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Old 25th November 2014, 14:25   #181
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Heh. Nice Thread!

My history isn't all that great, but here goes:
  • 2002 -> Nokia 3310
  • 2003 -> Nokia 3200
  • 2004 - 2006 -> Nokia 7610
  • 2006 - 2009 -> Sony Ericsson W950i
  • 2009 - 2013 -> iPhone 4
  • 2013 - 2014 -> iPhone 5S

So in total, 6 phones over the last 12 years.

Decent lifespan for all of them in my hands, I'd say.

That being said, I've only changed phones one over the last 5 years. .

Yes, I treat my mobile phones with the utmost care.
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Earlier off, I started with a Nokia phones. Then I gradually migrated to Andorid with the Xperia X10. I became a huge Sony fan till I bought a Samsung Note 3 for practical and productivity reasons!

Shown below is my list of phones in chronological order -

Name:  1_8210.jpg
Views: 820
Size:  14.9 KB
Name:  2_3530.jpg
Views: 804
Size:  40.0 KB
Name:  3_3220.jpg
Views: 1081
Size:  18.9 KB
Name:  4_3250.jpg
Views: 778
Size:  24.5 KB
Name:  5_N95.jpg
Views: 819
Size:  90.1 KB
Your Mobile History-6_x10.jpg
Your Mobile History-7_xperia-s.jpg
Your Mobile History-8_note-3.jpg
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Here's my list of Mobile phones that I have used till date:

- Nokia N-Gage.

Name:  ngage_1.jpg
Views: 2371
Size:  36.2 KB

- Nokia N-73.

Name:  _kgrhquoko4ffyccyvgfbrhlpnvmyq_60_3.jpg
Views: 855
Size:  39.9 KB

- Nokia Xpress Music 5530 : 2009 - 2010.

Name:  SpecsofNokia5530XpressMusicSurface2.jpg
Views: 760
Size:  141.1 KB

- LG Optimus : 2010-2011.

Name:  LGOPTIMUSOne_01.jpg
Views: 721
Size:  73.5 KB

- Nokia Lumia 800 : First gen Lumia phone.Bought it in December 2011, was using till last month.

Your Mobile History-nokialumia800black.jpg

Now using Moto G (2nd gen).

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Old 25th November 2014, 18:44   #184
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

First mobile phone was in 1999 - SH888 I think from Ericsson.

Then LG clamshell phone from Sprint PCS. Don't remember the model number.

Then in 2003 - Nokia 3310, followed by Sony Ericsson W700i

Then I guess around 2005 - I moved to Nokia E61i

2008 - iPhone 3G

2010 - Nexus S

2013 Dec - Nexus 5
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Old 25th November 2014, 18:58   #185
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I got my own phone in 2010, but was sharing a phone with my mom since 2007.
2007-2010= Nokia 3310i and the N73.

2010-2013= Nokia N97

2013-present= iPhone 4S

I am not much of a cell phone freak, so use phones atleast for 3 years before changing them. I usually stick to the 15-22k price bracket. As I got these Phones from the Middle East during offers I have got some real good deals on them.

I don't think my 4s is going anywhere before the 5 year mark. It has everything I need. The only good thing that can happen is dad upgrades from his 5s to a 6 and I get his 5s.

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Old 25th November 2014, 20:07   #186
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

I used Nokia N72 as my first smartphone when it was launched and it really made me realise the difference between a cell phone and smartphone. Till then I thought mobile is for conversation only. Used it for 3 years.
Then Nokia E71 used it for 2-3 years
Then Blackberry 9700 for 2 years (I started using two SIMs)
Blackberry 9790 (using it till date since last one and a half years or so.)
Lumia 620 (more than a year but now lying in cupboard)
iPhone 4S (using it till date along with BB 9790)
After buying iPhone I switched over my BB services to my secondary SIM which I was using since last 4 years or so, that's the effect of iPhone.
I also tried to buy BB Z3 but till date whenever I decide to buy it, Z10 (at the same price) stops me from doing it and as Z10 has infamous battery life, so I have to continue with 9790. Its a tough choice.
My wife has Samsung Galaxy Note-II so we have all platforms BB, iOS, Android and Windows.
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Old 25th November 2014, 22:21   #187
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

August 2005- May 2007 : Samsung SGH C230
May 2007-January 2009 : Sony Ericsson M600
January 2009 - September 2010 : Nokia E63
September 2010 - January 2012 : Motorola Milestone
January 2012 - June 2014 : Samsung Galaxy R
June 2014 to date : Google Nexus 5
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Old 25th November 2014, 22:42   #188
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Was lucky to get a Mobile phone really early (In comparison to people of my age group).

Phones used by dad and given to me:
LG CDMA phone: April 2006 - May 2007
Nokia N70: May 2007 - June 2008
Nokia N73: June 2009 - June 2010
Nokia N79: July 2010 - October 2012

New phones till date:
Nokia 2690 - May 2011 - June 2012
Nokia E5 - October 2012 - June 2013
Nokia 101 - July 2013 - October 2014
Nokia Lumia 520 - July 2013 to date
Nokia Lumia 730 - October 2014 to date

Yes i have been a Nokia loyalist
Love them for their sturdy build and excellent VFM factor. Changed all the phones just because i got bored of them. None of them had any issue. The E5 fell from 4th Floor (YES! 4th Floor!). The back cover and the battery were out of place. Put them at their place and the phone was working

Family members use Android and iOS devices. The iOS device might soon be changed to a windows device. *evil laugh*

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Old 25th November 2014, 23:03   #189
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Very interesting thread. Made me take stock of all the phones I have had. And I am a bit of a gadget freak.

1. Trium (2001)
2. Nokia 3310 (2002)
3. Nokia 2210 (2002)
4. Nokia 8250 (2003)
5. Sony Ericsson P900 (2004)
6. SE P910 (2005)
7. SE P1 (twice) (2007)
8. Nokia N900 (2010)
9. BB 9650 (2011)
10. Nokia N9 (2013)
11. Moto X (2014)

Uploading the pics of my Four Favorites. All still work
Attached Thumbnails
Your Mobile History-1024pxn900.jpg  

Attached Images

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Very Interesting Thread . Till date I had only owned 5 phones. I use to purchase next phone only when currently owned phone gets dead. Here is my small list
  1. 2001 - 2002: Nokia 8110
  2. 2002 - 2003: Motorola M3228
  3. 2003 - 2009: Nokia 6230
  4. 2009 - 2012: Nokia E75
  5. 2012 - Till Date: Apple iPhone 5

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Old 26th November 2014, 16:09   #191
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

This thread brought back old memories.

Most of the phones I owned, I had forgotten their model names and when going through this thread, most of them were there.

My list:
Started off somewhere in 2001 with a Nokia which was as big as a cordless phone and remember the antenna sticking out of my jean pocket.

That didn't last long since it was already outdated when I was using and was handed down to me.

Next was a Siemens C25 which I liked for its size and the small antenna stub which made it look cool, was in the back pocket of my jean (part of acting cool)

The C25 konked off since it got wet in the rains and I ended up borrowing my Uncle's Nokia 3310. The most famous phone back then( remember the snake game!)He paid a crazy 15-20k for it .

The next one was a Sony Ericsson T610 . Really did not fancy this phone since the display was the first color one I owned and it was very grainy. As well as the first camera phone I had.

I used the t610 for a year and decided to go for Nokia 6630. Probably the first technically advanced phone for me. I used this phone the longest and boy was it tough. Dropped it a million times in 6 years and had no issues until I moved on.

I wouldn't have moved on if it wasn't for a gift which came in the form of the LG P500. I had just one demand and that was I needed the GPS on the phone and this was the one which I chose. Camera was okay compared to what I have now, but surprisingly most of the pictures when viewed on a computer ended up looking good. It was a nice compact phone but aged quite fast in less than 2 years I used it.

The present one is the Nexus 5 and boy it is something. When comparing this phone with the old cordless sized phones, I freak out at what length technology has covered in a span of 10 years. Basically now we have a laptop in the form of a phone.
I recently did a train trip after many years and I was checking all sorts of stuff on the phone related to the trip.
My speed app was running clocking the speed of the train , Googlemaps showed me my location and how far the next station was . An IndianRailway app told me how late my train was running and the expected arrival and of course the camera was doing overtime clicking away. Compare this to 5 years ago when I last traveled when all I did was look outside the window. Not that I had any complains then, but all the new stuff in the phone makes it even more interesting.

Now with Nexus 6 release, I am itching for that with hardly 8 months with the Nexus 5.

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Interesting Thread!! Here goes my list

1. Nokia 3530 (2003-2006)
My 'cellular' journey started with the Nokia(of course) 3530. All I wanted as an excited teenager waiting to get his hands on his first phone was one with a color display. The other features like polyphonic ringtones and GPRS connection were niceties that I discovered after using it. The handset was amazing and was a matter of pride for me back in the college as color phones were a rarity back then. Unfortunately, the phone was stolen from my jeans (I wonder how) when I was travelling.
Name:  nokia3530ajg800.jpg
Views: 984
Size:  47.1 KB

2. Sony Ericsson T230 (2006-2007)
Couldn't really choose my next phone as I was 'irresponsible' and had lost my first one. But the heart was set on a color phone now. Was not willing to back to a monochrome display. So got the T230. It was nice little practical phone with occasional keyboard issues cropping up now and then. However, it served well considering the cost it was bought at.

Name:  SonyEricssonT23001.jpg
Views: 670
Size:  57.0 KB

3. Sony Ericsson W810i (2007-2010)
Probably the best phone I've used. It was a rock-star. Had a lot going for it. (The cool Walkman application with the amazing sound quality which was ahead of phones which were a segments higher than it, the superb auto focus camera, the pair of speakers which came bundled). Never faced any issues with this phone. Still miss it and it is still working.

Name:  w810 i1.jpg
Views: 1283
Size:  36.7 KB

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro(2010-2013)
Moved on from the Walkman as the world was going smarter. Amazing phone destroyed by the Android OS. This phone gave me the first hand experience as to why Android is called as Lagdroid. To be fair, the phone was a mid-ranger but still no excuse for the pathetic performance. I kept the apps at minimum, mostly kept the memory card free, didn't download any heavy games but nope. Nada. It used to hang at every possible opportunity. I hear that Android has hugely improved(especially for the mid rangers) but it was bad back then(I was running ICS). I still have the phone with me. Maybe I'll root it someday and see if things get better. Anyways, I plan to keep it considering the super cute design and the form-factor which is rarely seen these days.
Your Mobile History-xperiaminiproblacksideviewandroidsmartphone940x529.png

5. Nokia Lumia 920 (2013-present)
Was smitten by the phone the day it was announced. Had a typical heart vs mind conflict considering the cost at which it was launched. Went for it eventually and a very happy customer. I particularly like the fluid OS , the amazing camera and the 'war-weapon' build quality. It IS too heavy for comfort sometimes but hey, guess I'm used to overweight products now. They have their advantages!! (I drive a Punto )
Name:  1200nokialumia920yellowfront.jpeg
Views: 497
Size:  34.0 KB

Was nice contributing to this thread. Brought back a lot of memories. Just realized that phones are no longer built under the brands I used(Sony Ericsson and Nokia)
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Old 27th November 2014, 11:13   #193
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

2002-2003 Siemens C25

2004-2006 Samsung C100

2006-2007 Samsung E880

2008-2009 Asus P320

2009-2012 Nokia N78

2012-2014 Nokia Lumia 800

2014- Xolo A500s Lite
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Let me share the list of phones I've used till date -- it's a long one hence not posting pictures in the interest of readability!

1. Nokia 3310 (2003-2004)
2. Samsung R210 (2004-2005)
3. Nokia 3510 (2005-2006)
4. LG KG320 (2006-2007)
5. Sony Ericsson W700i (2007-2008)
6. Sony Ericsson W580i (2008-2009)
7. Samsung Star 3G S5600 (2009-2010)
8. Nokia E72 (2010-2011)
9. Samsung Nexus S (2011-2012)
10. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (2012-2013)
11. Samsung Galaxy S4 (2013-2014)
12. LG G3 (2014-Present)

Yes, I'm extremely fond of phones and I try and upgrade to a new one every year!
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Nice interesting nostalgic sort of thread. I shall have to go back close to 18-19 years then into what can be considered as Ancient History from the Digital perspective.

1. Nokia 1610 or something - 1996-1998 - company phone
2. Nokia 5110 - 1998-2000 - company phone
3. Samsung Fliptype something or other 2000-2002 (SPH M100 according to GoogleBaba) - first personal phone. For me, this phone marked the dawn of the BYOD era.

4.Ericsson T9 - An extremely Elegant Fliptype.-2002-2004
5.Nokia 6600 - 2004-2006
6.MotorRazr Original -2006-2007
7.MotoRazr V3 2007-2008
8.Nokia 6300 2008-2009
9.Nokia N78 2009
10.Nokia N82 2009-2010
11.Nokia N8 2010-2011
12.Nokia Lumia 710 2011-2012
13.iPhone 4S 2012 onwards...

13 different mobile devices in 19- years. Not a bad batting average eh? Considering the rapidity with which people change their mobiles these days...

Thing is that I like the iPhone 4S so very much that I ve bought one each for Mum and Wifey so that they could also get seamlessly onto a handheld FaceTime option.
Yes I know it is an end-of-life product but I love it. Sleek, smart, definitive design etc.
I am not as pleased with either the 5S or this new 6 and 6 plus at all. My Dad however, loves his 5S...
I guess once one takes a figurative bite out of the Apple World, it is near impossible to head back into the normal world. Its a sort of "through the looking glass experience"....

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