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Administrator 13th September 2008 16:59

Uploading photographs directly to Team-BHP
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The facility of uploading pictures directly to Team-BHP has now been enabled. Please do not use imgur or any other external photo hosting solutions. Attachments have been enabled for all membership levels, only to increase the level of convenience to BHPians.

*NOTE* : Please be sure to "submit" your post within 30 minutes of uploading attachments / pictures. Else, your attachments will expire. If you need more time to prepare your content, preview the post ("go advanced" -> "preview post") every <30 minutes to prevent your attachments from expiring.

How do you load pictures?

Step One : Click on the "Manage Attachments" button when creating a new thread. To include attachments in a reply to an existing thread, simply click on the "Go Advanced" button under Quick reply, to access the "Manage Attachments" button.

Attachment 48848

Step Two : Choose the pictures you wish to upload from your computer. Then click the "Upload" button on the right side of the screen.

Attachment 48849

Step Three : Wait for the confirmation of a successful upload. Then, click the "Close this window" button.

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Administrator 13th September 2008 17:01

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Optional : If you want to include photographs within the text body, click on the arrow next to the attach icon and either choose "Insert All" or choose the specific picture you wish to insert. The picture/s will then be inserted at the position of your cursor in the post.

Attachment 1702587

  • If you wish to do this on an already submitted post, you will have to first click the "Go Advanced" button.
  • The pictures will be displayed at the end of the post if you don't choose to insert them in-line.

Administrator 13th September 2008 17:01

Photo Upload Rules:
  • The file size must be no more than 4 MB.
  • Each post may include a maximum of 30 pictures.
Technical Information:
  • There is absolutely no restriction on the image resolution (e.g. 19201080). However, within posts, the uploaded image will display in a maximum size of 800 pixels. To view the larger resolution copy, simply click on the image (within the post) and the original size photo will pop open in a separate window.
  • Images smaller than 800 pixels will be displayed in their original size only.

Administrator 13th September 2008 17:02

How to resize images:

Several BHPians have written in asking for a guide on resizing large pictures down to 4 MB (or less). Here are the simplest ways of going about it:

Option ONE : If you are running Windows XP, download the official Microsoft XP image resizer. Click here to view Sir Alec's excellent tutorial on using the resizer software, as well as rotating images easily.

OPTION TWO : Open the picture in Microsoft Paint (standard on your Windows OS), then press "Ctrl" & "W". Under "Stretch", enter 50% for the horizontal and vertical fields. Click Save.

OPTION THREE : Download third-party softwares such as the Fast Stone Photo Resizer.

Administrator 13th September 2008 17:02

Some of you have written in, asking for the reason behind our enforcement of uploading photographs only to Team-BHP. Here's why:
  • Bandwidth Theft : Hotlinking to photographs from other websites results in us using their server resources. This is popularly termed as Bandwidth Theft and is frowned upon by Website Administrators.
  • Expiration of photographs : Most free photo-hosting websites delete photographs after a year of use. This will render most travelogues, supercar reports, long-term reviews etc. useless.
  • Inappropriate content : Recently, some photo-hosting sites were bought over by unscrupulous organisations, who replaced all existing photographs on their servers with inappropriate / adult content. This is certainly not ideal for a child-safe community like Team-BHP, which enjoys a varied audience from all backgrounds.
  • Convenience : It is far more convenient to use a single interface / website for including pictures within your posts.
  • PhotoGallery : If pictures are not uploaded to our server, they will not be included in the Team-BHP Photogallery.

Administrator 15th April 2013 13:03

To view a list of all attachments uploaded from your Team-BHP profile, click here.

Administrator 23rd September 2014 18:03

Re: Uploading photographs directly to Team-BHP
Update! To make things more convenient for BHPians, we've just tripled the max image file size to 4 MB :D.

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