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Old 9th November 2005, 15:47   #31
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kya soundmaniac miyan..

idhar itte padha likha hakeema tumko apna car ka band baaja 1st class karne ka nuskha deta...& tum un logaan ka abaruu se kheltaa...

galat hai bhai....kasam char minar ka...
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Old 31st December 2005, 12:37   #32
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Nice one SoundManiac. I particularly liked point number 6
Since I am new here, I am glad I read this thread first before venturing into reading the other threads.

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Old 6th February 2006, 00:55   #33
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gr8 post man!!you completely hit the spot!
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Old 22nd May 2006, 09:05   #34
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Wow! Just A Little Tweaking And This Can Be An Awesome Forum Poster Awesome!
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Old 22nd May 2006, 11:14   #35
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Well written and funny too.
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Old 5th June 2006, 04:20   #36
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simply awesone.. describes us in all our splendour... you my friend are a GENIUS.. its one of those EUREKA posts,,,,, brilliant going Sir
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Old 26th June 2006, 17:14   #37
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Sound maniac... I have been fully HAD by points 1-9... Point 10 to a certain extent... ... I actaully started out on the forum with soemthign totally different in mind and ended up with soemthign totally ALIEN to what I could ever have imagined.....
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Old 26th June 2006, 18:18   #38
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Right on the target.
nice post.
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Old 27th June 2006, 17:11   #39
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Default Thank you All

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments.

Its really an honour to know that the thread is still sticky and loved by all.

Thank you
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Old 1st August 2006, 23:05   #40
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Oh hell.. everything he said is true.

I came here looking for a tip on what speakers to put in my car. I was thinking I've got 5k in my pocket.. I'll take the best answer and get it installed tomorrow.

Now with all this SPSQSL talk and things like crossovers and multiple enclosed and ported subs etc I'm going mad (and potentially very broke). Worst is, I still haven't bought/installed a thing.

But now I know what to do. Every time I need to drive somewhere I'm gonna drag my Denon amp and my two four foot tall Jamo speakers down to the car and throw them on the backseat! And I'll drag them back home everytime I return. (its only 8 floors up, and there's an elevator)

So who can tell me where I can get a 12V to 240V transformer?

Edit: (I just realized.. Might as well take the TV too. After all the passenger seat is also empty)

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Old 16th April 2007, 11:29   #41
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Default Appreciated!

You are appreciated !!
That was a real good reading! Keep it up.
Thanx and regards
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Old 1st June 2007, 19:21   #42
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..... and if someone wants to know more about such risks, here are top-ten lies in audio world (in general) that one needs to guard against- http://www.theaudiocritic.com/downloads/article_1.pdf
very nicely written...just like soundmaniac's initial post here!

I found that article here- Zaph|Audio which should also be a good reading in itself (just a small page with one-liners)!
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Old 3rd August 2007, 14:26   #43
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Originally Posted by karthik247 View Post
Nice stuff man!!! Also we'll get to learn Hindi from SAM. He's not just an audio guru but a hindi guru too
How times change!

Am sure when karthik posted this in Sep 2005, he had now idea Sam would end up an English teacher on the forum.

Wonderful thread. Missed it all these days.
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Old 3rd August 2007, 14:36   #44
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Truth Truth Truth Nothing But The Truth All The Way All Hail Sound Maniac!
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Old 4th October 2007, 22:43   #45
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The thread starter has done a fab job ,here`s my .000002 Cents.

After going through most of the threads in the ICE section and posts of the Gurus here is what i observed :-

1.If you have a decent budget and dont know much about ICE then stick with JBL for its VFM ,its the best for beginners.
2.If you like SPL then brands like Kicker ,JL Audio ,Pioneer etc are good.
3.If you like SQ (like me) then the forum Fav. is Hertz/ID followed by Illusion.
4.Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to SQ.
5.The bigger the budget the more confused you will get.
6.Sometimes it gets too technical for noobs like me.
7.Its ok to ask for help/advice but in the end please use your own Ears and the thing thats in between to make the right choice ,and dont get influenced by anyone.
8.Some are actually interested in learning while some just pretend or say that they are here to learn. (no offence)
9.There`s no cure if the ICE bug bites you.

Personal point

10.Have to decide which bank to rob to get that dream SQ setup done.

These are my personal thoughts ,if you dont agree with them then please ignore this post.
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