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I have mixed feelings after reading this thread.
I have no doubt that EVO are well established and capable installers.

But with the stories I've read (others have chimed in with their stories) I feel that there is a gross mismanagement of employees.
In business all the credit and subsequently the blame too goes only to the management, and not the employees lower down the ladder.

Here too the same applies. The fact that the door panels of a brand new car were scratched tells me that the handling of the cars was rough. And as a consumer this scares me.

It reminds me of a situation that cropped up during my extensive install which required the entire car to be stripped. When I went to pick up my car (6 weeks later) I was shocked to see that my trunk lid and one of the dash panels were off. I was promised the car at 10PM that night and was shocked to see it with the trunk lid off.

I was very peeved with my installer who has been my friend for over 3 years. All he said to me was "We cleaned the entire car, and were waxing the body when we noticed a misalignment of one of your dash panels and the trunk lid. So we went ahead and cleaned the car, then got down to refitting a few things I was unhappy with (Including some LED lights which malfunctioned)."

As a consumer such action really changed my mood at the time. I was happy that all issues were addressed prior to my arrival and inspection.

I feel that the same should be done by all installers. It really makes a consumer happy to see that the vendor is truly interested in their vehicle.

But all said and done I like that EVO have agreed to bear expenses for whatever repair. Just feel that such an accident could have easily been prevented.


PS: Please don't advise the owner to relax, as I'm sure all our reactions would be the same if it were our brand new car.
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Went to EVO last weekend to fit my IL4.1 and I could notice the change in attitude of the technicians. There is an improvement and I appreciate that (hope its genuine). Had a brief discussion on my ICE upgrade plans with Satya and he suggested to go for different brands of amp and sub based on my taste in music (. As a noobie I was not even aware some of the brand he suggested :-))).

Making mistake is OK but admitting it and taking corrective/preventive action is what people expect and I appreciate Satya for that. My colleage is planning to get his new i10 ICEd and planning to take him to EVO.

Forgot to check the horn last time, will do it during my next visit.
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Originally Posted by blueraven316 View Post
Mistakes can happen, to err is human, ..............
The mistake is at our end, I apologise for the pain caused, we are ready to fix it, call as per your convenience.
Satya - missed the thread for a long time. Good to know people accept their mistakes and are willing to correct them.

Guys - My experience was good, also had a nice experience @ Anwar/thouqeer's Kormangala.

ASA - just keep us updated.
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Thumbs down

I find it somewhat strange that people who had once gone all hullabaloo about the inferior quality of service received at EVO never deemed it apt to narrate the climax. From Sathya's gestures, it appears (and I seriously hope) he would have rectified the errors so claimed to have crept-in. Hence it is recommended that all stakeholders clarify the final outcome. Not doing so may tarnish the name of a reputed installer forever.

Also for a general reader it makes more sense that when a particular thread is opened it is sequentially completed since it makes for a ‘wholesome read’.
Hope it ai'nt rude .

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Originally Posted by Samridh View Post
... Hence it is recommended that all stakeholders clarify the final outcome. ... when a particular thread is opened it is sequentially completed since it makes for a ‘wholesome read’.
Hope it ai'nt rude .
It is not rude, per se. But, isn't it definitely pointless to dig up an old thread (the last post was on 23/11/2009) only to educate members on 'wholesome reading'?

Difficult to figure out your motive, but it would definitely be more constructive if you try to be a contributor rather than a critic. The forum is a social gathering with a focus, not a set of people who are aspiring for an ISO9001:2000 certification or assessment for CMMi . Nor is it a quasi-legal forum that requires closure for legal propriety.
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Not that I too wanted to bump this thread too, but my seilence may look like I did not do much to sort it out.

From the begining of, Me tyring to source the power window consoles I had been hitting dead ends, Maruti ironically does not have a part numer for the switch consoles for the MGA power window. So they cannot source the consoles separately even if we place an order.

On my asking, For example if a customer has a accident in which one door is damaged what is to be done ? they have no answer, so I assume one has to buy the whole power window just for one door. So much for a Maruti Genuine Accessories, an Autocop / Xenos power window you get all parts.
I have spent two full days at Bimal trying to locate the switch covers but in vain, they showed me some pieces which were either scratched or looked too old, mostly they were out of some damaged shipments.

Then Mr Ajit once came to our store and we informed him that we will buy a full power window and give him new consoles in exchange for his scratched consoles.
Then comes another bottle neck, there supposedly are two models for MGA power windows for Ritz, and if the wrong one is purchased it may cause panel gaps is what the bimal guy tells me, and the best part is none of the Maruti guys are sure of anything.
So I request Ajit to give me the serial number of the power window which is there in his car's purchase invoice, after getting this I placed the order for the power window, two weeks after that, the Maruti guys informed me that the power window is in stock now and I can pick it anytime, after which I contacted Ajit on phone, but did not get a response, then I also PMed him on TBHP and he did not reply,
I am still ready to get this sorted and place the order again as long as he responds and wants to get it done.

The easiest solution was to get the plastic paint done on the scratched consoles, I have done plastic paint earlier and it looks better than any OEM plastic finish, that's beacuse it is very expensive to do, an average dash board paint job costs around Rs 40 to Rs 60k. It's not some " Jugaad " as Ajit had assumed, it looks good, am attaching snaps of a City which was done by my friend's Factory when the job was outsourced to him by Ovion.
Attached Thumbnails
Ritz ICE setup at Evo bangalore - sad experience-dsc00626.jpg  

Ritz ICE setup at Evo bangalore - sad experience-dsc00627.jpg  

Ritz ICE setup at Evo bangalore - sad experience-dsc00628.jpg  

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