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Default Surround sound

Hi all!!
Have a doubt whether the following set-up works with ICE. Have tried at home and it worked perfect.

For the front 2 channels.
Connected 2 speakers normally

For the rear channel
Connected the 2 positives of a stereo output to the 2 terminals of a speaker (dint connect the -ve end i.e. the ground) and this speaker played all sounds that has to come from the rear. This works with MP3, DVD, CD and all other sources in stereo.This was tried at both the preamp level and at the amp out level.

The centre channel was derived in the pre-amp level. I used a 100k resistor on both the left and right channel positive ends and connected the output of both the resistors to one of the input terminal (say the +ve terminal). The other input terminal (say -ve) was connected to the ground.

The output from this setup will not be balanced ( not talking about the left and right balance but the centre and rear). When the output is balanced (by controlling all the channels output) the setup works perfectly as a 5.1 (practically only 4 channels but add another speaker to the rear in series and place it as a 5.1 setup and the front channels will manage to make u virtually believe that its a 5.1)

This was a surround sound set-up I used at home in the early 90's without knowing what it is. Arrived at this set-up by trying to connect the speaker in all possible ways to the source. The centre connection I evolved later. I used capacitors in series with the input to avoid damage to the source amp and had even tried without the capacitors and found no harm to the system.

The rear in this setup was found to be louder than all others.
The centre was the weakest and it determines the max loudness of the setup.

I just wanted to know whether this setup (particularly the rear setup) works with ICE without any trouble...

If this works this could be the best, cheapest and the most reliable and easy to maintain surround system for any car!!!
(I m all excited and waiting for the reply from the G's)
I m notorious for exaggeration but after trying this by yourself - may be u cud be more notorious.
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Default True surround?

'Deriving' surround this way from 2 channel source would not be True Surround. THis would just be any non algorythm method of deriving surround (other known ones are 'Dolby Prologic' / Prologic II etc - where same 2 channel with or without special encoding is used to separate channels - incase of prologic it is 4 channel)

However if you are looking at True surround - in other words - where source system has 5 channels encoded into 2 - you need to go for commercial algos like Dolby Digital / DTS (specific encoding done on DVD soundtracks) - you should have all DVD players built inwith these algos - they give 6 or more preamp / amplified output that can connect to speakers giving you true surround...

Sorry if I was offtopic but the surround title caught my fancy!!!
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Default Surround Sound

My reply may be off topic.
But personally I feel one does not need 5.1 in a car.
Pure stereo 2.1 is all you need. You can have 4 speakers, but still running in stereo mode.

True 5.1 surround is required only for watching movies where each channel caters to the image movement on the screen.
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Fillmore : But personally I feel one does not need 5.1 in a car.
Even if you wanted to, I feel it would be difficult. And you would not be able to achieve a home-like set-up / sound-stage in the car. The audio behaviour of a room will be totally different from that of a car. For that matter, I would not evaluate a home theater system in most showrooms / retail outlets.
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Akk that is true, am not looking for a 5.1 setup here. A 3.1 setup should do (front 2 channels, the rear and the .1 for the woofer).
Want to know whether the rear setup works. If it does then trying it is very easy.

Remove the ground connections to the rear speakers(insulate the source ground that came from the HU) and serialise the speaker (through the blank terminals) - you should get the rear channel. (Do it only if you know its safe)

I may be trying this weekend, but still m waiting for some comments that would help me in the precautionary measures I need to take.

Once you get accustomed to it, 2.1 is old stereo. We do watch movies on the go.

Fillmore and Condors reply can convince pt7. You try this setup and all of u would be convinced with the 3.1.

This surround setup works best for songs but for movies the best is Pt7's choice (that doesnt mean 3.1 doesnt work for movies)

We dont need to invest such big heeps of money for a 5.1 decoder (dolby prologic, dts, neo6) in a car. To realise and enjoy 5.1 we need a room of at least 8'x8'.

3.1 is good for a car-movie. divx, dvd's in 5.1 and 2.1,vcd formats (any stereo source) all of them support this (3.1) decoding. Have tried it and am using this setup in my room.

Please note (if at all somebody is trying it). - you should have control to reduce the rear as its very loud (almost twice than your normal channels) and NOT PLEASANT IF HEARD UNBALANCED.

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