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Might sound harsh but im happy that another miserable irresponsible human(bike rider- if he was drunk) is not on this earth. He is responsible for endangering the lives of a bus full of humans who have paid for a stupid mans mistake with their own health & wellbeing. I hope no serious injuries happened to the old passengers and children and women travelling in that bus. You are probably very lucky to escape too.
I feel no sympathy should be accorded to such people who endanger the lives of others with their conscious irresponsible acts.
As it goes in this great country of ours there is always sympathy for the smaller vehicle regardless of the act- pedestrian, cycle, bike, 3 wheeler, car,bustruck in that order.
All the above views are assuming that the bus driver was not at any fault(overspeeding,etc).
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This is absolutely scary.

1. Till the KSRTC accident couple of days back, I was under the impression that Volvo is one of the safest buses to sit inside. I remember hearing that on impact it has certain safety mechanisms to protect people inside.
But that doesn't really seem to be the case.

2. And as in this case, the people who doesn't understand the nature of "accident" and always ready to lynch the driver of bigger vehicle.
I know a person who was driving a car, and unfortunately involved in an accident which resulted in death of two on two wheeler. They were driving on wrong side of highway, and drunk.
Police didn't mention both facts in FIR, and requested not to insist on grounds of sympathy to victims that they get insurance claims. If they are drunk, apparently they wouldn't get insurance claims.
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Hmmm.... This local Tamil Bike Rider thinks they all are relations(Son...) of Rajani/Kamal. They can do any thing as these two hero does in there film.
My Exp: Going to Sripuram from Vellor @ a speed of 30-40KM in my UNO. Suddenly a stupid in HH overtook from right side in high speed and immediaately took left turn. Banged !!!! to A Cycle fall down in mid of the road in front of my car. Just applied brake. Thanks God I was able to stop...
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Originally Posted by dreamdiesel View Post
I feel buses like VOLVOS should offer seat belts to passengers.
KSRTC Volvo buses have 2-point seatbelts. Traveling in any vehicle without seatbelts is unwise. In Australia, many of the buses have 3-point seatbelts.

In Australia, only three bus accident fatalities have been reported since 1994. All three victims were not buckled.


Buckle up on the bus

Regarding rollovers, Indian Volvo drivers should be trained not to swerve excessively during an accident unless necessary. It is better for a bus to hit a pedestrain, bike or car than to swerve causing a rollover especially when the buses are not equipped with stability control, curtain airbags, rollover sensors and rollcages.
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; I meant I was only visualising while I was reading

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
In an attempt to evade the motorcyclist, the bus driver must have given a sharp turn of the steering wheel. That, along with the speed at which it was done would have led to loss of balance, and the bus overturned.
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Originally Posted by mjothi View Post
So, how are you now? Back to work?
Yeah mjothi, I am back to work- As mentioned before, I am feeling a lot better now.

Originally Posted by Ram View Post
Are you still on painkillers? Get well soon.What a narrative, and with pics too.
Ram, I am not on any medications now. Except for a calcium tablet before I go to bed. Thanks for your words.

Originally Posted by ak916 View Post
That was close!!! Narrative was like reading a thriller!
I am glad you liked it. Thanks

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
Any idea of any more serious casualities among the passengers in the bus?
Thanks Benny. Well, I can remember the baby and mother were injured coz of the glass pieces. And about ~12 of us in the bus either had injuries like mine or poked by the glass pieces.

Originally Posted by HappyWheels View Post
Nevertouchme, hope you have recovered fully, both physically and mentally from the incident.

I have travelled by Conti a number of time and it was a wonderful experience, with the way they drive and the courtesy of the staff. Unfortunate that one of theirs met with this accident.
Well physically YES! Mentally, mmm- I guess yess too. But, the scene of me falling on to the otherside of the bus still haunts me. Trust me, it is SCARY.

Originally Posted by pypkmsrikanth View Post
Conti drivers are possibly the safest pair of hands among all the private transporters.
I couldn't agree more.

Originally Posted by bblost View Post
My prayers with you brother.
Thank you so much.

Originally Posted by Lukeskywalker View Post
So you finally pen down the incident, I can still remember I had talked to you the previous evening and was expecting you back in Bangalore.
You should quit whatever you are doing and consider being a thriller writer bro.
Yeah, I remember that day. Well, I am ready to quit- If you are ready to sell the books- he he.

Originally Posted by Lukeskywalker View Post
Are we being truthful here?
BTW how's your Dio that you ride to work?
Well, DIO is ok.

Originally Posted by RufRoc View Post
Wish you a speedy recovery. I agree that Conti travels is in the elite group of trusted and safe operators. Accidents do happen though.
Thanks Ruf. Yeah, agreed !

Originally Posted by kittigadu View Post
Nevertouchme, i understand the horror.
A similar incident happened to me almost a year ago when i took the volvo from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Just before penukonda town, early morning at around 6:00am, a milk man on a cycle was coming on to the highway from a dusty mud road. I was in the 2nd seat aisle looking at the road. At a split second there was a dance between the volvo and the milkman. The driver got confused and before i realized, there was a thud sound. The brakes were so hard that the volvo did an almost 360 on the road, Luckly that there were no other lorries at that time.
Krishna, That was scary too. A huge bus doing a 360 on road. Hmmm...

Thanks guys, thanks to all of you for ure comments.
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Thats scary!! After an accident, PLEASE get yourselves checked at a hospital for internal injuries. You may look and feel feel fine on the outside.

I have heard of people who dropped dead just hours after an accident, just because their internal injuries went untreated.
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