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Look like a college proejct to me
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Thumbs down An all Terrain Wonder? or....

A capable off-road & all-terrain 4x4's pedigree can be spotted by its poise, balance & design proportions. That's the truth and we all know it.

So even photographs do tell us something enough to make a first judgement.

and in that context, it doesn't look to be too good for this contraption, I'm afraid - no matter how much we want Tata (if this is a Tata vehicle) to get this right!

-and on that note, I do wonder what their design specialists were thinking when they made this one!

PS - The Indian "HUMMER" appears to be doing its noble bit to alleviate the water supply problem in Leh (must be water in that tank in the back, I reckon!!

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this is the first TATA vehicle which looks uglier than an equivalent mahindra vehicle!

but if it serves the purpose, well & good.
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@ raj 5004 - You just took it out of my mouth.

Model for model, Tata has always made better looking vehicles than Mahindra in every segment they compete in, this being the sole exception. But I doubt it's a real Tata. It seriously looks like someone from the local mechanic shop wrapped a metal sheet around an old truck/jeep and gave it the army colors.

If this indeed is the real Tata model, then it's Mahindra Axe for me anyday. Looks macho, solid and serves the purpose.
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This vehicle looks hugely out of proportion for the work it is intended for. And yes it looks like a joke if its not intentional to fool what the actual vehicle would look like. From the sides it looks like a Bolero which has had its front squashed against a brick wall.
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Originally Posted by chncar View Post
What typical Tata reliability are you talking about. Tata vehicles have historically been short on refinement and customer-friendly service etc, but nobody can accuse them of being not reliable.

Tata vehicles are generally rugged enough to take the beating from our roads and conditions for way longer than their fancy Jap/Korean counterparts. Just look at the number of Indica taxis running round the clock, or the trucks that literally move our nation. People whose livelihood depends on the vehicle are not fools to throw money at an unreliable car. The Indian armed forces use tens of thousands of Tata vehicles and seem to be quite happy with them.
Forgive me for my ignorance, but I thought the reason for lot indica's running around is due to the only fact that they are cheap to maintain and can be repaired at any road side mechanic in the event of a break down. And I think I have seen more Indica's stranded on the road than Honda's. (Yes, there ARE more Indica's than Honda's but %wise too Indica's breakdown are much higher, atleast in my place). In fact the reason my uncle sold off his much loved and "prestigious" TATA Safari is because it gets broken down on 1 out of 10 long distance trips, in-spite of good maintenance. His Innova gave him much more reliable long distance trips.

And yes, I should correct my statement and I must quote that I was referring to TATA 'four' wheelers.

And I was concerned about reliability just because this "Indian Hummer" probably will be mainly used by police and para-military sectors. I think reliability is much more important for them than an average consumer.

Cheers chncar, lets get back to the topic!.
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What ever said and done for the Mahindra and Tata vehicle, the final verdict will follow the Murphy's Law of Combat Operations(well...we all know Murphy never wrote them ).

"Be aware that the equipment you use has been provided by the LOWEST BIDDER."

Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
I am sure it will look much better when the camouflage tin sheets are removed.
Its not for civilian purposes. You need some security from weather for the persons sitting inside. Going to Leh on a trip is different than staying there and working (esp as a fauji)
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shouldnt they make the front look a little more mean and muscular. In the current design it looks like a truck from the 60's with a lousy front overhang.

And whats with the sintex tank?
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We don't even know whether this is what the final version is going to look like. I think we are all jumping the gun here; the key takeaway is simply that Tata is looking at a rival for the Axe.

As and when this is finalized, we can discuss the looks.
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Originally Posted by acidkill View Post
shouldnt they make the front look a little more mean and muscular. In the current design it looks like a truck from the 60's with a lousy front overhang.

And whats with the sintex tank?
Dude, what has looking mean and muscular mean to a military vehicle? There is no reason to complain when it is a rugged, no-nonsense, abuse taking workhorse that can take them all sort of places places.
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Originally Posted by car_crazy1400 View Post
Looks like a local Jugaad type mod job , done using the 407..

Mahindra AXE looks much better.
This looks like it has different pieces welded on & would fail under stress.
I agree. This seems to share common parts from the Tata bin.
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And more pics here of similar vehicles, though the one in this thread is a crew-cab version. Looking at the pics in the following threads, cant help but think from where did the vehicle in the pic in the first post come from.


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I think it is a disguised mule. Somehow, it looks very competent underneath - my perception. With so much 4wd expertise and design flair acquired, I doubt Tata would gof up so badly on this
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Mean looking may be good for someone in civilian market who buys for style an Army vehicle has to be actually 'mean' even if looks are docile .

For those who comment it is top heavy , Civilian vehicles are made to look balanced by use of plastic bumper skirting which is quite unnecessary in this case.

As long as this serves the purpose and can take challanges of mountain and desert terrine which is quite important for Indian Army and wins tender it should be OK
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Why would TATA not offer the LR to the Armed Forces instead of reinventing the AXE (wheel)?

Hey Mahindra, if those AXE dies are lying unused why not run a civilian version for us merrry folk?

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