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Default My Ford Figo gets acoustically Functional! Well, almost

After so much of turmoil on what should get inside my Figo, finally I was able to close out the deal yesterday. I started with thinking that I'll simply replace the stock speakers with some good speakers (read infinity reference 5x7 component speakers) and it should be fine. While my speakers were in transit from US to India (5x7 components are not available in India so had to order from the US), the itch to get better sound intensified and I ended up selling the stock HU to the local Ford Dealer. I had to buy the HU so went ahead and bought something that offered me good value for the price paid.

It was all fine now with the amplifier/wiring kit/subwoofer from my previous car and the HU and speakers were already there; until I gave in to a random thought of "why not get better components instead ?". Not that I was going ahead with the purchase (since I already had these infinity components coming my way), I just looked around to see what all was present. From Hertz to Rainbows to HSK and what not. Well I can't deny the fact that I was enticed so I upped my budget to around 12-13K for the front components. The trouble I wasn't finding enough worth options and if I'd add more, I was getting better things *supposedly*.

All this followed by numerous hours spent in reading the characteristics of all the speakers I shortlisted, over the web. Finally it was HAT Imagine which came out as the winner. I thought that this was all. I'll sell the infinities and use the Imagines instead, use my Kenwood amp which I anyways swear about and I should be all done.

Talked to Aman (motor concept, delhi) and worked out the pricing and it was all under budget. I felt so excited to get the sound system working but I always forget that things don't fall in place in the first go with me. So it turned out that the imagines weren't in the stock and I'll have to wait for like 5 days. The itch was at the peak and I thought, to hell with imagines, I'll get the Unities. It was anyway a step up. Well it wasn't enough and I realized that even the unities weren't in the stock. The huge fan following of HAT mid bass had already shadowed my mind's self control mechanism and i don't know why suddenly the Clarus looked like VFM to me ( its just 30K you see ) and sadly they were in stock as well.

I somehow made my mind to get the Clarus and be done with it for good. Thiking this, I reached Motor Concept for the installation.

No no no, it doesn't end there. Well those Clarus with the "now disparaged Kenwood, in comparison" ? No way. I need to justify my 30K speaker purchase with another 30K amplifier purchase. I found myself being pushed by some hypnotic vibes and I nodded to get the Celestra FA475x installed.

So it started from a scratch and overshooted to a budget which could have, if used rightly, bought me the car I wanted to own - The Polo Highline, instead of the Figo. Anyway, there is a reason for everything so I went with the flow and got all this stuff installed.

Let the pics summarize the 5 hours installation done by master installers at Motor Concept:

The shrine which can make all your monies disappear magically:

The Mighty Clarus (looks like $hit with no markings/no labels. I hope they aren't fakes):

The Heavy weight Celestra (literally, its like 10Kg):

My Stalwart, my old Clarion 10" DVC sub:

The Master Commander, the JVC R926BT

Something to just blow your money:

Installation Time:

The messed up interiors

Notice the front seats covered by plastic cover

The 4 gauge power line

The power cable being secured properly and routed

Did I tell that there was a crossover as well ??

Look at that perplexed installer. It was scary as well as funny to see him working:

Securing the crossover with the fuse box:

Too many of them, ain't it ?

Some "damping the Doors" Shots:

The 6.5" mid bass was fixed using spacer rings:

The shroud for the stock speakers, had to be cut to accommodate the mid bass driver:

Holes were carved out in the sail panels to fix the tweeters:

The amplifier was secured at the "rear of the rear seat" (rhyming well huh!!)

Now who thinks its all done now ?

Well things don't work out well with at first go. Always.

After everything was done, it was the testing times. The system sounded pathetic and I realized that the right mid bass wasn't working well. After a couple of minutes of testing it was established that mid bass had to be replaced. After spending such a huge amount of money, I am now waiting for the next stockpile to land up at Aman's place and I'll have to come again to get the right mid bass driver replaced.

It was such a downer. I was already getting late for my office and couldn't do anything but leave with one speaker and messed up amplifier tuning, with the burden of selling my old amplifier and newly bought Infinity 5x7 components. The excitement graph dead dropped to ground level from its peak. Couldn't help it. I am used to this. Things don't set out right for me in the first go, always.

By saturday, I'll hopefully get the replacement. Will report back with the finalized pics later.
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Wink Re: Finally my Figo got acoustically Functional. Well almost...!!!

It's cool dont worry Sushant! Looking like a pretty slick (and expensive!) system once its all done, patience my man - trust me things like these never work out properly the first time - but it will be all good for sure. The installation looks very neat as well, I'm impressed.

Can you share some info about the JVC head unit? Whats the features? Also did you consider going for a double din? Whats another 30k when you got the Clarus and the Celestra already?
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Default Re: My Ford Figo gets acoustically Functional! Well, almost

hey Sushant, even I have recently bought a Figo and looking to change the speakers retaining the factory HU. From your post i figured that front door houses 6 inch speakers, what about rear door speaker size? are you replacing those ones as well or just components and sub?
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Default Re: My Ford Figo gets acoustically Functional! Well, almost

hey Sushant what was the final result? hows the setup sounding?
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