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Default Balanced sound system for an Alto

I've been driving around an Alto for the past three months without a Music System. I've read several threads in this forum and have visited a couple of car audio dealers as well. Now I need some advice on a good music system for my car.

1) Most importantly - I do not need heavy Boom. I would rather go for a full spectrum with decent amount of Bass. Preference for sound details over loudness.
2) I have noticed in many cars that loudness is rear-biased. This makes music noisy for the rear-seat passengers and too mild for the driver and navigator. I would prefer balanced sound for all four seats. Can a balanced output be taken from the HU to the speakers?
3) Is there a forward-reverse balancer for the speakers? Similar to the L-R balancers?
4) I have had only annoying experiences with the front tweeters. Stuck on the dashboard with stickers or dangling from the side pillars. Producing annoying screams. Are they any good? What are the good ones?
5) Pioneer sets are widely available in Chennai. I am not a fan of Sony.
6) What's an Aux port? What can be connected to/through it?
7) Keep costs low. I don't want anything fancy. No show-off.

I want:

1) A good HU which can support a sub-woofer, a USB port, an iPOD and plays MP3. I don't mind using rear connecting cables for the iPOD and USB port if it would work out cheaper. I also find them to be more convenient to use than ports mounted on the front face.
2) A sub-woofer, which I plan to install on the floor below the dash-board, in the centre. Comments please.
3) I have a pair of Pioneer 6X9s which I plan to install on the rear-hatch door. This is a used car and the previous owner has cut the sheet metal to install two round speakers. Now removed to expose two ugly holes. Comments Please.
4) A good pair of speakers to fit under the front dash in the space provided. Can this be modified to fit bigger speakers? What would be the damage? Aesthetics?
5) A good pair of tweeters only if they will help and can be fitted properly, without gum tapes.

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My answers:

1) Look for various HU threads that we have & select one which suits your need

2) Very difficult to find one & even if you do it will be expensive & make things cramped in an already small car.

3) YOu can pput the 6X9s using a MDF plank they will sound better. For a front sound stage with bass at front putting these at fornt is not recommended

4) Best possible is 4 inch componant speakers from either illusion(I have them) or Kicker. No nothing bigger than 4 inch can be mounted there.

The best configuration would be as done by Amit here

Alto ICE

Get decent comps at front & the 6X9s at back & then if you need bass add a sub.

hope this helps

5) Will get covered in above
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Thumbs up Collaborate!!!

Dude, Koushik - I am in chennai too and I am looking for ICE fr my car - Wagon R. I have some similar reqmt as yours (See my post - WagonR - Peculiar Requmts) under ask the gurus forum.

I would like to find out about good installers in chennai / decent component speakers that you found out - whether did you check out any demos around etc!!!
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Default Fader control

Oh and by the way - i guess the 'Front / Rear' balance can be done through Head Unit fader control - this is similar to Left - Right balance...I think this is standard feature on most HUs
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"Balanced" - my favorite word in audio.

Balanced vis a vis "sound signature"... While there are many brands available, you will find most entry level offerings are biased towards a more "sexed up" bass and treble oriented sound. I wouldn't call them balanced.

That said, balance in system loudness is achievable relatively easily. Your Head Unit will have a (Front ~ Rear) Fader control and a (Left ~ Right) Balance control. By playing around with these two controls you can arrive at relatively balanced levels of sound.

Lastly, please go audition stuff in the market. Choose your systems parts based not on others recommendations, but rather on your own experience. Try different combinations. An upfront (high on midrange and treble) speaker will be disastrous paired with a similar sounding HU, but will work well with a more balanced (flatter?) sounding unit... and vice versa.

Happy ICEing!
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I m in chennai too.
I recently got a JVC HU and JBL sub (12") and amp fixed in peter's road.
I also had OEM kenwood speakers (rear and front)
The combination is well balance (just as what u want I believe)
The rear lacks treble though!!!
I was demanding for a pioneer sub and amp but the shop keeper adviced me the JBL. I m enjoying the JBL now.

As far as the Chennai Market is concerned if u go demanding for a particular model they would charge u higher than what they should. Better ask for their opinion of models and then choose the model u want from what they have listed. They are better consultants, but its their business too, so U need to be careful.
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