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Old 27th February 2007, 17:51   #106
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I feel really like the old fogey I am. Very few of those of you who mention time frames seem to keep a phone for over a year. The shortest I have kept a phone is a year and a half. I have used a Nokia 3330 for two years, and a 3610 now for three years or maybe more. I have never used a camera phone. My standalone cameras, whether film or digital, are bulky no doubt, but so much clearer. And I have not yet felt a pressing need for a convenient camera always at hand. I use almost all features all the time of whichever phone I carry. I have even changed worn out batteries of phones, which no one I know has done. So, I guess this thread will not welcome my post.
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Old 28th February 2007, 02:34   #107
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hmmm don remember the timeline but started in 2000

Nokia 3310>>Nokia 6220>>Nokia 6230i>>Sony Ericsson w700i>>Sony Ericsson W810i

Nokia 3310 -very gud phone it was...simple ui,good range and standby....very sms friendly...
Nokia 6220 -ver solid phone...i mean sturdy built....but keypad very tough n not suitable for sms...actually this is the worst fo the phones i hav used
Nokia 6230i - the best among the nokia phones i have owned...very good stereo mp3 player (stereo was rear in its time) ,medium quality 1.3mp and slim body....
Sony Ericsson W700i - My first sony ericsson phone....was very impressed with it but within a month it startd showing problems such as restarting wen playing songs....so sold it...
Sony Ericsson w810i - Actually not much diff from the w700 but has teh 2mp cam with autofocus....very good phone and easily the best among the phones i have used so far....best sound quality and image quality,good keypad and also the new design joystick will last reallly loooooong....still using this phone

thinking of changing over to SE k790i/k800i soon......users please help me out by givin a short reviews....
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Old 23rd February 2012, 09:43   #108
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Just came across this thread and i have got nostalgic. My phones history since 2000 is:

Nokia 5110
Nokia 3310
Ericsson r310s- water proof phone i actually used to wash it once a month.
sony ericsson t310
Nokia 3620
Nokia 6600
Nokia 9300- Communicator
Nokia E51
Blackberry Bold 9000
Blackberry Bold 9780 - Current

(phones which we still use around the house are the e51 and nokia 6600)
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Old 23rd February 2012, 10:04   #109
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Nokia 6610
Sony Ericsson K750i
Sony Ericsson W810i
Sony Ericsson K810i
Nokia N95
HTC Hero
Google Nexus One
Micromax A70
Samsung Hero 3210

Currently using Hero for voice calls and Nexus One for GPRS/Maps/etc.
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Old 23rd February 2012, 10:51   #110
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Started with Sony J series phone in 2001 (forgot exact model )
Samsung N500 (if I remember correctly)
Nokia 3330
Sony T series phone ( most popular one. Forgot the exact model number now)
Motorola E6
Sony Ericsson entry level phone
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Sensation (current phone)
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Old 23rd February 2012, 11:21   #111
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

1. Nokia 3310 (Jan 2003)
2. Nokia 3230 - Still with me as a spare (Oct 2004)
3. Nokia 6600 (Aug 2005)
4. Nokia N 73 (Jun 2007)
5. Samsung C170 (Aug 2007)
6. Samsung Star (May 2009)
7. Nokia E71 - Current Phone (Jan 2010)
8. Samsung Wave 723 - Current Phone (Jan 2011)
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Old 23rd February 2012, 11:23   #112
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Here goes my 2 cents for the topic.

Started off with

Nokia 3310 ( Time period 2001 )
Nokia 2100
Nokia 1100
Sony Ericsson T310
Nokia 6270
Nokia 6600
Nokia 7210
Nokia N 70
Fly ( Forgot the model no)
Motorola C90
Iphone 2G
Iphone 3G
Iphone 4

Last edited by aravind84 : 23rd February 2012 at 11:23. Reason: Missed to add couple of more items
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Old 23rd February 2012, 11:25   #113
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Started with a Siemens phone ,then a Motorola both of which were company provided .
After that it was Nokia phones (3310,1100,6600,E71,E72) over 5 years till 2010.

Have changed 3 phones in the last one year . The BB 9800 and the BB 9900 both of which I didnt use for more than 4 months each . Got tired of the pathetic quality and the frequent call drops and reboots !

Have the iPhone 4S 32 GB since the last one month .So far so good .
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Old 23rd February 2012, 13:11   #114
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Here's my small list: BTW I haven't sold any of them.

Mitsubishi Trium Astral
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1108
Samsung R220
Nokia 3120
Nokia 3220
Nokia 6600
Sony Ericsson Z530i
Nokia 3230
Nokia 5130 XM
Nokia N70
Nokia N73
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Old 23rd February 2012, 13:27   #115
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Nice thread.I started using mobiles from 2002.Here is my list-
Nokia 5110 * (2002-2004)
Nokia 3310 * (2004)
Nokia 6220 (2004-2006)
Nokia 6600 * (for sometime in 2006)
Nokia 3110c (2006-2010)
MotoRAZR V3 * (sometime 2007-2008)
Nokia 5130 * (2011-2012)
Nokia 5800 (2010- on and on)
Samsung Galaxy SII * (2011- on and on)

At present i'm using Nokia 5800 and Samsung GSII.
* - Those phones that came to me through chain of succession from my Dad or elder brother!

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Old 23rd February 2012, 13:31   #116
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
1998-2000 Motorola Brick (which model, who cares, who remembers...)
2000-2004 - Samsung SGH-8500 (had to stop using since I switched countries)
2004-2004 - Samsung E715 (just 8 months, dropped it by accident)
2004-2006 - Samsung E600 (Recently retired after 2 years)
2006-2007 - Nokia N73 (A mistake, too big for me, wrong form factor for me)
2007-2008 - Sony Ericsson Z550i (Back to clam shell and happy)
Time to update after 5 years.

2008-2009 - HTC Touch (my first proper Smartphone with WinMob 6.0)
2009-2010 - HTC Touch Diamond 2 (Best WinMob I owned, with WM 6.1. Got stolen)
2010-2010 - Apple iPhone 3GS (temporarily used the office phone)
2010-2010 - HTC Touch 2 (paid via insurance of TD2. WinMob 6.5 stank unlike the older versions)
2010-2011 - Apple iPhone 3GS (back to office iPhone since I couldn't stand the Touch2)
2011-____ - Motorola Defy (Finally joined the Android world and truly happy)
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Old 23rd February 2012, 14:11   #117
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Aah nice thread,
Samsung R220 (the blue phone which was quite popular those days) 2000
Nokia 7210
Motorazr V3i
Nokia E50 (crashed in 6 months)
Nokia E51
Blackberry 8520 Curve - Current.

Used each phone until it gave up, the E51 is still in working condition though and is my sister's backup phone.
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Old 23rd February 2012, 23:16   #118
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Ahh... The mobiles i've owned.

Samsung C100 ----> Motorola L7 -----> Motorola Rokr Z6 ----> Nokia E63 ----> Samsung Galaxy Ace

Have always been a motorola fan, as they were always mod friendly

Pity the Defy prices dropped just after I bought the Ace
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Old 24th February 2012, 00:10   #119
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Here is my list since 2003:
> Samsung basic mobile- Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani offer
> Reliance: Some LG flip phone:
> Reliance: Kyocera slider phone
> Motorola razr V
> Nokia E61i
Since 2009(Got a Job )
> Nokia E71
> Nokia N97 Mini
> Htc Nexus One
> Samsung Galaxy S
> Nokia N8
> BB Torch
> Current is Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Prime)

Next upgrade will be Iphone 5
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Old 24th February 2012, 00:29   #120
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Started in 2006.

Nokia 2600
Won this phone at Timezone,a local videogame parlor.Still have it.Runs like a dream

Motorola Razr V2
Got this phone in 2007 from dad.One of his old phones.Sadly it got Pick-Pocketed on my Birthday in McDonalds.

Nokia 6600
Needed something for the time being so started using mom's old 2004 Nokia 6600.This lasted a year with me.Then got spoilt

Nokia 3120 Classic
Got this phone as a gift from my grandparents when I went to class 9.Still have it though it doesnt function.

Nokia E71
Got this phone as a gift from dad when I went to class 10.Sadly this phone was a lemon from day one and only lasted me a year.It had wifi and camera issues from the day it left the store.It got spoilt and stopped functioning in Feb 2011.

Blackberry Javelin 8900

Again needed a phone for the time being so started using mom's old Javelin.This lasted for a few months only till august till it started giving speaker,screen and keypad problems.

Blackberry Bold 3 9780
Got this phone as a gift on Rakhi from my younger sister last year.I am keeping it dearly.Hope to make it last 2 years atleast.
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