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Dippy 9th March 2007 22:07

ARTICLE: About Scale/ Diecast Models
Model cars catch the fancy of all car lovers. Every man cherishes memories of his childhood craze for dinky cars. Almost every boy owned a guarded and ever expanding collection of toy cars. This Team-BHP article will shed light on all that you wanted to know about model cars and did not know whom to ask. Brace yourself and get ready to be transported into the exciting world of model cars.

Numerous Scale options
Model cars come in various scales. The most popular ones are 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64, the larger the scale – the higher the level of detail.

1:64 - Dinky Cars – the smallest
These are well made toys that are not very detailed though at times the boot, hood or doors may open and close. Almost all vehicles are available in this scale. Specialised manufacturers include Majorette, Matchbox, Corgi, Mattel Hotwheels and Tomica.

1:43 and 1:24 cars for the average model collector
These models are much bigger in size than the 1:64 models and can be classified as collectors’ items. Cars of all brands are available in these scales. The level of detail is much higher with features like opening doors, bonnets, boot and even a workable steering. Specialised manufacturers include Bburago, Maisto, Mattel and Matchbox.

1:18 – the crème de la crème for the serious adult collectors
These cars are made with the utmost care and precision, and the attention to detail is highest. They are meant for those who have a passion for automotive art. These cars are the closest replica of a real car. The level of detailing extends to the engine components and even seat belts and carpeted flooring. These cars can be made only after obtaining an official license from the respective car manufacturers. The prototype is sent to the manufacturer for approval; once approved, the model is sent for mass producution. Specialised manufacturers include Bburago, Maisto, Mattel, U/T, Minichamps and Autoart.

Availability of scale model cars in India
Scale models are available in hobby shops and departmental stores across India. They are also available in premiere shopping centres and special "model-car-only" shops e.g. Model Art (InOrbit Mall, Mumbai) that houses scale models from Bburago, Maisto, U/T, Kyosho and Autoart. Model cars can also be bought from over the Internet from websites such as Grand Prix Legends or Die Cast Legends. If you are lucky enough you can get a good deal on rare models on Ebay.

The Cost Factor
Collecting model cars is an expensive hobby. A 1:18 model car can cost anywhere from INR 1,200 to INR 5,000. Exclusive cars like the Formula 1 models that are signed by the drivers cost as high as INR 10,000. Cars ordered from the Internet may have the additional cost of postage.

Scale Model cars - perfect replicas of the actual car. So real and detailed that you wish the little engine really started up. So what if you can’t afford the real car? You can always own the scale model of your favourite car at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Though a tad expensive its worth the money. Besides, you don’t have to worry about parking!

GTO 10th March 2007 11:02

Superb article, Dippy....especially the comparision which differentiates between the brands. I have only a handful, including two Ferraris which always stay on my desk. The attention to detail is astounding!

Whats the best way to clean scale model cars?

Dippy 10th March 2007 11:17

Cleaning model cars :

1) Use a soft cloth. You can wet it as well

2) Once clean via cloth you can use wax polish or something they call MIN cream available at any chemist. Its gives the cars real good shine and keeps of the dust.

3) To clean the interiors one can use a toothbrush. Helps clean the dash, flooring and seating areas.

JPL 10th March 2007 14:53

WOW !! Really commendable effort Dippy, good reference for scale model noobs like me.

aZa 10th March 2007 18:31

Very nice write up dippy !!! I have a few 1:18 Maisto models and lots of Dinky cars just have to find them in the storeroom. I intend to build glass rack in my office full of 1:18 sized cars ..........someday :)

Ram 10th March 2007 18:56

This is probably an appropriate thread to draw attention to a post made over six months ago.

Originally Posted by ram (Post 279286)
23rd August 2006, 14:05

A few thoughts to share, from my exposure from 1961 to date, to the glittering world of automobile scale-models and construction kits.

I've visited shops in Western Europe, North America and Australia which carry only scale-model cars as opposed to toys. The popular scales are 1:43, 1:24 and 1:16.

Like the world of after-shaves, colognes and eau-de-toilettes(EDTs), where there are

1. grocery/medical store eau de toilettes,
2. speciality clothing store eau de toilettes and
3. perfume store/designer eau de toilettes,

There are

1. toy shop models (Hot-wheels, Mattel, Corgi, Maisto, Bburago(now owned by Maisto), Road-Champs),
2. hobby store models (Schabak, Wiking, Herpa, Revell, AMT, Monogram, Jo-han, MPC, Tamiya, Fujimi, Hasegawa) and then there are
3. specialty collector store scale-models(e.g. Franklin Mint-USA, Schuco-Germany, Box-Italy). Alsohand-built limited edition models made of white metal or resin and one-of-a-kind auction models where you bid and buy.

At the high-end here are the 1:43, 1:24 and 1:16 scale plastic as well as die-cast aluminium kits by companies like Monogram, MPC, Tamiya and Hasegawa,

and at an even higher end are the resin and white-metal models that you cut, trim, file, sand, spray-paint and detail by yourself.

The best kits have incredible levels of detail, body-scripts, emblems and gauges, even in parts you don't see like suspension components, exhaust headers, etc. which are hidden when the finished model is on display.

Specialist aficionados can take a basic model kit and add details (winding windows and working lights and blinkers) making it closer to a real car.

Modern technology today allows use of details in photo-etched brass, wiring for engines, vinyl convertible tops, wheels with separate independent suspension, leather upholstery, adhesive chrome foil for chrome trim and aluminum-billeted parts. A single car can be hand-assembled from upto 1,200 individual parts.

Knowing that Team-BHP has car-buffs from all walks of life, international exposures, focuses and interests, I invite your opinions.


Godfather 10th March 2007 19:33

Wow Dippy..nice post..

Also to add that
1. Model Art store is also located in Bangalore at Forum Mall,
2. Keep the cars(esp 1:24 and 1:18) series away from heat and focus lights that generally people have in their "showcases" they tend to melt or disfigure the rubber tires, and will also fade the paint job.
3. make sure the cars are cleaned once every week to keep off dust/moisture..they spoil the painted surface and tend to crack the chrome on bumpers
4. Do not force any doors / moveable parts. they can break..sometimes beyond repair.


Mugen_Power 11th March 2007 00:38

Very nice article dippy.
I was wondering about different scales but now i got the difference between scales.

skunk 12th July 2007 00:43

There are many more scales as well, as large as 1:6 (by Pocher, for instance, these can cost just about anything) down to 1:220 (Z-scale, mainly meant for dioramas)

I collect, modify, and scratchbuild in 1:87 (aka H0 scale). Will post some pictures soon. I am working on a Maruti Gypsy Hardtop.

Cyrus43 5th August 2007 21:41

Nice Compilation Man....really Good For People Like All I Need Is The Money...

markiv 5th August 2007 23:02

Does anybody know of good places in NCR for buying scale models?

Have checked out a few places in Aurobindo Marg, South Ex and in Noida Shoppers Stop (Great India Place mall) but they have a limited collection. I want a Red Ferrari F430 in 1:24 scale!! nowhere to be found!!

And I have only seen Maisto and Mattel models till now, no other brands!

sabret00the 6th August 2007 02:52

awesome article..extremely informative for a n00b like me...

RPMPKDMFF 13th February 2008 23:34

Clean-Up Act
Hi Guys, am new to this forum, and like it alot. Have been collecting scale models since I was little but have become a more serious collector with addition on a regular basis for nearly 2 years now.

One thing I have trouble with, is keeping my babies clean... so every two weeks I go through a rigorous operation 'Clean-up'... out come my gloves, sterile cloth, vacuum, spray and wax... and the brushes as well... for the fingerprints, the best thing would be to use a lint free cloth...

I managed to pick up on this procedure while surfing the net for some more models to add to my collection...

Diecast Nuts!

Follow the link, has a great write up to help everyone out. Hope it is of use...

sinner 14th February 2008 01:26

My scale models are spread across my house as i don't have any special racks to store them. But not any more , I've finally made up my mind to make a shelf for these beauties and give them the place and pride they deserve.

A lil help now guys
I'm going the whole DIY method, as i didn't really like the once available in market.
Any suggestions and any comments are welcome.

Also if you don't mind share the pics of how you show off your scale models.

RPMPKDMFF 14th February 2008 14:08

Display With Pride
hi sinner... I have 2 types of displays... one is for all my 1:18 models, picked it up for Ikea in dubai. I think there is one coming up in India as well... it is a simple display unit with glass shutters, protects and shows-off at the same time... for the other display unit I followed the DIY method, got myself some mdf pieces, measurements for the assembled unit is 600x600mm and depth is 200mm. Got 6 units like this but the disadvantage with the unit is I have not been able to fix up some doors yet, so the cars do get a little dusty at times.

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