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this adapter makes iPod or MP3 or USB DISK as a CD changer...

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Suspected advertisement. THBP is not a commercial forum and cannot support this.
Silkenlee please PM me accordingly.

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How much does it cost ??
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I HAVE read the same post before here at TBHP.

Its a good find and do you have the pricing of this?


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this product has been advertised elsewhere. the product is from a chinese company based in shenzhen itself. im not sure but is this marketing of the same product.
as mentioned earlier the same has been posted elsewhere on TBHP.
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Old 8th November 2006, 10:55   #155
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for those of you who want to "upgrade" your ipods.


"The low quality stock SMT coupling caps after the Wolfson WM8975 DAC (used in all 4th gen. iPods)
Opamp output stage following the Wolfson DAC
The minuscule circuit board traces that travel from the top of the mother board down to the dock connector jack
SMD resistors and inductors directly in the signal path
The dock connector jack at the bottom of the iPod
The signal path inside the iPod dock, which contains: the dock connector plug, a very cheap ribbon cable, more minuscule pcb traces, SMD resistors, and finally the line out jack."
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Old 30th April 2009, 13:41   #156
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Thumbs up The Ipod Touch experience - pleasure reloaded!!

I guess many of you out there might be having Ipod Touch'es, and some of you might be wondering WHY on earth you ever bought that piece in the first place.

My friend bought his 'itouch' in hongkong over a year ago, and was brandishing it with great joy and pride- but the novelty lasted only for 2 months. 1 year later, he says he's used it maybe 15 times in total (and that too for listening to music on long trips)

I got my touch as a gift from my sis-in-law, and was absolutely thrilled to get hold of one item on my 'lifetime wishlist'. a couple of weeks later, the 'thrill' slowly ebbed off, Of course I tried my hand at loading vieo clips and trying to get it hooked to the net, but the 'zing' factor wasn't there anymore.


Day before yesterday

I turned on my laptop, and searched for any way to install games on the touch. I found that it was indeed possible, but with a firmware upgrade.
I checked my firmware version through itunes, and was shown 1.1.4, and an upgrade to 2.0 would cost 11$.
I am all for unleashing the true power of all devices that I own, but asking people who spent 15000 bucks on getting an apple product, and charging them again and again for software upgrades is just too much in my opinion.. never expected it from Apple.

I searched online forums for free firmware upgrades , and found a few, which gave download instructions to the software files. Well, I downloaded a '.jar' file which was around 220 MB, and set down to upgrade the firmware. I was a bit apprehensive about messing up the 'touch' all together with the update (it's not 'purchased' you see), but after reading the directions posted online by users, I did it - took about 20 minutes for the touch to get upgraded.

Remember that all data in the touch WILL get lost when you do a firmware upgrade - so you might want to back it up first.

After the upgrade, I found an extra icon on the 'touch-top' , and after turning on the wi-fi on modem, set about creating an itunes apps account online.

I browsed the apple App store through my laptop via itunes, and found quite a lot of free games (limited in levels though) and application software.

I downloaded 'ibowl' and a car racing game- and set about playing it- and THATS WHEN IT HAPPENED!-


The physics and dynamics of the touch is simply AMAZING. The touch has an accelerometer which senses direction, and rotates the screen according to how you hold it right?.. well the same priniciple is used in the games, as well.

You tilt the 'touch' left or right, and the car moves accordingly- no need to even touch the screen. really really cool. even bowling for that matter- you just take the touch in your hand, and swing away just like how you swing a bowling ball, and lo!- the ball moves exactly like its supposed to.

So now no need to go and blow up money on bowling alleys, when you can do it right at home.

My friend (the ipod owner i mentioned earlier) was home too, and was absolutely stunned to see the change in his ipod when i upgraded his firmware too. Now he's kept his Sony PSP (which he bought to get rid of 'boredom') back in its box, and is devoted to the touch.

I just installed 'stanza' a PDF reader, and am downloading e-books onto the pod, and flipping through pages and reading. So now nothing more for me other than the touch! (at least for now)

Oh- and i may mention.. Internet browsing from the loo has become much more convenient.
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Old 1st May 2009, 09:41   #157
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have fun dude

the touch is indeed a joy to own
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Nice to hear that you are enjoying your iPod Touch. Unfortunately as you found out, Touch firmware upgrades are paid. iPhone users on the other hand dont have to pay for upgrades.
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Old 4th May 2009, 12:54   #159
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Ah, another one hooked to the games on iTouch. Have fun buddy, loads of awesome games for iTouch/iPhone out there.
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To list a few applications i have on my 32GB Touch:
Audi A4
FS5Hockey (Air Hockey)
Google Earth
Night Stand
Tap Defense
Brain Tuner
IM+ Lite
Penguin Lite
and around 7 pages more! Tired to type now!
8 Movies
My Music

Man it is damn cool. Enjoy your gadget!
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Hi I have a Ipod Touch 8gb 2nd Gen,my laptops hard disk crashed and I am only left with a few songs on my Ipod.But the problem is I am not able to copy them to my other computer.Can some one help me out?
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Old 24th July 2011, 22:59   #162
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Default Lost my Ipod. Don't want to spend big again. Looking for solutions.

Here is my problem. I Just lost my Ipod touch 1st Gen. Have no clue where i kept it. Its missing from Today morning :(

I brought it 3 years back and was using it a lot back then. Then stopped using it completely (Coz i had a decent phone which did everything the ipod did) until i got a new HU in the car recently. The Ipod integration with the HU blew me away. It was far better than plugging any pen drive. Almost 3x increase in read times. Can use playlists and i can do a search too!

Now, I am in no mood to spend big on a new Ipod. Since i just need it for storage in my car and office (I connect it to comp and use it from Itunes in office) and occasional direct listening when i am in the gym or go for a walk. Never watch a single video on it.

I am contemplating on buying an used 8+ gig Ipod Touch. (2nd gen onwards). I like the physical volume buttons and missed it on mine. Can i get one under 5k ? I won't run any apps, Don't need Earphones/ cable / charger etc. So, if it turns on and plays music, that will suffice
Or, is it better to go for a new Nano (6th Gen) ? I get an FM player additional. Smaller and hence more portable and does everything that i would ever use an Ipod touch for. Can i get good deals on refurbished ones ? Where do i get the refurbished ones ?
Shuffle is out coz i can't use a player without a screen.

Suggestions and pointers to where i can get good deals

@Mods. I did a search on Ipod's, Did not find a thread in tune with what i wanted to ask. Please merge if you find that this doesn't need a separate thread. Thanks.
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Default Re: Lost my Ipod. Don't want to spend big again. Looking for solutions.

Does your new HU only takes input from iPod or it has Aux and USB in as well. I prefer using USB and my phone as Aux. Use my phone storage (Which is 32GB and is good enough to store lots of music) and play through as Aux in the car. I can create multiple playlist depending on mood or type of song.

If the HU also takes in USB you could buy a 32GB USB pendrive (i guess its close to 3K approx) and store your music there and put it permanently in the car.

Buying an iPod is always an option that you have. You have been using it for sometime and must be comfortable with it, but buying a used one is not something that may give you reliable service. Plus (Not sure about you) but i hate the iTunes dependency especially after using a Andriod phone which does everything same but lets you keep things as you like (Not dependent on iTunes whims and fancies) but that just me others may prefer the iPod/iTunes way.
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Default Re: Lost my Ipod. Don't want to spend big again. Looking for solutions.

Mayank. Thanks for the suggestion.

I stopped using the Ipod sometime back for precisely the same reason. An Android phone i brought was far more convenient with no strings attached for file access

I somehow don't think the Aux cable gives me the same clarity compared to when i play it through a pen drive or Ipod. And also, I don't get any information on the screen and i can't use the next and back buttons on the steering.

I was using a Pen drive till sometime back. But the read times on the Pioneer HU(The 4390 double din) was just not acceptable. It took complete 35 seconds to read a 8 gig pen drive. The delay was killing me at every signal in Bangalore That's when i looked at other options and tried with my old iPod. Was truly impressed. It read a fully loaded 8 gig Ipod in 8 to 10 seconds flat. Gave me access to Playlists and also a search option. It even doesn't take the time to read an Ipod when you switch between sources (A pen drive takes that 35 seconds again if you switch). So basically , even with me not liking the idea of carrying 2 big devices in my pocket, I had no other option.

Yeah.Even i am concerned about the warranty and service. I have never brought any used gadget so far. That's why i wanted to know how good or bad an idea is it to get a refurbished one. Thanks.
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Default Re: Lost my Ipod. Don't want to spend big again. Looking for solutions.

An ipod ready HU has so much more to offer with and ipod.
A mass storage attachment just doesnt make sense in such a case.
You can search, do videos, playlists, what not.
And quick.
But i am vbasically repeating what you have said.

Why dont you explore the option of an Iphone?
all of the above, plus you dont have the bulk of 2 devices.

As for a used ipod, try and pick it up in person when buying.
and have a thorough look at all functionalities
Hardy devices, they are(i flung mine into 2 walls while playing golf on it and except for a small dent on a corner,no problem at all.)
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