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Originally Posted by maddy42 View Post

We have a swaraj mazda at home and one of the frequent issues is the vehicle pulling to one side during braking.

Is there a massive difference between a tractor like combo vs a full length truck in driving dynamics? Did you get to test the suspension?


Originally Posted by Stratos View Post
The Navistar that I drove a while back had a three-axle setup with the chassis being much longer than this tractor Prima. The only difference I could feel was during turning. Since the tractor has a much shorter chassis length, it is easier to cut into turns, whereas with the three-axle setup in the Navistar, you have to go much wider so that there is enough room for the last axle to turn and still be on the Tarmac

It's due to excessive braking on the side where it's pulling. It could be due to any one or combination of these issues. Kindly check the brake chamber size, 'S' cam excessive wear, failure of return springs, different or lesser piston travel distance etc.

Driving dynamics is much better and superior in rigid hauls rather than in an articulated hauls. Driving articulated trucks does require special skills and more skills is required to park the truck in reverse. In case of articulated trucks, the most important and dangerous is to avoid jack knifing during panic braking. (Remember Arnold does it in Terminator 2 climax to release the liquid nitrogen).
In case of articulated trucks, the tractor head will always have reduced traction due to higher load available in rear axle. And so the front axle will always have higher tyre wear, unlike rigid haul trucks. So it always have more vibrations compared to rigid trucks. But driving just a tractor head is nothing and it will be almost like regular vehicle except for the fact that you sit higher.
The best manners which I have felt so far is in fully loaded multi axle tipper and haulage trucks.
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Default Re: Driven: The Tata Prima Race Truck!

Tata Prima Race season 2 is on 15th March at BIC. Any idea/ help folks how to get to watch this. Any tickets ?/

I will be in Delhi during that time and its a must watch for me. Any pointers will help

Regards/ VK
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Tata has launched this new iOS App for Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Game :

It's 55mb, still downloading so dunno how it is.
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Default Re: Driven: The Tata Prima Race Truck!

Originally Posted by Ashley2 View Post
Both ZF and Eaton are superior in their own ways. IMHO, many times manufacturer is at fault for choosing a wrong gear box. Between Eaton and ZF, later has earned better reputation due to higher reliability among certain customers.
Specific reason for switching over from Eaton to ZF in 2528 was inability of Eaton to transmit the required torque, especially in 100% over load condition.
Eaton has a quite broad range of manual transmission with torque capacity till 1750 Nm in 9 speed. It is difficult to believe that transmission is unable to transmit the max torque of 970 Nm for Tata 2528.
May be reliability is the reason...
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Default Re: Driven: The Tata Prima Race Truck!

Truck racing made its Indian debut last year with the first edition of the Tata T1 Prima truck racing championship. The competition has returned this year for season II and will be held at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida - beginning Saturday, March 14. The main race will be held on Sunday, March 15.

The race will feature 12 purpose built Tata Prima race trucks, driven by experienced international truck racing drivers from the acclaimed British & European truck racing championships. This time around, the race trucks see their top speed go up by 20% to 135 km/h. Tata says the trucks have been redesigned for improved aerodynamics and get a 10% reduction in weight. As a result, acceleration times improve by around 10% as well.

Link to Team-BHP news article

Name:  Primas2.png
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Thumbs up Re: Driven: The Tata Prima Race Truck!

TATA Motors has announced that the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship 2016 will be held on March 20th 2016 at India's very own F1 race track - Budhh International Circuit (BIC)

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The event has been organised since 2014.


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Default Re: Driven: The Tata Prima Race Truck!

Not too difficult to go into 'tripod' mode as seen below...
The truck seems to have high roll stiffness at rear and set to over-steer. I wonder why ?
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Default Re: Driven: The Tata Prima Race Truck!

Stratos, nice review and good fun

Question - do these trucks come with synchromesh gearboxes now or do you have to double-declutch at the exact RPMs?

The reason I ask is, I used to be a truck driver in Canada and the US, driving 18-wheeler tractor-trailers (Internationals and Macks) with Cummins engines and 13-speed Eatons. These were not synchromesh, and one had to change gears exactly at the specified RPMs and double-declutch for everything, otherwise all you get is a big grinding noise and the gear will not slot into or out of a gear!

Of course, once I got the hang of the gear-change (I am used to the old Ambassadors where one had to double-declutch) I was able to shift into or out of any gear without using the clutch at all (except first and reverse of course).

Plus, I have also been to skid-school where we learnt to to slides and recoveries, jack-knife the trailer and recover etc., all with a fully loaded 50-ton tractor-trailer. The best fun I have had in my life, that was!

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