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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Here's my list :
Samsung RV509
Personal laptop. Using it since 2 years.

Sony Xperia Tipo
Bought this phone less than a year back. Rooted and bootloader unlocked. Running a custom rom (CM10 FXP)

Blackberry Curve 8520
Secondary/spare phone. 2 year old.

Apple iPod Classic 120GB
Used it a lot since the day I bought in 2009. Still works nicely though it has a few niggles now.

Apple iPod touch 4 16GB
Bought it 4 months back. Use it for music in the gym & car (aux), a lot of gaming, net surfing etc etc

Sony Playstation 2 Slim
My dad got this for me when I was in 7th grade (2005). Nowadays it works only if wants to. Use a couple of Sony OE joysticks, a Sony certified motion sensor joystick and a steering wheel set with it.

Sony PSP 3004
Bought this in 2009. Mostly my brother uses it for gaming.

Fujifilm S2500HD
Bought this in 2011 and I use it for all my photography needs.
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Interesting thread... I have a pretty long list....

1. Assembled PC - Used mostly by myself and my kid at home (i5, 1TB, 21" LED, 8GB RAM)
2. Dell Lattitude - Office Laptop, mostly not used at home
3. Dell Inspiron - 5 years old, mostly used by wife at home
4. Lumia 800 - My primary phone (along with a blackberry curve from office)
5. Onkyo 3300 - Home theater system connected to TV
6. Samsung 42" Series 6 LED TV
7. WDLive player - with 500GB external HDD - connected to TV via Onkyo
8. Sling player - used to watch TV when i work in PC. connects my Airtel HD DVR
9. Asus RT-N56U - connects BSNL modem. Also connects, WDTV Live, XBox, PC, Laptops, Mobiles, iPOD
10. iPod touch 4th Gen - very rare usage these days
11. Bose 301 stereo speakers - used almost every day
12. Pioneer A103 amp - connects to Bose 301
13. NuForce uDAC-2 - connects the PC via USB to Pioneer Amp
14. Airtel HD DVR
15. Sony Rx100 - Use almost every week, use to carry this in pocket sometime to office and weekly outings
16. Canon S3 IS - Not used... need to dispose
17. WD Livewire - Wired route to connect XBOX, WDLive player when higher bandwith is needed, as network strength is low in that area. Also connects to Slingbox to the network
18. XBOX 360 - Got as gift for my kid. Limited usage as my kid uses mostly PC for playing game
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Damn, I envy some of you with that long list. I shouldn't have created this thread, now I need to get all these gadgets .

I didn't all my lenses in the first post, so here it goes -

Pentax DA 18-135mm WR: My goto lens. Covers a very practical focal length and is weather resistant.

Pentax DA 50mm f1.8: Prime lens for portraits

Pentax DA 55-300mm: Tele lens for those visits to zoo, safari or a game in the stadium. You get the idea.

Pentax DA 18-55mm: Kit lens that I got with the camera. Now lying in the backup bag all the time. Will get sold when I upgrade the body.
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Ok here's mine:
  1. HP EliteBook - Office laptop
  2. Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082) - Android phone
  3. MK808B Android TV stick - to drive TV
  4. Samsung 43" plasma TV - with Tata Sky and Android TV stick
  5. WD 1TB external HDD - primary media store for home
  6. Cisco Linksys Wifi router - for all devices at home
  7. Misc. collection of Arduino boards, servomotors and other fun stuff at the office!
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

1. Asus KV55D laptop
2. Asus Fonepad ( 8GB Int, 1GB RAM, 3G, WiFi)
3. Samsung Ace Duos S6802 phone
4. NIKON D7000 with Tamron 17-50 mm f/2.8 & Nikkor55-300mm
5. WD ext. HDD (1 TB)
6.22" LG LED TV
7. Philips DVD player
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Good thread, I need to have a lot of devices in my life as required by my work and hobbies

Sony Vaio Laptop - Business + Pleasure
3 LG Monitors - Business
2 BENQ Monitors - Business
Panasonic LCD TV -32 Inch - Business + Pleasure
LG 40 inch LCD - business
nexus 4 - business
bold 9000 - pleasure
xbox 360 - pleasure
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Here is my list:

1. Lenovo Y400: Laptop for work and a gaming rig

2. Sandisk Sansa Clip +: MP3 for workout, also connects to in-car audio

3. Sony HX-9: Digital Camera, also makes for an excellent full HD camcorder

4. Micromax A110: Phone, 'nuf said
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Default re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

This thread surely creates some jealous and some very proud minds. Whatever the case the gadgets give a certain high to gadget freaks like us.
Here's my list :

1. Apple Macbook : Personal laptop. Three year old but not a blemish yet. Battery life has reduced though.
2. Toshiba M 500 : Work laptop
3. Dell Latitude : Client laptop. Used when going to onsite
4. Samsung 40inch TV : Living room
5. Samsung 32inch TV : Bedroom
6. Apple iphone 5, 16GB : Personal phone
7. Wii gaming console : Excellent consoles. I play Mario kart and Bowling. Super fun.
8. Belkin router for wifi in home
9. Western Digital 1TB HDD for storing movies and TV series
10. Nikkon D3200 camera with 18-55 mm lens, 55-200 mm lens, tripod and remote
11. Five year old Canon digital camera (dont remember the model number). Still works great.
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Default Re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

I like this thread. Great way to see the lifeflow of people around their devices.

1) day starts with alarms on my two phones - Nokia 808 pureview and Nokia Asha 501. The Nokia 808 runs a sim on roaming from my hometown which is also my permanent number and connected to my accounts etc, and it doubles up as my primary 'play' phone - as in I use whatsapp, email, and internet surfing on this phone, and also its my primary camera. The nokia 501, is my primary talk phone - as it has the local sim, and a battery which goes on for 4 days easily.

2) next on are two 2.1 systems - creative and jbl. the phone or the laptop gets plugged into them for music when as I start getting ready for office.

3) in office I use a office desktop, customised with a personal Microsoft ergonomic keyboard which saves my wrists.

4) I have a personal laptop - a Sony E series which is on whenever I am back home. Except that now it has conked off after 3 years of heavy usage. It used to be used for internet surfing, movies, image editing, and with a gorgeous 15.6 inch screen, was a great deal if not for the horrendous battery life. Now I have a friend's office laptop, for temporary usage - a Dell Vostro. And another friend's office netbook, for temporary usage - a wipro netbook running ubuntu.

5) I have a Panasonic 42" non-smart plamsa, to which one of my 2.1 systems is hooked up. I use it to watch Nat Geo HD, Discovery HD and Cricket, and chinese action movies. Other than for cricket, I switch on the tv only when I feel that I should switch it on because I have bought it, which is generally once in 4 days. Once in a couple of months I will download a movie which I want to watch on TV (I don't go to theatres, because they are all situated in malls, and I don't go to malls if I can avoid it), and then I will hook up the laptop to the tv using the Tatasky's HDMI cable.

6) I have a canon 1000D with 3 lens, but I haven't used it much in the last year because I got the pureview and it works awesomely. In two minds on whether to sell it.

7) In office I use headphones all the time - either nokia in ear model, or a Koss Porta Pro.

8) Own 3 portable hard drives, and data is duplicated on all of them. Need to sort them out. I am planning to buy, when I can afford, a 2 x 2tb hard drives, and impose an upper limit of 2TB of data for myself, which will be continously backed up on the other hard drive.

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Default Re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Time to update my list. Nexus 5 32gb Black replaces the Nexus 4. Nexus 4 goes to wife and I get Neo V for tinkering .

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post

I'll start with mine.

15" Retina MBP (2013)
Work laptop. Daily driver. Everything is done from here most of the time.

Nexus 4
Daily driver mobile.

Nexus 7 (2012)
Being used exclusively for gaming now.

Google Chromecast
To watch Youtube, Netflix videos and tab mirroring on TV

Raspberry Pi
Hooked onto TV via HDMI. Runs XBMC as my media server with a Seagate 1TB HDD connected to it.

Pentax K-x
My only camera. Use it for all kinds of photographic needs.

Samsung 40" Smart TV
Being used as dumb TV thanks to Raspberry Pi and Chromecast.
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Default Re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

My list:
1. Office provided hp laptop. Primary used for work and minor browsing at home.
2. IPhone 4 now used by wifey as her main phone.
3. Got myself a Lumia 520 - my main phone.
4. IPad 2 for general home use - every one uses it.
5. All devices connected to each other and internet through a Netgear router connected to a fibre -to-home device (ISP is TTN).
6. Wd tv live to make my dumb tv smart. Connects wirelessly to the internet and used mostly for playing content on thebdisk and youtube.
7. Wd 750 gb disk - main backup unit as well as to store movies.
8. Nikon d40 plus 18 to 55 and 55 to 200mm lens
9. Home led projector .
10. Playstation 2 - hardly used now.
11. Asus eee pc net book just given away to my dad.
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Default Re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Starting with the oldest (and still in use..) gadget -

Philips GoGear 2GB (May '08)
Dell Studio 15 (May '09) - personal laptop
iPod Nano 5th gen 16GB (Feb'10)
Nikon D3100(Oct'10) + Sigma 10-20 (Feb'11)
Netgear DGN1000 (Feb'12)
Samsung 42" 720p Plasma (forgot the model #! Jul'12)
WD Essential - 1TB (Sep'12)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Oct'12)
Philips SHP2000 headsets (Jun'13)
HP Ink Advantage 3515 printer (Jul'13)
Lenovo Thinkpad T410 (Jul'13) - work laptop
Logitech MK220 wireless keyboard/mouse set (Oct'13)
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Default Re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Here’s my list:

1. Desktop PC: Purely for gaming. 2+ years old but works flawlessly. (Specs: i5 2500k + Corsair H60 liquid cooled, 8 GB DDR3, 6950 2 GB GPU, 128 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD, 14 TB storage, Essence STX connected to a pair of stereo speakers, TVSE Gold Mech. KB, Razer DA mouse, Dell U2407 WFP display, Lian Li full tower enclosure)

2. Lenovo B490: Laptop for 24x7 downloads, web browsing at home and media server connected to the desktop PC over WiFi. (Specs: i3 2348, 8 GB DDR3, 500GB, 6 cell battery, 2 USB 3.0 ports).

3. PS3 80GB: Done with the last title that this console would probably see for its generation - Beyond: Two Souls. Not a big fan of racing sims so GT6 is out. This belongs to the last of the phat (mota) generation PS3, played over 60 titles to completion and hasn’t given me a single problem so far, not even the Li-ion cell inside the Dualshock 3! The controller’s analog sticks however, had become oily and gluey and thus, were recently replaced using iFixit’s DIY guide. This one’s a keeper!

4. X360 slim 4GB: For all the console exclusive titles. Completed most titles barring a few which have been backlogged. Two pairs of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable cells and the Eneloop charger for the wireless controller. No Kinect since I don’t like motion-based games.

5. Samsung 40” LCD (LA40C630): 3 years old and still kicks ass in the IQ department. Calibrated the display from day 1 and the S-PVA panel on this one produces crisp blacks! Of course, nowhere close to a Panasonic plasma. The best feature of this display has to be the USB playback feature. Almost all the formats are supported. It also has Dolby D/DTS passthrough via optical out.

6. Philips 5.1 HTIB: A no non-sense 5.1 HTIB system but one of the better investments I have made in years. The DVD player doubles up as an aux. amp. for 2 digital inputs over optical and coaxial inputs. So the TV’s optical out is fed into its optical input. Never felt the need to upgrade to the more expensive Marantz or Onkyo systems.

7. NAD C316 BEE: The most basic NAD stereo amp. out there. With a set of good sounding stereo speakers, it converts a drawing room to a concert hall. Listening to music relaxed on the couch, has never been this awesome!

8. PSB Image B6: Stereo speakers hooked to the NAD amp. NAD and PSBs are told to pair well and I concur. Although I was originally inclined to buy the B5, I chose to go with the B6 because these would later be serving as the fronts when a proper AVR comes into the scene.

9. Lumia 920: Got it during January this year when the device was launched. I love the WP8 ecosystem - fresh and extremely user friendly. One hell of a camera esp. for the dark shots with bare minimum lighting. The only downside being, it is heavy! I sold my iPad 2 as a result of this phone - it was gathering dust in my desk drawer.

10. Canon 600D + 18-55 IS II + EF 50mm f/1.8 II: The DSLR and the pair of lens that goes with me wherever I travel to. The 50mm prime produces wonderful bokeh! A zoom lens is missing unfortunately. And so is a good ball-head tripod, both of which is in my wish-list.

11. Buffalo 150 Mbps router: 3 years old and does what it is supposed to. The basic purpose being streaming internet to my phone, the consoles and the laptop. The PC is connected to the router through the Ethernet cable. Larger file transfers (> 4 GB) are queued to Filezilla and are scheduled to happen overnight when I crash.

12. Sandisk Extreme 32GB USB 3.0: One of the fastest USB 3.0 pen drives out there and since both, my desktop PC as well as laptop supports USB 3, this is a worthwhile investment. Although pen drives do become slower eventually when due to the NAND wear owing to constant read-writes.

13. Couch: Not a gadget but I couldn’t help but include this in the list. During those days, when I come home extremely tired and worn out with absolutely no energy, this couch and some nice music is all I need to unwind.

These are some snaps of the drawing room and the rack:

Gadgets in your life, and how you use them-4otp6.jpg

Gadgets in your life, and how you use them-rwyx4.jpg

Being a bachelor has its niceties you see.

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Default Re: Gadgets in your life, and how you use them

Here is my list, all still in use

Dell XPS 1210 (2GB RAM), the oldest still run Windows 8 and my Son uses it
Macbook 2007 (4GB RAM), not able to upgrade to latest , my wife uses this
Macbook Pro Retina 2012 (16GB RAM), my main system at home
Microsoft Surface (4GB RAM) 128GB 1st Gen, my tablet
Apple TimeCapsule 3TB, backup for macbooks and my wifi router
iPhone 4S 16GB, my daily phone
iPhone 5 16GB, used by wife
iPad 2 32GB, used by wife
Nokia N9 16GB, not in daily use, used by my son for occasional travels
Samsung S4 16GB, my personal second phone
Samsung Dual Guru, travel phone, longest battery life and torch feature very helpful during travel
HTC One X 16GB, screen is broken and not being used, am yet to replace the screen although the phone still works
Samsung Tab (First edition), not used actively, but used for phone and fun when we travel
Samsung 46 inch Series 7(2012 edition- Dual Core) waiting for Evolution kit
Samsung Home Theater 5.1 , used with TV and TataSky HD with Optical Cable
Samsung 32 inch Series 6(2013 edition - Quad Core) , latest addition this Diwali to replace the old Onida in bedroom
Nitendo Wii Console , getting old and needs replacement either with Xbox One or PS 4
HP All in One printer, printer scanner
Couple of old 80GB Harddrives with USB encloser to work as external disk

Just few day back discarded my old Pentium 3 desktop (32 MB RAM)


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Guys, just been reading this thread.

We've got it all wrong!

These are not gadgets!

They are essentials! I can't even begin to think what life would be without these?

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