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Default Truckers Strike-What Does it Mean to You?

Our truckers are on strike since today. To me, there are good and bad sides related to this news story.The good side is that once you are out on a highway with your car you are the king- there are no seven and a half tonners christened "Kings of the Road" with six or more wheels, a sane or an insane driver behind the wheels and loads of upto 12 tonnes on its back.Belching black smoke from its exhaust is passe. Driving is a real pleasure on National Highways, which look really odd and deserted without these beastly trucks.
If you drive a diesel car/SUV/MUV you are among the few at highway petrol/diesel pumps, but there may be some jeeps or tractors to give you company.
The flip side is that perishable food does not move out of cities , towns and villages where the poor farmer loses out. In return we get all the export quality farm produce that are normally sent straight out of the farm to some metro or foreign land without being seen by the people staying in nearby towns and cities.
But overall, I love the highways during such times.
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What it means to me ?? Well..much more open highways for atleast a couple of days!!
On a serious note, i read their 'demands' in the newspaper today..their demands remind me of Somalian pirates :
1) Diesel costs to be cut by 'atleast' Rs.10
2) Uniform VAT on diesel (i wonder what this means..and how VAT affects Truck Drivers !)
3) Road Tax/Octroi to be cut by 75%
4) Tyre prices should be slashed.
5) A host of other such 'demanding demands' !!

I had just one question in mind..these demands pertain only to cost and nothign else. But these truckers charge everything from their client, from rise in Road Tax to rise in Diesel Prices to Police Hafta..then why the hell do they need to take up such an issue ?? Road Transport clientage aint going anywhere even if diesel was to become Rs.100/km. I hope i am correct.
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The strike means that I have to stock up on all food and drink items for the kitchen and bar as they are likely to go "out of stock" soon.

It also means that one has to tank up and hoard fuel before the pumps go dry so that one can enjoy the empty highways!

It also means that there is no friendly trucker to help you out when u are stuck on a remote road. Belive me, I have found the truckers to be most helpful of all the road users whenever I was in trouble. The bus guys being the least helpful.

For all of us it means that prices will go up courtesy "the shortage & additional costs due to the strike" and the prices once up, will defy gravity and remain at their stratospheric levels post the strike, even if the price of Diesel was halved and tyres were given away free!
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In these low and slow business times , it means we have to keep our customers lines running anyhow - that means using private vehicles for transporting goods to the airports and bearing the additional cost of air freight. :(
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It means 2 things to me .1)Due to this strike , all the basic commodities which are very much need to every common man gets stuck and price of them goes up(gone up a little already) . The business sector here already facing low demands and strike like this makes it worse as they cant get the supplies moving and thereby their payments being made delayed affecting their liquidity further. 2) Due to this strike , the Government will be forced to reduce the fuel prices , which is a good thing both for the common man and the industries. Reducing the diesel prices , will reduce the transport cost and thereby the inflation might go down a little and also for the business sector , the can see a little more profit.
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Means a lot to me.I have Vdi now and so i totally support the truckers.I want a full tank in 1000 bucks.
Go bhaiyo go, dont lower your guns till diesel prices are reduced
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It is a depressing situation for me since my consignments are delayed.
no deliveries are taking place since even people not involved in the strike are using this as an excuse.
Hope it finishes quickly.
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i see safer highways
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And I might my Gas Cylinder booked for delivery :-{
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All it means to me is the 10 rupees cut in Diesel.

Other bits - too large an issue to discuss here !
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1) The cost of diesel can come down.
2) There will be less pollution for a day or two.
3) If this continues for long, then the cost of essential commodities will rise and can even lead to violence.
4) The pick up truck drivers will be charging more and this will lead to pricey deals.
5) They will be more arrogant on roads.
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Old 6th January 2009, 12:51   #12
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Trucker's strike!! and what it means to us??? I think it should be what it means to them. The last time they were on strike, nothing happened other than 1 of their demands being fulfilled( Out of 5 i think). This time too the same will happen. The government has already declared that they are working on another fuel price cut, so that part is already been taken care of. Other demands are just ways of the union bodies to show that they are working and are a concerned lot. Useless deeds at taxing times.
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Well, one bad sign has started showing up since this morning. Hyderabad has started running out of fuel. From today morning I saw huge serpentine queues outside the bunks which still had some fuel left. If this strike continues another couple of days brace up for empty, barricaded pumps with "No Fuel" board outside them.
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My material is lying in the factory due to this stupid strike .
If this strike continues for 3-4 days more my projects are going to be delayed and i really dont have to tell anyone about how much loss i am going to incur in already highly recessionary mode this market is into.
The sooner it end the better for all of us
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I forgot to fill Petrol for my 2 wheeler , my car Diesel may lost for few more days, today morning I checked for Petrol near by five bunks all are out of sock .
I think things may go worse if strike continue for few more days
As aaggoswami said pollution free and free highways are the advantages.
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