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Old 21st April 2012, 08:37   #151
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Post Re: Your Mobile History

My mobile history:

Ericsson T68 2002-2004 (This phone cost around INR 28K at that time, it was gifted otherwise i couldn't afford it)

Name:  ericsson_t68.jpg
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Samsung R220 2004-2005 (This was a make shift arrangement as the earlier one conked off)

Name:  ssr220.gif
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Sony Ericcson K700i 2005-2008 (I spent 10% of my yearly bonus to buy this one )

Name:  K700i.jpg
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Nokia N73 2008 - 2010 (Got bored with K700i so bought this)

Name:  N73.jpg
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iPhone 3GS 2010 - Till Date (I won this in a competition, held at my company, needless to say it had nothing to do with physical activity)

Name:  iphone3gs.jpg
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Listing the phones I have purchased over the years. I am surprised that I have had this many across the years now. Writing down my mobile history here

- As usual, the first phone had to be a Nokia then in 1998 or 1999 - Nokia 2100 - The famous tubelight phone. The white backlight on the screen was different from most of the other phones during that time.

- My college going cousin sissy wanted a mobile (and her mom wouldn't get her one) and I gave the 2100 to her. Went onsite for a while & came back and was without a phone & needed one. Samsung was still new then & I went for this one - Samsung C100 (2000??) - It had an color display with amazing resolution then

- Got bored of Samsung & wanted a new music phone with great camera of 2MP which was a luxury. It came with a 64K memory stick too - Sony Ericsson K750i (2002? 3? not sure)

- But got bored of carrying a brick of SE750 & wanted something slim. Which other phone than this Samsung slim phone - if anyone remembers its model - costed just 2k or so then? C117? not sure. Never come across any other phone as simple as this & doing what it should do best - make & receive calls - Samsung slim (best one) (2004-5)

- Qwerty bug bit me and after impressed by E71 which my friends had, I went for a Nokia E61 (next best) (2006/7?)

- Lost my E61 and went for a cheap phone shopping with Qwerty & Wifi & ended up with this crap - Micromax Q7 (2008)

- Touch was the mantra & iphone was hot. I wanted something different & reliable unlike Q7 but not an Apple. After checking many non-iphone models, and non korean/cheap plastic feel phones from LG/Samsung and even Nokia (had lost its charm then) and SE's pricey models, settled for this solid & rich feel HTC Desire around early 2010 - Stopped using it as my main phone mainly because of its battery life of 1+ day and required me to carry 2 phones due to 2 SIM's (work & personal)

- After the craze of Android dying down & self-realisation that phone is to make calls & should be handy when needed even if I forget to charge it over night, i started looking out for a new phone which has a good battery life (need not be a touch screen), qwerty keypad, 2 sims, and most importantly, exchange 2010 compatibility. Could not get anything meeting my requirements & then out of the blue I came across this Samsung Star II Duos on Letsbuy - current one (happy with this - 2 SIMs, 4-5 days battery, offers outlook sync) (2011) even though it does not have a dedicated qwerty keypad - If you are frustrated with the poor battery life of your phone, I recommend you to try this model.

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Nokia 3310 -Lost
Nokia 3100 -Damaged
Nokia 6510- Lost again
Nokia 6xxx- Damaged PCB (forgot the series)
Nokia 3110 Classic- Damaged during rains.
Blackberry 7290-Went for an upgrade when the curve series was launched
Blackberry 8520-Upgraded to 9360

At Present!!
Blackberry 9360 Curve- god knows how long this is gonna last
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Nokia 3310
Nokia N72
Nokia E75
Blackberry Bold 9700
Samsung Omnia 7
Apple iPhone 4S
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

When i did this rewind, I was really amazed to find how the technical advances in mobile technology has outpaced everyone
2003 - Samsung X100 - Brilliant Display, everyone was spellbound at that time
2006 - Motorazr V3i - I would buy one of these even today
2009 - Asus Windows mobile - Used it for a year. Spoiled my smartphone experience altogether
2010 - Now - LG Basic phone (costed 1200 bucks) - Still going strong, My best phone yet
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Panasonic GD90
Panasonic GD75
Sony Walkman W550 (Loved this one, still going strong as my backup)
Blackberry Bold 9000 (Primary phone, still in use)
Motorolla Ex115 (Gave it away, hated the interface)
Samsung Galaxy Y (Gave it away, could'nt type on such a tiny screen)

Looking for a new phone now, leaning towards Samsung
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Nice thread! My history


SE T230. My first - an absolutely crappy entry level SE phone. I was a student then so it was bought with my parents' hard earned money. Bought it for 6k and exchanged it for 1.5k


SE W810i, got it for about 15k. Absolutely fabulous phone for its time. Brick like build quality, small in size, great photos and music. Unfortunately it fell off my pocket when I was in an auto, else I am sure I would still be using it today


Nokia 1203. Back to basics. My new company insisted that I get a camera less phone and this was the best I could get. Cost only about 1.2k. Great battery life, call quality and highly 'chuck'able. Still have it

Nokia E72. Beautiful phone with a premium metal finish bought for 16k. Unfortunately the innards were dreadful, ran a glitchy Symbian OS. Gifted it to my dad

Samsung Galaxy R. One of the new Android super phones with dual core proc, 1 GB RAM. Paid about 21k for it, great VFM. Unfortunately Samsung has pulled the plug on this one so not sure about support
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Entry level SE phone, don't remember the name. My dad used it for a couple of more years.

Another entry level Samsung phone that i got for free with an AT&T go phone connection.

Decided to buy a smart phone and the choice was between the 2nd gen iphone and HTC Kaiser (AT&T Tilt). Got taken in by Tilt fanboys on the net and bought it. Bad decision, it was a thoroughly underwhelming experience.

2010-Till date
My contract with AT&T was up and i was eligible for a new phone. The iphone was again an obvious choice but i really liked what Samsung had done with Galaxy S and bought it. It's a superb phone and has served me well. I think it's a testament to how good the phone is that it compares well to phones that are 2 years newer. My next phone will be another android, but probably something that's from the google stable.
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

I Know this off topic, But Does anyone have a Panasonic GD93 Lying around? Need one Very Badly For my Collection!
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Also Looking for a Samsung SGH-M100/N100 Handset.
Also a Siemens S6/S10 in Working condition ONLY.
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

2002-2003 - LG Touchpoint 5250
2003-2006 - Sanyo 4900
2006-2007 - Had Motorola C113 as a stand-in phone and then Nokia 6030
2007-2009 - Sony Ericsson W200i
2009-2011 - Sony Ericsson W890i
2011-2014 - Samsung Galaxy S2
2014-Present - Samsung Note 3

All phones except the W890i (came as a gift from wife) were bought on my own money

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Motorola L6i, Nokia N70 Music edition, Motorola L9, Nokia N95, LG optimus P500, Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy tab2, iPhone 4, Galaxy Note 2 and a couple of basic phones in the past.

Current : Galaxy S5 and Tab 3 Neo
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

2005-2007 -- Nokia 1108 -- Lost somewhere in my junk
2007-2008 -- MotoRazr -- The sexiest looking phone till date in my opinion. Lousy with everything else though. Still have it and sometimes love to flip it and behave like 'DON'.
2008-2010 -- MotoRoker E xx -- Super buggy. I presume only me and Abhishek Bacchhan ever owned this phone.
2010-2013 -- LG P 500 Optimus -- A very competent 3.5 inch phone. Bro-in-laws wife lost it Can't even shout at her.
2013-Till Date -- Nexus 4. Keep the android updates coming in. I ain't upgrading anytime soon
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Default Your Mobile History

Philips genie, siemens (some with a color display), samsung flip phone, Panasonic gd 90, Panasonic gd 92, nokia 5510(similar i think with external antenna), 8210, 8250, 8310, 8910, 6510,6610,3310, 3660, 9300i, n95 8gb, Motorola Razr, Sony Ericsson k750i. samsung jet,nokia e72, iphone 3g, samsung note(still using) , note 2 (stolen), xiaomi mi3 (now with wife)
Current : iphone 6plus

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

SE Walkman phone, with slider, don't recall the model
Samsung Touch Wiz (amazing touch quality)
Samsung Dual sim (don't even recall the model)
Samsung S4
Nexus 5

If I buy an Android again, it will be a Nexus, else an iPhone.
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