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Post Recommendations for Getz ICE setup

Hello Navin, Sam, Gunbir/JB, LBM, B&T and other audio experts [and McLaren1885]

I'm most positive of booking a Getz tomorrow and might get it delivered in a week or two from then.. While I wait for it, I wanted to quickly plan for my audio setup, so I can be off to install them the day I get the car or shortly from then.

Head Unit: I have retained my Alpine 9833 HU from my previous car [Indica]. I love it and see no reason fault with it to dispose it, but now that I have an iPod, I wanted to also connect the device to the HU and minimize writing CDs [I don’t totally want to get rid of CD player, which is why I am not keen on iDA series].
Is the 9833 connectable to an iPod via an Alpine cable or should I chuck it and go for 9886 [which can connect to an iPod]?

Front Components: I have understood from Gunbir’s Getz install thread that the Getz speaker slot can accept 6” speakers with mdf rings on them. Among Hertz, JBL and Infinity Kappa range, which components will suit best for a mature sound and sound good for all kinds of music? [I used to have JBL components in my Indica and 6x9 ovals for a lot of hip-hop I used to listen back then in 2005, but now I feel I want to try something different from JBL, since I now listen to a lot more genres. If JBL is still good and better for all genres, I will opt for them again gladly]

Rear Coaxials: This time around, I don’t want to put an mdf board and mount 6x9 ovals on them. I prefer to go with 6” coaxials for the rear door with a brand that will provide decent amount of bass [thumpy].

Sub: I intend to use the boot extensively, so no Sub for now. I may opt for a bass tube later, and will consult again when that purchase becomes due.

Amplifier: I understand Alpine’s inbuilt amp won’t be enough to drive the 4 speakers, so can I please request for a recommendation on a 4 channel amp too, that will go well [I wanted to use the word ‘mate well’ actually, but I avoided it knowing Sam is always around ] with the speakers you are recommending.
{Also, will running the speakers off the internal amp on Alpine be fine for it, for a while, until I can get the amp? Will the HU strain to play the music and also power them, by much? [i never had an amp on my indica setup]}

Install: McLaren [Rahul], I have read somewhere that you know of good installers who do a professional job with ICE in B’lore. Can you recommend a few that do a good job and won’t intend to rob me too? I’d prefer a place that will do the required damping, use proper plugs for connections and use good speaker cables [I don’t want a cut>paste>tape job with the wires this time on my car]. And anyone apart from McLaren too can recommend a good place in B'lore for affordable professional installation.

I haven't mentioned any budgets here since I don't know yet what I can afford or what I cannot. Based on your recommendations, I will buy the best I can afford. But of course, no astronomical figures or over the top budgets. [One hardly has a huge budget for ICE when you have a house purchase and a wedding around the corner and that too both in quick succession]

As always, I appreciate any recommendation. I have put in a few names of those I think are experts when it comes to car audio. But if you are an expert, but not one from the names listed above, I’m sorry I missed. But please excuse and help me with your recommendations.

Lastly, it would be helpful if you can also recommend the best place to buy the brand you are recommending, in Bangalore.

Thanks much everyone! aK

Edit: I'm still new to B'lore, hence all the additional help requested.

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Have heard an awesome setup (tad boomy for my taste though) in a Getz with under 25-30k budget. Checkout kpzen's thread.

And couldnt you have waited for the i20?
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Before the experts chip in, lemme try giving some suggestions.

1. Get 6.5" components for the front. U can choose between Illusion Electras and Bull audio. Both are good.

2. The rear door fills can take upto 8"... Putting another set of compos at the back would become a tad loud IMO.
Sub in the boot would be a better option.
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Post Update

Hi all. Just wanted to update; car booked.

Also, I am aware of the impending i20 launch. I'm unable to wait & purchase the same for several personal reasons, hence this decision. Let's avoid that for discussion on this thread for now. Thanks.

Gurus... Where have everyone gone?
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