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View Poll Results: Please pick your favourite *offline* maps+navigation app (no more than 3 please).
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic 58 22.14%
Here Maps/Drive by Nokia 135 51.53%
Google Maps 106 40.46%
Navmii GPS World (Navfree) 8 3.05%
MapFactor 0 0%
OsmAnd Maps & Navigation 5 1.91%
NaviMaps: GPS Navigation by MapMyIndia 40 15.27%
Offline maps & Navigation by Navigation. 1 0.38%
Oruxmaps 1 0.38%
Androzic 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 262. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 29th April 2015, 18:17   #16
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I had used Heremaps on my wife's Lumia (Windows Phone 7.5) and the performance was pretty satisfactory. I am currently trying Here on my Micromax Canvas Nitro (Android KitKat). It works almost the same way as on the Lumia, but I am yet to test it thoroughly.

Honestly speaking, I have used only these two offline maps+navigation apps apart from Google Maps which has very limited offline capabilities. Therefore, my votes go to these two. I have also used Maps.Me, but it is just an offline mapping app and does not have navigation feature. Therefore, I kept that out of this pole.

I am yet to come across an offline mapping app which can pose serious threat to GPS devices like the Garmins, the MMI devices, the Magellans, the Tom Toms and the likes. I hope for a day when we have such an app and one less device on board our cars.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Not that I've used the others, but NaviMaps (MapmyIndia) worked like a charm for me the last time I needed it. I have a Reliance CDMA connection; very good in the city, patchy outside of (especially high speed data). NaviMaps performed just as expected.
I am specially thankful to GTO for suggesting to include MMI which turned out to be a pretty strong contender.

I would like to request every participant to add a few points of likes and dislikes about the apps of their choice to add more value to the thread. This may turn out to be a very helpful online resource for navigation app hunters.
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Old 29th April 2015, 21:11   #17
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I have used the Nokia Here/Drive Maps on both my Lumia and my Galaxy Note 3 and I am glad to report that it works like a charm. It is adequately detailed and comprehensive in it's data. It also suggests what could be the shortest and the fastest way to get to your destination.
My experience with Google Maps hasn't been as hassle free as this. It could be a personal issue with the phones but a bad experience can keep you away in the future.
Thus, my vote goes to the free and accurate Nokia Drive maps.
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Old 29th April 2015, 22:26   #18
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

In India, I've used google maps which need data connection even if you have to zoom in (unless you've the detailed map already downloaded earlier). So it won't fit into the 'offline' maps criteria.

There is an app from MapswithMe (with same name) which is based on openstreetmap data. If you have a GPS in your phone, with some logic, you can navigate, but no turn-by-turn voice. One can download country wise detailed maps, but is a one time process.
I am using a version called MapswithMe Lite (free), but their recent version also includes turn by turn navigation, but then you need a data connection.

I never knew that the nokia Here maps are available on android. This is indeed far better (e.g. POI) than the one I mentioned above. I just installed the Here maps. Only advantage of MapswithMe as compared to the nokia Here is that I don't need to sign up to download the maps.

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Old 29th April 2015, 22:58   #19
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I have used Here Maps extensively and I found it to be the best navigation app + the offline maps are also a great boon. I have used in many cities in the world and never has it let me down.
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Old 29th April 2015, 23:33   #20
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I found the Navi Maps interface and colour choice a bit better that Google Maps.
Somehow I could figure out the various lanes, crossings etc. easier with Navi Maps.
Have seen both Navi Maps & Google Maps apps hanging, rarely though. Probably due to loss of connectivity.
I must try out the Here Maps as I see a lot of positive reviews.
This is indeed a very useful thread as I like to use GPS based maps instead of asking around, especially at night.
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Old 30th April 2015, 00:34   #21
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

Was a big fan of Nokia Maps in Symbian days.

Adapted to Android as early as cupcake / donut days.
Infact - way back in 2008 - Did a full Gujurat road trip on a Nokia E72 with .... GOOGLE Maps (you could get it on the Symbian phones then).

So my vote goes for Google Maps.

I use them till date.

I was very upset when they disabled the 'save offline' feature - but it was again made available by typing 'Ok Maps'.

My father (mid-50s) and his friend (similar age) - managed a 3000+ km road trip to Ooty and around - armed with pre-loaded Google Maps. Poor connectivity proving no hurdle. Came back happy as ever and thanked me for having loaded it.

Here ... HERE wins. It's easier to pre-load - full state at 1 go.

We all know the PROs of G maps.
Smooth, quick, free, traffic accurate, deeply integrated into other parts of your system

Sometimes the location can be wrong (often because the owner of that establishment has placed it wrong)
Often does not show 1 way or no-entry accurately

I don't find it very battery hungry either. Navigation mode does work like a charm. If you choose the right voice pronounciations are decent too.
Direct call from the marker, share, save in history - lot's of niceties.


WAZE - a company now bought over by Google. But Waze maps are still available.
EXCELLENT to share route with friends and keep track of them - if more than 1 car headed in same direction or if you want to keep informing someone of your location AUTOMATICALLY.

BRILLIANT user integration - even more accurate real time traffic, accidents etc.

Worth a try once. More the users, more better the Waze community will be.
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Old 30th April 2015, 03:22   #22
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I swear by the Sygic MapMyIndia experience on the iPhone and have never looked back since. I've already used it on 2 Long haul trips to Kerala and Rajasthan. I've had nothing short of a phenomenal experience on this app because the 3d graphics with the flyover view is pretty amazing with no lag whatsoever. I find it better than the Navigation which comes on the in-dash iDrive system's on BMW's. I had my own apprehensions while making the purchase of this stellar app, but I've never looked back since. It has come to my aid on countless occasions. Sygic has a well established global presence as well. Totally worth the money. I believe its free on the play store for Android users.

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Old 30th April 2015, 10:20   #23
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I have been using Android based offline navigation for a couple of years. Both to travel on proper roads & also some amount of tracks and uncommon roads.
My experiences:-

Has the best interface. It gives excellent route guidance, but the voice can be a bit irritating. However it does not have the best search capabilities as its database is not that comprehensive. Around last year they broke up with MapMyIndia and are using their own data. So in city navigation is a nightmare as updated one-ways and diversions are not available.

Google Maps
Possibly the most upto date data. 2 weeks ago I went to explore a route round one of the local lakes. Got to cross a riverbed using a Kaccha road that had been constructed recently. Perferct turn by turn map.
Only drawback is that the data has to be saved for use a couple of hours before you leave data coverage area. Remains on the phone for a day or 2 then vanishes.

Google Map Engine (on Android).
Need to have a google account. Does not have navigation. But one can download the entire India data by greating a offline map from the desktop and syncing the phone. One needs to have a data connection before starting the trip for the day. After opening the map it does not matter if the data connection is unavailable. Sometimes the cached data is available for a few days. The max I managed was 1 week. Do not know how that came about.

So the best thing I do nowadays is to study the maps in detail a day before the trip, take printouts of the spots where I am likely to get lost without a data connection. And rely on good old physical navigation skills.

Another free app which has all the main roads covered. But no turn by turn navigation. Can be used to basically confirm ones position.
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Old 30th April 2015, 10:36   #24
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

For me nothing has worked better than Mapmyindia on my mapmyindia pnd. I also use navimaps on my android devices. For POI I use google maps to find the lat/long coordinates and feed it to mapmyindia/navimaps.

For India, google has a long way to catch up with mapmyindia to show a 100% correct road to your destination.

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Old 30th April 2015, 11:58   #25
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Question Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post messages that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I would go with the HERE maps that I am using on my Nokia Lumia. I have used it extensively for my trek to Har-ki-Dun and across India for different locations (Goa / Maharashtra).
What stand out for me are the storage and detail - I found this quite useful as it enables the use without any network coverage. the GPS is also very accurate and can help you out in tight situations. Also the ease of use is very high which aids you while driving.
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Old 30th April 2015, 13:06   #27
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I have been using Google maps, Here Maps, MMI Sygic Maps and SatNav maps. In my car I use MMI Windows Mobile 6.5 based maps through Caska Unit. I did update the maps once in 3 years. Awesome they are. Only once did it cheat on me. The road it shown to me was non existent and I ended up going through the jungle and streams in my SX4. It was nothing short of off roading.

Then I downloaded Google maps and started comparing the routes before I start - I refer google maps for POIs and route overview in terms of comparing with terrain/ satellite view. This has proven the best combination for me.

Until few months ago, I needed the offline maps for USA. I did not want to carry Garmin device every time I visit there. So on my iPhone i downloaded Nokia Here maps and used them without any issues for past 3 months. I am loving it. Tried using that in India as well and they are finest than Google maps.

But you know what, google maps traffic indication capabilities are unparalleled! Nokia's POI and offline support is incredible. Sygic/ MMI routing is great.

No clear winner for me but I use at least two of them at any given point of time!
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Old 30th April 2015, 13:22   #28
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

It has to be Here maps for me. Not only for finding the route maps of Pichavaram Mangrove Forest within seconds, but also for finding fuel stations, eateries on the way.
At the same time my friends Apple Maps were struggling, and google maps were patchy too. Full marks to Here Maps!
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

Here maps it is, offline navigation ensures there is no interruption in locations where there is no data connectivity. One can always update the maps on Wi-Fi or through data connection just before leaving the house.
Moreover, Here maps offers great accuracy & knows its way around even in tight lanes.
Experienced it when I was able to navigate to my ancestral village.
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Default Re: The best *offline* maps + navigation app

I’ve been using Sygic MapMyIndia maps for over 28 months, and I have to admit, it does cope up quite well. The only hindrance to the excellent application – is the spellings which are not very consistent with what we know off. I find this to be the best off-line map. Never ever let me down to the three Kerala trips, and a Bangalore trip…(not that I need one from Hyderabad)
And if it is on-line – no two doubts about it – Google Maps. Save a favorite place prior to you do a trip and you can use them in an offline mode as well. Pretty good for what it’s worth!
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