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GTO 11th January 2006 16:04

HOLY COW!! Look what happened to my office
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Lets just say - My work place got "Team-BHP'ed"

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And, thanks to Navin, a sub-woofer grille that made its way to my cabin:

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Dippy 11th January 2006 16:39

Haha awesome GTO

looks just a proper Team BHP headquarters :)

Gets those pics up soon the giant board

iceman91 11th January 2006 16:40

haha...thats sweeet...a teambhp hq!!!!

Zappo 11th January 2006 16:45

Its absolutely fabulous looking. In fact with the light shining on the wall it looks as if it is a giant display that is showing some T-BHP details... :D

haryan 11th January 2006 18:24

your office looks very revving GTO ...
good design work ..

revtech 11th January 2006 18:31


Originally Posted by Dippy
Haha awesome GTO

looks just a proper Team BHP headquarters :)

took the words right out of my mouth..:D
looks great GTO waiting to see some nice car pics too.maybe one of your jeep too :p


adya33 11th January 2006 18:55

hey GTO expect a lot of people at your office hanging out on team-bhp ;)

p.s.: is it same board which was at ACI performance show?

fash_1 11th January 2006 19:04

Awesome work there. Would love to work in such an atmosphere any day!!

viper 11th January 2006 20:20

Hey GTO,

I guess this is the start of many more changes to come. New proposed venue for the moderators to meet eh.


sinner 11th January 2006 20:35

Hey man Just outta Querry Any Job Opening at TEAM-BHP HQ. ;) NIce thing there

sridhar24 11th January 2006 20:50

Hey GTO, great job. The Team-BHP HQ looks damn good:p

The Wolf 11th January 2006 20:56

Holy Cow indeed:p Awesome GTO, thats one cool office you got...I just realised how unlucky I am, I just have some bland wooden cubicles with papers stuck on 'em all around me!!!

dodge3p 11th January 2006 20:58

Soon there would be a "career" tab in the site. Any petrol heads wud like to work there. Great Job done clap:

veyron1 11th January 2006 21:15

hey....!!!! no invites...?? since all the tbhp meets at the expos turn out to be more or less eventful, why not organise the meets and drives from the (now) official tbhp hq...???

still waiting for the invites....(by snail-mail or e-mail, is upto you...)...

and oh...did i forget to mention: that's some nice piece of work you have done there....

Steeroid 11th January 2006 21:18

Looking good, GTO. Would've been better to have a giant display of the site the posts coming in :p

But this is the next best thing....guess there are a lot of changes around you these days, huh?

PS: Guys, take a GOOOD look at that. This is where you will land up when you all get chucked out of your jobs for excessive browsing.

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