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Default Re: ICE upgrade : Mahindra XUV 500


Just wanted to share what I did which may help others who may be in a similar situation.

I already had a FOCAL SOLID 4 amp with me which I retrieved from my Fiesta - so that expenditure was saved

Requirement :

Clean, crisp sound with good sound staging and imaging
Minimal expenditure
Minimal removal of panels
Not to touch the Centre consol and HU at all
Minimum disruption to OE wiring

Thought about this for quite some time and made the following :

Instead of choosing components for all 4 doors OR choosing Components for front and Co-ax for rear doors, due to budget, i chose 4 x Rockford Fosgate Tri-axials at Rs. 3500 per pair for all 4 doors - Total Rs. 7000

Also mounted my earlier JL Audio Tweeters to the Front door sails as an addition to improve the imaging as they are fantastic tweeters. Wierd, probably, but..

Since this amplifier can take Line Level Inputs, WITHOUT touching the HU and centre consol, just tapped the speaker level inputs from all 4 doors and drew two lines to the amp - 1 for the input and the other one for the output back to the door

Connect all 4 speakers to the FRONT CHANNEL and now the amp see them as 2 Ohms load which is Ok for this amp as per specifications - NO FADING possible

Used a SPACER to mount the speakers and put a 1 foot x 1 foot Dampmat just behind the speaker magnets for minimal damping

Wires were neatly drawn through the door trims and Amplifier placed under the passenger front seat

Speaker wires, Power wire, fuses, installation, damp mat, spacer and all that costed me another Rs. 3000

Total Rs. 10000 for the installer and it sounded nice.

But, I wanted to complete the setup using a SUB WOOFER to take care of the low frequencies and anyway I have an amplifier and started the DIY last weekend. Again, budget was an issue.

Bought 2 x 6.5" DAINTY sub woofer drivers from Ritchie street for Rs. 1300 total. I chose this originally to squeeze it between the rear door and last row seat. But later decided to make a descent box which I have now put on top of the folded seats at the end. If this was the case, I could have gone for a 10" straight away, anyway, no regrets.

Made a rectangular box of 1 cu.ft volume without any dividers
Used 1/2 plywood cut to size - 2 pieces each, then FUSED them to make it 1" thick (had these plywood in my house, so no expenditure)
Lined up the sides and rear inside with FELT lining (had them earlier)
Bought a 6 feet x 1 meter Carpet (Rs. 300) and nicely covered the sub woofer enclosure
WIRED the sub woofers in SERIES to make it 4 Ohm load for the amp in BRIDGED mode
Man, it has become heavy due to 1" thick and absolutely solid
and it sounds FANTASTIC exactly as I like

TIGHT, CLEAN and sufficient low end to complete the dynamics. I may not need anything more that this

Even with this in the boot, i have sufficient space. This will only need to be removed from the car IF all 7 seats are occupied which is extremely rare for me. Removing is simply taking the wires off from the terminal.

My reference songs to ensure it works OK are below :
  • Jennifer Warnes "THE HUNTER" album - Song Way down DEEP, some serious low end loose vibrating bass
  • Eagles, Hotel California & Mark Knopfler "Private Investigation" songs to test the Sound Stage and the tighter bass respectively
  • Varanam Ayiram Tamil movie songs to test the other instruments and Vocals
and it came out to my satisfaction.

Hope it helps.

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Default Re: ICE upgrade : Mahindra XUV 500

Originally Posted by swami69 View Post

Just wanted to share what I did which may help others who may be in a similar situation.

I already had a FOCAL SOLID 4 amp with me which I retrieved from my Fiesta - so that expenditure was saved

Thank you for the detailed write-up. I recently bought an XUV and is looking for a ICE upgrade without touching HU and dash. Am planning to request this set-up to my local shop here as I'm not confident on doing it myself.

Btw, could you share some snaps of the set-up especially the one that show sub set-up?
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Default Re: XUV 500 niggles and their solutions

Though its not a Niggle/Issue but a question to all XUV owners who have the latest W10 Model.

I had a plan to install a Sub-Woofer in my W10, hence approached a known person who is a good friend and he flatly denied stating that in this music system they can't fix the same. How true is this? Any one tried installing the sub-woofer?

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Originally Posted by SPEEDY_RACER View Post
Though its not a Niggle/Issue but a question to all XUV owners who have the latest W10 Model.
Very much possible. I have it in my w10 though I have a bigger setup wherein I have replaced all factory speakers. You need to install a mono amp and converter in case you want to put sub alone. Any one of the speaker outputs can be tapped for this.

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Default Re: ICE upgrade : Mahindra XUV 500

Originally Posted by Night_Hawk View Post
Last weekend, upgraded ICE of my December'2014 red cheetah.
Opted for Sportstage Peak Power 3000 Watts audio enhancement kit by JBL.
Hey NightHawk, hows the upgrade been? Was there an issue with in famous humming sound that comes due to high level inputs to amp?

Anyone else on the forum tried this same product? I am interested given it has DSP integrated. Would that be a significant ROI?
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Default Re: ICE upgrade : Mahindra XUV 500

Originally Posted by abhi182 View Post
For folks looking for a minimal modification way to fix the hollow/tinny sound from the stock HU/speakers, simply plug in an under seat Subwoofer

It took me all of 1 hour from start to finish and the end result is a much richer and fuller sound

I used a Blaupunkt XLF 200-A underseat subwoofer (approx 11K) with line level inputs
The wiring was quite straighforward - The kit comes with the power cables
I added an in-line fuse at the battery tap and ran the power cable through the existing firewall

The speaker level input was tapped from the front right door without cutting any harness
The entire job required removal of just two fiber panels (the XUV-500 footlight panel and the panel next to the front door) to route the cables and the door panel to tap into the speaker output

The end result will not please an audiophile but the cost+effort to improvement ratio is very very high
vocals now are a lot more richer (which was my biggest complaint with the stock setup) and obviously bass beats are a lot more pronounced
Hi Abhi182,
I will be getting my XUV w6 automatic delivered in March and planning for the same setup! Just wanted to know a couple of things:

1. How is the wiring done through the built-in touch screen? Is there any provision for RCA to attach the woofer? How easy it is to attach to the stock setup?

2. Where did you place the woofer? I'm planning to keep it in the trunk (in standing position)

3. What if at the same price I upgrade the stock nippon speakers to Kicker/Rockford/Polk audio coaxial speakers?
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