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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Its a welcome move by the Government to improve the lives of our Truck Drivers. Although i still believe rather than making new rules we should focus more towards the enforcement of existing traffic laws.
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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Originally Posted by sukhoi30 View Post
Shouldn't they first make seat belts, rear-end stop lights, brake lights, under bars etc. mandatory first?
Absolutely Right! Majority of truck related accidents happen due their non functional tail lamps and brake lights.
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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Originally Posted by sukhoi30 View Post
Shouldn't they first make seat belts, rear-end stop lights, brake lights, under bars etc. mandatory first?
I think these rules cannot be ranked first and second. Seat Belts and rear end stop lights are already mandatory, it is question of implementation. There are many such rules and changes which should be done simultaneously. So my opinion this is welcome change to bring AC cabs, now bring other changes as well.
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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Originally Posted by Engine_Roars View Post
Correct me if I have wrong information - one rule I specifically liked was each driver is assigned an ID card which is required to turn the vehicle on, once the card has been in the system for 8-10 hours the vehicle would not move forward. It makes resting mandatory.
Here in the USA, they go by good old-fashioned driver logs. They don't have any hi-tech ID card/ignition lock systems here. Let me narrate a story of a bus company that 90% of desis use here in Connecticut. I am myself a customer of theirs on my trips to NY's JFK airport from Hartford, Connecticut.

'Wisla' is the name of this company, that operates airport shuttles and buses in Connecticut. Bus/truck drivers aren't supposed to put in more than 8 hours per day, as per the law in this state. Its owner has been charged twice now though, with driving record log falsification - http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/l...193292901.html

As the article states, the owner went to jail and the fines are stiff...

Even though it's all verifiable only via a paper-trail which can be falsified, the drivers need to get paid by the hour; so the payrolls leave another paper trail and the driver logs and payrolls need to match. Such documentation is subject to scrutiny for insurance and tax purposes to the extent that no falsification can go unnoticed for long. And the punishments meted out are harsh. That's how it's being done here in the USA, at least so far.
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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Originally Posted by TusharK View Post
The central government had made air-conditioned cabins for trucks mandatory from April 1, 2017. The deadline for it has now been extended to December 31, 2017.

The Minister of State for Road, Transport, Highways and Shipping has confirmed that all N2 (3.5-12 tons) and N3 (upwards of 12 tons) category goods carriers must be fitted with air-conditioned cabins. Driver fatigue is believed to be one of the main causes of road accidents. Air-conditioned cabins are expected to improve driver comfort and reduce fatigue.

The decision has been taken in the wake of increasing road fatalities involving trucks and buses. The latest figures for the year 2015 put the total number of road deaths at 1,46,133. Out of the total number of fatalities, 11.4 percent involved truck users while 7.4 percent involved buses.
This is a good move by the Government, but I feel they also need to strongly focus on other factors that contribute (more strongly) towards accidents.

For starters, truck owners/transport companies have to be encouraged into starting in-house awareness and training programs aimed at educating their drivers about proper road usage/driving manners, vehicle maintenance, legal obligations, etc.

Vehicle owners need to be heavily penalized for not maintaining vehicles in road-worthy condition. We have become used to seeing trucks without working lights, bald/re-treaded tyres, 'juggad' repairs, smoking engines, etc. Shortcut methods such as these are very dangerous and must be curbed.

Overloading is a major problem on our roads as well. How many times have all of us seen trucks carrying twice the amount of goods/material they were designed for?

Driving hours need to be monitored and a maximum per-day limit needs to be set. There is a system they follow in Europe as far as I'm aware, and this is strictly enforced as well.

All this is however, easier said than done given the realities (poverty, pressure to work/earn more, lack of education, etc.) of our country. But hopefully, one small step at a time will get us to a safer future.

(Not sure if my points have already been mentioned in the thread. Please delete/edit if irrelevant/repeated)
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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Truckers in India prefer to drive at Night when traffic is thin and engines can run cooler, which helps them cover distance efficiently. The fact that they are overworked and treated poorly results in accidents mostly during night times.

Truckers hardly get their vision checked ( How many of us have seen trucker with spectacles? )

I am sure truckers will use AC as and when they wish to, I don't think its mandatory to keep the AC switched on all the time, is it?

Along with this, I feel Seat belts should be made a mandate for truckers, as it can help save lives and injuries and investment needed is very small.

For AC's to be effective, insulation in cabin needs to be good, which I don't think is the case with wooden cabins. Also engine cowl emits lot of heat inside cabin which needs to be insulated in better way.

With out penchant for jugaad, it remains to be seen how the retro fitment for AC will be done in trucks.

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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

I feel this is a welcome move for Drivers for the following reasons.

1. Having the AC will not only make the driver comfortable during the Hot Summer months but the heater component will also help them during the cold, nippy winter months especially during the night.
2. With the introduction of GST it has now made Trucks run with fewer breaks as stops at various revenue and State check-posts have been removed thereby increasing the fatigue levels of already overworked drivers. Increased turn-around time would now pressurize the operators to make the truck run continuously. I am sure the Government will step in with regulations for scrutinizing driver time on wheels at a future date.
3. As a side effect, this will also force operators to go for fully built driving cabins instead of Cowl and Chassis truck and customize them. This would help increase Safety of the truck cabins.
4. Fully built cabins and also do away with roadside truck body fabricators to not tamper with Wiring harness for various switches increasing the chance of tail light assembly being more reliable. This is based on my observation of tail lights still functioning on Volvos which have manufacturer built body against STU built buses of the same age.

Once there is critical mass among Truck Driving community appreciating the aircon there would now be pressure on truck owners to convert the rest of fleet similar to how drivers demanding Power steering on trucks as the accepted norm previously. (Note: this is purely my thought. I am open to be corrected).
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Default Re: AC cabins for trucks mandatory from December 31, 2017

Update - AC is not required, blowers are suffice
The regulations are now updated to provide only blowers.
MoRTH has released a draft notification on 8th Aug’17 requiring that all N2 & N3 category vehicles shall be equipped with air conditioning system or ventilation system conforming to requirements of AIS 056 (Rev 1):2017 effective from 1 st Jan 2018. The “AIS 056 Requirements of Truck Cabin Ventilation System for Category N2 & N3 Vehicles” gives guidelines for natural and forced ventilation. This includes the guidelines for both OE and third party built cabs.
Source - www.cvnews.in
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