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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Bit the bullet and finally took the Tucson over for post-spiti repairs today. Let's see how they come up.
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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Took the Punto for timing kit replacement and suspension overhaul at 75K kms. The work was done promptly, though a slight goofup happened in using raised GC shock absorbers instead of the original 2009 version ones. When i brought this to Anupam's notice, he got the lowered version of the suspension installed in 2 days time. Overall happy with the quality and price of the repairs.
The new setup makes it easier to manoeuvre the cars and reduces the time it takes the mechanics to get a car out as compared to the old setup.
Also a special mention to the alignment work done by "Pradhan" ji, he is able to achieve almost perfect alignment using the simple thread method and a good understanding of how to get a good trade-off between toe, camber and caster

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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Had the opportunity to visit WOS in December when my XUV needed its 80K service. Along with that i was facing issue with my front right shockers (they were harsh and creating weird sound).

So i called Anupam and fixed up a pickup from my place. Since it had to be diagnosed for the shockers, hence my XUV was with them for two days. I was fine with it till the time work is complete and everything is sorted. Later that day got a call from them and i was told that the issue with the shocker could be a worn out bushes, so asked them to replace the entire front lower arm bush. Also i was advised to get rear disc replaced which i agreed as it had been 6 years running on the original ones.

So after two days my cheetah was ready for long drive to Gujarat that was planned. Took it for a spin and i was surprised it was my XUV Loved the way it was handling all those bumps now. Earlier i was fearing that my shockers would need to be replaced, but thanks to WOS, they got the culprit and fixed it. I remember here someone had mentioned this before that these guys dont just say to "replace" things (like authorized service center does) but work on finding the issue and getting it fixed so a BIG from me.

I also got my gear oil changed though it didn't do anything that i could make out. The only area where they can improve is the time taken to wash. Since they only have one area for car wash hence it took way too much time to get mine done. But i guess that is being worked upon since they are expanding.

All in all, time, money, effort well spent. Since i live in Delhi, going to Noida was a big question mark. But i am happy that i did. Will be visiting them soon as my vacuum modulator has started giving problem again (XUV people knows it).

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Thumbs up Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

A quick update on my last visit to WoS with my "not so" ageing TATA Manza. While I own a TATA Tiago too now; when it came to an upcoming Roadtrip to Rajasthan, Manza was the obvious choice. With excellent roads in the State and two almost new cars, A Ford Endeavour 2017 and a Renault Duster AMT part of the convoy, my Manza Aura ABS 2012 with 1.65 Lakhs on the Odo could have certainly be termed as a weakling. Not to be bogged down I called WoS to get the Manza picked from home with a clear mandate, it should not be found wanting on the trip.

Needless to say, WoS did a fabulous job and the following important tasks were carried out to my utmost satisfaction.
  • Clutch Overhaul
  • Full Service with Oil Change
  • Replacement of Front Shock Absorbers
  • Overall checkup

On recommendation, a new set of shoes, Falken SN235s too were added from a nearby dealer. The Rajasthan trip lasted 7 days and 2.5k kms without a single hitch, zooming abreast with the Endeavour and the Duster.

A special note to other Manza Owners - Should your Manza need any special care, drive in into WoS. Feel free to shout out to me in case you want to check out mine and verify the work of WoS.

Thank you "World Of Service"
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Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-photo_20180102_09163201.jpeg  

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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Its been quite a while since I updated my review and experiences of WoS.

My cars are my passion & I take a lot of care about them. If you have read my earlier posts, you would have known that my cars have been visiting WoS since its inception.

Recently I sent my XUV 5OO (almost 1L km & out of warranty now) for service, brake disc / pads change & general checkup of front suspension. As always, it came back in top notch condition & with all work done to satisfaction.

And yes, I would like to mention that unlike other service stations, WoS has always been upfront & clear in advising everyone that warranty shall be voided if they attempt to rectify any car within its warranty period & hence all such cars should be sent to authorised service stations. They have their ethics sorted out too!!

Following XUV, it was Getz turn for general checkup, service & other fixes. I own a 1.5 Crdi Getz as well & the car has been ageing, showing signs of wear & tear. It had a massive steering oil leak to the extent that I had to carry bottles of steering fluid & top up the reservoir every day. This was fixed at WoS with detailed care and it now drives very smooth with no signs of leakage. Following the steering work, I also got the EGR cleaned up as well.

A delightful customer experience on both occassions.

I would say the WoS has definitely come a lot of way from early startup years of being a corner repair service shop to a Multi-brand Servicing Centre which includes Performance Enhancement, Paint Booth, Accessories, etc. They have now grown from a 3-lift and 1 Paint booth setup to 9 lifts & a comprehensive Paint booth. With skilled, competent & professional manpower, they diagnose the issues and resolve them with the intention to ‘Repair' rather than 'Replace' unless you specifically want them to. The parts that need replacement, you would get them at a competitive rate (if not utterly cheap) due to their very strong sourcing network. The overall servicing and repair work is well priced. They are just a call away and provide assistance as and when required. The complete team is knowledgeable & trustworthy.

I would strongly recommend a visit to the workshop. Interact with the staff and you will very soon feel the difference in knowhow and professionalism.

Happy and safe riding amigos !!
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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Wanted to pen down my latest experience with this workshop, and it has been pretty much terrible to say the least.

The owner, Anupam, simply doesn't bother on updating the status or lifting calls on time or for timely arrangement of spare parts and has developed the attitude of not caring for our cars it seems. His attitude remains casual and its his mismanagement, and the care a damn attitude of some of his mechanics that is leading to drop in quality levels.

My Palio was due for 30,000 kms service. I own the car since an year and it was running perfectly fine till date, so what was to be a routine service turned out to be a nightmare of sorts, and it was a waste of 6 days and INR 15k as a whole.

I called Anupam on May 4th to fix an appointment for Monday, may 7, 2018. Owing to heavy load, hence, Monday. I noticed flat spots during AC being turned on so based on his "so called" experiances and owning multiple 178 platform cars, decided to get work done from there since my trusted mechanic at Dwarka was not available for a week and I couldn't overshoot the same.

Work asked to be done:
  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter cleaning (was changed just 1000 kms back)
  • AC filter change (original spare part to be provided by me)
  • petrol filter change
  • Checking of underbody nuts and bolts
  • Spark plug cleaning
  • Throttle body cleaning
  • Radiator flush and new coolent owing to summers
  • General checkup
  • AC checkup and gas recycling (IF ONLY REQUIRED)
  • Few minor rattles to be attended to

On may 7, I reached the workshop at 10:15 am assuming that car will be attended to and work will start and will be done with due diligence. The workshop was overcrowded with cars lying everywhere and lift was not available. Once i called anupam 3-4 times, one car came out and lift was emptied for my car to be in at 12:25 pm.

The first shock: Basic oil and petrol filter were not available (inspite of my intimating anupam 3 days in advance and making 2 follow up calls with him).
While the filters were not there, underbody checkup, tightening of heat shield near the resonator, cleaning of spark plugs and throttle body with spray, cleaning of air filter was done.

The filters came at 5:20 pm, again after following up with anupam in his workshop. I was running a tight schedule and wanted the car on same day cause the basic service is nothing but a routine affair. Though Punto was all fine being the backup car in house. The oil (agip I sint) was changed (from barell, not can, and this coming from a person-workshop owner- who was against the quality of barell oils), oil filter was installed (OE part-I checked), petrol filter was changed and the car was checked again underneath and came off the lift.

At 6:15 pm, the liqui moly radiator flush was done, old contaminated coolent drained out, flushing was completed and new coolent (liqui moly-green colour) was poured in. The Palio 1.6 needs an adjustment of the air to come off from the radiator in order to ensure that the car doesnt overheat and that activity was being performed after I took a test drive. The car was hot so I had to wait for it to have cooled down.

It was then the beginning of a series of nightmares started.

The car had a perfectly working AC, and while driving, the AC did create flat spot between 2000-4500 rpm. The engine has a very good torque spread for petrol and Anupam insisted on gas recycle and compressor oil change to overcome this. Good advice, but if at all the gas existed at the car at first place?

My car was throwing hot air, and his mechanic, Salman took the car to the AC machine and confirmed that the gas was not there. I was shocked, as to my surprise, how did the gas leaked out at first place? I am sure that somewhere some carelessness in the workshop caused the gas leak. Gas was filled but we could hear the leaking happening. That night it was 8 pm, and they asked for next day to sort out the leak and I left at that night.

The next morning, work again started on fixing the leak which was later claimed to have been traced to some compressor valve which was not gettng connected or properly fitting to the AC pipe.

Question- was it some carelessness? How did this thing happen at first place? I still suspect some carelessness was there within that nick of the time else, how does a working compressor valve develops a leak at first place?

The day went by with no solution in sight.

Wednesday, the compressor was took out and valve was sent to be built by some so called lathe wala with his labour. I was told to again wait till the problem is fixed. Wednesday became thursday.

Thursday came by and again what was going on on fixing a minor problem was finally fixed on Friday. AC gas was filled and compressor oil recycled with the machine and all seemed to be well. The flat spot vanished and AC was cooling like before, so yes, there the work done was good, but again, too much time consumed.

Now coming to a final problem that was traced. One axle boot had developed a cut on the driver's side and I asked them to change it and give me the car on saturday. They DO NOT have any person who can fix the same in their own workshop and source some third party mechanic who does axle work.
This was where the problems started.
The axle boot was fixed on saturday, and on reaching WoS around 3 PM on 12th May, I noticed some leak from the oil seal which is fixed with the axle next to the bottom of the gearbox. The gear oil was having leak. I had to raise an alarm and get it fixed. At first, anupam was adament and said it cant be done. Then, the car was raised on a lift and a new oil seal was installed, by his mechanic irshad and another guy, and gear oil was poured in again, and I drove the car for 4-5 kms and took it home thinking that all has been resolved. For all the work, I paid approx 15k and settled the amount. I asked for a new rear parcel tray as the existing one had became old and carpet at the bottom was worn out. I placed the order on Thursday and till date haven't received it.

The car was driven for about 600 plus kms in the next 2 days. When i was returning to my home from Haryana, my car started to make a grinding noise from the gearbox while shifting and while decelerating and coasting in neutral. That's when I suspected something took a turn for the worse.

To again take a proper second opinion, I called my mechanic and told him about the incident and he told me to bring the car on Tuesday morning. The car went that morning and I was litrelly shocked to know that my car does not have gear oil at all. The calculated time of noise till the time it reached the mechanic was close to 125 kms. I had asked if at all my gearbox could have been damaged due to no oil, I was told to wait and till he checked, the oil seal that was installed by WoS was not a genuine part and its inner rubber twisted and leaked out all the gear oil. HOW did that happen? Again for sure was negligence that was caused by WoS+ their axle mechanic. The axle was at first time not installed properly and a rubber bushing which was located behind the boot was placed on the wrong side which added to another noise which they corrected on Saturday.

The mechanic sourced a OE oil seal, and I purchased liqui moly fully synthetic gear oil (of course at a lower price than what was quoted by WoS) and we poured in the same and took multiple test runs. Thankfully, the noise vanished and just a minor hush noise came from the gearbox. I am sure that some minor damage has been done which created that hush noise but I have driven the car for over 350 kms during a long night drive, and noticed that the oil hasn't leaked at all. The hush noise comes at 30-40 kmph speeds and I guess I have to live with it.

So the car also came back with rpm fluctuation and that was corrected with properly cleaning the throttle body which was NOT done at first place at WoS. This I can confirm after doing multiple test runs and losing my sleep over the poor experiance I encountered at WoS.

Lesson learnt:
  • All that glitters from upside and talks is not gold. Waste of time, money and energy with not much output. I am skeptical on if at all the AC problem has gone for good or will return again.
  • There is nothing wrong with the car. Its mechanics that screw it up. The mechanic who worked in my car on Monday at WoS was not at all experianced. Seemed like some newbie and I had asked anupam on his credibility he said hes a good chap. His work attitude was also casual.
  • Never trust on the words of the owner of the workshop. Money matters first, not satisfaction. His approach too is very much casual these days.
  • Know your car inside and out and only get that work done which is required. Any extra work and you may screw up other things. No, My car never needed extra work, I just got the worn out parts replaced, but in doing one thing, two other things were screwed up.
  • Sheer carelessness, nothing else.

Going by the episode, Have decided on not to go again to WoS as I am not at all happy with the work done overall. You can do some good things, but two bad things can turn your overall experiance into a bitter one. And that, not expected of a workshop owned by an old member of team bhp.

What if my car was stranded on the road if my gearbox got busted? And who would have taken responsibility of the wrongdoings? All they can do is tender a casual apology and nothing else. Trust has been broken for once, and probably a nice lesson learnt.

Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)-32267210_1972114519489490_4404254173365796864_n.jpg

My car is running fine now, thankfully. And I still wait for my parcel tray which has never been delivered till date....

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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage - World of Service (Sector 63, Noida)

Originally Posted by sidindica View Post

My car is running fine now, thankfully. And I still wait for my parcel tray which has never been delivered till date....
lovely car if you dont mind me asking which year model is it?

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