tell you what I prefer to do on weekends, what car do I dream about upgrading in the future, what she prefers to gift me for the anniversaries and such. Heck, she even knows some of the TBHP handles with whom I interact often! I made a lot of good friends here as well - some of them whom I am yet to meet in person! All this makes me immensely proud to be a part of this community!

Here are some pics depicting the radical change in my life all thanks to this forum that I had joined less than 3 years back:

What I used to take offs from work for:

Attachment 1475788

Attachment 1476057

What I used to preorder and eagerly wait for, until the delivery guy shows up on my doorstep:

Attachment 1475790

How I used to spend my time:

Attachment 1475791

Attachment 1475792

What I used to hold in my hands:

Attachment 1475793

Attachment 1475794

What I used to show off to my friends and colleagues:

The only BHPian I’ve met so far is Parag (got to increase that count!) when he had stopped by at Navsari for a short break so here’s the click:

Attachment 1475795

Happy 12th Birthday Team BHP - here’s to many more birthdays, quality content and membership! :)

S2!!! 14th February 2016 00:00

5 Attachment(s)
To start off with, I'd like to congratulate each and every one - moderators, members and even readers for Team-BHP's success story. I've been a Team-BHP addict since 2006 and a part of the core team since 2014. We all know what Team-BHP is today, so I won't elaborate any further.

Exactly on this date last year I met some mods. Before meeting them, I felt like I knew them for years, but after, these are a completely different lot; not even a fraction as serious as they'd appear while moderating the threads on the forum :D
Attachment 1475478

It's been an awesome journey, working with Team-BHP. My parents still think that all I'm doing is chilling at work, driving cool cars and having a blast:
Attachment 1475476

My friends think I'm some tech guru who knows all about new car tech and quite often, I get calls from them with strange problems they face in their cars:
Attachment 1475480

Fellow auto journos think that I'm always sooo seriously working, studying the press literature, clicking a few thousand pictures etc. (at media drives) for our Official Reviews:
Attachment 1475479

In reality, this is what I'm doing at Team-BHP stupid:
Attachment 1475481

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