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Administrator 24th March 2010 20:21

How to MULTI-QUOTE (when replying to a thread) on Team-BHP
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We've previously illustrated How you can create a new thread on Team-BHP, as also How you can post a reply to an existing thread.

This announcement will explain how you can use the Multi-Quote functionality when replying to threads (i.e. quoting more than one post in your reply).

1. Choose the thread that you wish to post a reply to:
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2. While reading through the thread, you may want to quote / reply to more than one post. Example : 3 posts in the illustration below. To select the desired posts, click the "QUOTE +" button on the right hand side bottom (of each post you wish to quote):
Attachment 319170

3. Once you click the "QUOTE +" button, it will appear depressed. Use the same procedure to select any additional posts that you wish to quote. Note : To deselect any post, click the button again:
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4. To finalize your selection:
OPTION 1: Click the "QUOTE" button on the final post that you wish to quote.


OPTION 2: Click the "NEW REPLY" button.
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5. All selected posts should now appear in a single reply window. Type out your own reply under each quoted post and press the "SUBMIT REPLY" button:
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6. Your submitted post should appear as follows:
Attachment 314974

Please use the Multi-Quote feature to avoid making separate back to back posts.

Administrator 3rd May 2012 15:45

Re: How to MULTI-QUOTE (when replying to a thread) on Team-BHP

1. Click the QUOTE button on the post you wish to reply to.

2. Delete the text you do not wish to quote in your reply, and separate the remaining text into the parts you wish to have show up in individual quote boxes.

3. Add a [quote] tag before the text you wish to quote begins, and a [/quote] tag at the end of the chosen piece of text. Note the "/" in the end tag.

Eg. This is what it would look like while you are composing your reply :
[quote]This would be text that you wish to quote[/quote]
This would be where you type your reply

4. You can repeat this several times, breaking the original post into multiple quote boxes so that you can reply point by point.


If the opening quote tag has additional information after it, for example :
... You can include that in the tag, as it will link to the original post, as well as trigger the "you've been quoted" PM.


The submitted post should end up looking like this :


Originally Posted by Username (Post 1801317)
Some quoted text

Your reply to the above quoted text.


Originally Posted by Username (Post 1801317)
Another point from the same post that you wish to address

Here's what you think of the above point only.


Originally Posted by Username (Post 1801317)
And lastly, here's something else you might have wanted to reply to

Yes! I did want to reply to this. Its great that i could put it into its own quote box and reply to it specifically.

Administrator 7th October 2013 15:49

Re: How to MULTI-QUOTE (when replying to a thread) on Team-BHP
Here's how to multi-quote on the Team-BHP Smartphone App:

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