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Default Review: Moto 360 Wristwatch

I was busy at work going through the Flipkart site to see if anything new, I didn't want but wanted to buy was available.

I got a email alert from Flipkart stating the Moto 360 was available to buy and I immediately ordered the Moto 360 on COD. I ordered on COD as I wasn't convinced myself that I needed this watch. But one side of me was pushing me to buy it as I had been waiting for it for quite a while now.

So, I ordered it by COD thinking in the night at home I would again go through the reviews online and then if need be would cancel off my order by early morning as I had chosen 'delivery in a day' option.

I saw a lot of videos on YouTube in the night but couldn't still figure out if I wanted the watch or not. Went to sleep, morning reached office and got a SMS stating the watch would be delivered that day. I had to go to the ATM and withdraw money to pay for the watch but did not do so and came directly to work.

Sat at my desk and said to myself that when the FK delivery guy comes I would say I have no cash and I would pay by credit card and hence he would need the swipe machine with him. I have noticed several times they don't have it. So the whole idea was that if he had the portable card swipe machine with him then I would go ahead and accept the shipment else would tell him I don't have cash and he should have got the machine and not take the watch. I guess this was just to appease myself and also a way to leave things to fate!

Around afternoon got a call from security that the FK guy has come so went to security room and saw the FK guy there with the box in his hand. Asked him if he had the card swipe machine and immediately he took it out from his bag and keyed in the amount to be debited and put the machine in front of me to key in my PIN no!

I went ahead and did the transaction and took the box and went to my desk and didn't open it but kept it next to me and kept looking at it. I was busy the whole day and did not open the box that day.Left the box in my office desk and went home.Normally went I get something I open it up immediately to see/get a feel of it. This time it was lacking i guess.

Next day I did open the box and saw the watch for the first time and I liked what I saw.It looked good.I downloaded the required apps to my mobile - Android wear and Connect and paired it with my the phone.Setting it up was a breeze and hardly took any time.

This was my new toy to play with.I went through the watch and spent the whole day fiddling with it.

I was getting my emails/SMS messages/whatsapp messages etc on my watch.It felt good and different.

Now that I have spent close to two weeks with the watch, let me share my first impressions about the device.I would not get into any tech aspects but only my reviews as a user of the watch.These are entirely my personal opinions:

Form factor - Aesthetics

I liked the circular form factor compared to the other ones as this looks more like a watch.Square looks good but circular watches look classic.It gets it's fair amount of compliments regularly.

The display indoors and in sunlight is easy to read.The often spoken about 'flat tyre' at the bottom of the display becomes a non-issue with time and you hardly notice it.White watch faces do not hide the 'flat tyre' as much as the black watch faces.


The watch feels lightweight and the size though a tad on the bigger size is certainly not too big to feel out of place.


I got the black watch with the black leather strap.The strap is comfortable to wear but in the course of two weeks has shown signs of scuff.I think over time it would look pretty cheap and worn-out. I would certainly be going in for a metal strap when its available.

Battery life

I had read a lot about the poor battery life on the Moto 360. I did the software update as soon as I started the watch the first time. If I switch on the watch at 7 am then the watch battery is at around 10 % by 10-11 pm.This is with ambient screen always on. It lasts the entire day and I have to charge it daily in the night.I am fine with it.Charging is fast and does not take more than 1 hour 15 mins to 1 hour 30 mins at the max from zero to hundred %.

But if I am travelling for extended periods of time then the watch would certainly get switched off without power.

The watch is charged by keeping it in a cradle and it starts charging.

The UI experience is lag free and good.

To conclude

I never had the practice of wearing a watch and even before I got married when I had gone to my wife's house, her dad had asked her why I don't wear a watch and if I could not afford a good one.

Now from the past two weeks I am wearing the Moto 360 daily and yes , I like it.

My wife asked me why I needed it and why I spent 18k on something I can live without. What's the difference in seeing the notifications on the watch as compared to scooping up the mobile and doing the same thing? Like I mentioned before, yes I myself do not know if I needed it before I got it but you get used to these subtle small things like glancing at your watch when having lunch without having to take take out your mobile and see it.

Now when I am not sitting at my desk but at the cafeteria or out someplace I see the mails/ calls on my watch and know which are the ones to prioritize and which I can deal with later. I do not have to get out my mobile always to see the notification.I can glance at my watch in meetings and know things.

I can respond to messages/mails from my watch wih voice.But it looks awkward. Yes its present and I do use it sometimes when its needed.At the end of the day I know its available if I need it.

Now i set my alarm , to do task , reminders on the watch as I find it more easy.

These are the early days of Android wear and I am happy to be in the ecosystem as I know going forward things will evolve for the better and more exciting features will get added.Also there is the upcoming Android Lollipop update.

To conclude, the Moto 360 does all I expected it to do. I use it daily and I really cant say I am obsessed with it or I cant stay without it but yes its useful when its present.I am not sure everyone would need one or its even needed, but I like it and I would keep it.

I make sure I wear my watch daily before leaving to work and yup my FIL's happy I wear a watch now!
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Default re: Review: Moto 360 Wristwatch

That was a good story and the selected watch face also look good. Thanks for sharing. Do share with us about what's new in the lollypop update for wear.
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Default Re: Review: Moto 360 Wristwatch

This watch is now available for Rs 13,000/- on flipkart. Is it worth it?
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Can't comment on whether its worth 13k. It depends on what you are looking for.You could say the watch is a inbox for all your notifications.Notifications which pop up in your mobile,calls,message's etc show up on your watch.
In the past six months I have got used to the Moto 360 and its on my wrist daily. The battery life has increased quite nicely after the latest updates. I find it very convenient having the 360 to glance at my whatsapp messages, mails on the watch. I don't regret buying it.
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