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Old 24th February 2012, 01:54   #121
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Updating ...
Since 1999

Originally Posted by shuvc View Post
1999-2000 Nokia 8110
2000-2004 Nokia 7110
2004-2006 Motorola E365
2006 (Just bought) Samsung Ultra SGH-X820

Nokia 8110 - The banana phone
Name:  Nokia8110.jpg
Views: 5654
Size:  3.7 KB

Nokia 7110 - Another banana ! Loved this one. Still have it stashed away somewhere.
Name:  Nokia7110.jpg
Views: 3474
Size:  5.8 KB

Motorola E365 - My first 'colour' phone
Name:  MotorolaE365.jpg
Views: 2808
Size:  5.2 KB

Samsung X820 - Novelty ...
Name:  SamsungX820.jpg
Views: 2743
Size:  4.2 KB

2007 - 2010 Nokia E61i - Gem of a phone. Fantastic.
Name:  NokiaE61i.jpg
Views: 2781
Size:  10.3 KB

2011 onwards Nokia E72 - Pretty good too. Currently in use.
Name:  NokiaE72.jpg
Views: 2761
Size:  8.9 KB

2012 onwards Samsung Galaxy Note (GT N7000) - Mamma mia ! Whatttttadevice !!!!! My toy
Name:  SamsungGalaxyNote.jpg
Views: 2882
Size:  8.1 KB

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

My guns:
  1. Samsung Rel Mobile - 2003-2006(fantastic phone)
  2. Motorola L6 - 2006-2009(I smashed the phone in disgust when it dropped signal while on an important call ; pathetic conenctivity all its life)
  3. HTC Touch - 2008-2011 (fantastic WM phone which never let me down ; died a gradual death,but after "yeoman" service)
  4. Samsung Galaxy ACE - 2011-date(with my son now)
  5. Nokia N97(2010-DATE) - going strong
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Old 24th February 2012, 11:56   #123
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Arrow Re: Your Mobile History

Siemens S35i (March 2001 to November 2005) My first ever mobile phone and one of the best reliable ones. Lost it in Blue-line (Delhi) bus. Lots of memories and moments gone along with it.
Name:  SiemensS35i.jpg
Views: 2807
Size:  76.0 KB

Samsung SGH-X620 (November 2005 to Jan 2007) Superb display and handy but gone kaput in a year.
Name:  Samsung SGHX620.jpg
Views: 7221
Size:  50.4 KB

Sony Ericsson W810i (January 2007 to December 2011) WOW! the best phone I ever own till date. Glitch-free and still working rock solid. Battery stand-by went down recently so thought of buying next phone - but only another Sony Ericsson
Name:  Sony_Ericsson_W810i.jpg
Views: 4171
Size:  91.6 KB

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (December 2011 to Till date)
Name:  XPERIARaysuAmazon_56693_1.jpg
Views: 2771
Size:  73.7 KB



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Old 24th February 2012, 14:04   #124
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Here's my cellphone history.

My first cellphone, used from 1999-2001: A Motorola Startac.
I then went without a cellphone for a few years.

My second cellphone, used from 2004-2008: A Sony Ericsson T630.

My third cellphone, used from 2008-2011: A Sony Ericsson W890i. This phone was amazing, still worked fine even after being dropped in a bucket of water during a call.

My fourth cellphone, used from 2011-present: A Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray.
Attached Images
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Old 24th February 2012, 14:22   #125
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Our first mobile phone was bought in 2001 and it was a Nokia 3210 with Idea prepaid connection.

Oh man! what a luxury it was for me that time. I still have this phone in working condition (can make & receive calls) mainly used by my 2 year old niece whenever she comes to stay with us.

Your Mobile History-nokia_3310_blue.jpg

Name:  nokia3210.jpg
Views: 3760
Size:  11.1 KB
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Old 24th February 2012, 14:58   #126
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

My mobile phone history.
I might have missed a few insignificant models in between can't remember all of them.

1) Siemens C25 (My first phone)
Name:  c25.jpg
Views: 4609
Size:  50.6 KB
2) Alcatel One Touch DB
Name:  onetouchdb.jpg
Views: 2639
Size:  21.6 KB
3) Sony CMD J70
Name:  sonycmdj70.jpg
Views: 4483
Size:  16.8 KB
4) Nokia 7650 (My first camera phone)
Name:  nok7650.jpg
Views: 2512
Size:  48.9 KB
5) Nokia 3310
Name:  nok3310.jpg
Views: 4585
Size:  8.9 KB
6) An orange backlit Samsung thin CDMA phone (My only CDMA phone)
7) Sony Ericsson low end colour display phone (Used this for a long time and handed over to cousin)
8) Nokia N-Gage QD (My weird phone, sound was good though)
Name:  nokqd.jpg
Views: 3576
Size:  76.0 KB
9) Sony Ericsson K10i (Lovely camera and decent music clarity over earphones)
Name:  sonyk10i.jpg
Views: 4269
Size:  159.5 KB
10) Samsung BT7330 Omnia pro (Wish i never bought this)
Name:  sambt7330.jpg
Views: 2696
Size:  33.3 KB
11) Blackberry Bold 9000 (Bought used, my first BB experience and fell in love with the keypad)
Name:  bold9000.jpg
Views: 2488
Size:  43.2 KB
12) Google Nexus One (Bought used, my first touch screen)
Name:  nexusone.png
Views: 2451
Size:  129.5 KB
13) Blackberry Bold 2 (came back to BB coz i missed the keypad)
Name:  bold2.jpg
Views: 2628
Size:  84.9 KB
14) Nokia N8 (This was a good gadget and loved its built and AWESOME camera on a phone)
Name:  nokn8.jpg
Views: 2619
Size:  161.9 KB
15) Samsung Galaxy S
Name:  samgalaxys.jpg
Views: 2417
Size:  41.5 KB
16) Sony Ericsson Cedar
Name:  sonycedar.jpg
Views: 2581
Size:  39.0 KB
17) Motorola Fire XT
Name:  motofirext.jpg
Views: 2434
Size:  30.1 KB
18) LG Optimus 2X (Current and the best Android i've owned so far)
Name:  lgo2x.jpg
Views: 2563
Size:  33.2 KB
19) Nokia E6 (Current)
Name:  noke6.jpg
Views: 3662
Size:  61.5 KB

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

The first 'brick' I owned was a Nokia 1610 in 1997. The second was a Mistubishi Trium. the third was the Nokia 8250: the most elegant phone that I have had till date. The fourth was a Nokia 7610>Nokia 5800> Nokia N8> iPhone 4(present).
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Old 26th February 2012, 13:57   #128
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Default Completed 15 years with mobile phones today

Today is Sunday, 26th Feb. 2011.
I have completed 15 years with mobile phones.

Each phone was acquired because it offered all of the previous features and some more !
  1. Feb. 1997 Bought my first mobile phone while working in Singapore. Was a Nokia 3810. Vibrate was a feature built into one variant of the battery. Two line SMS display.
  2. Oct. 1999 Nokia 3210 with the snake game inbuilt. First phone with internal antenna. Interchangeable faceplates in colors.
  3. Feb. 2000 Another Nokia 3210 with blue faceplate.
  4. Aug. 2001 Siemens SL-45. It came with a software CDROM and a
    cradle to charge/hook up to a PC. The saffron backlight would gently dim away to off. Could function as a tethered modem to connect my laptop to the Internet. Traveled with the phone to Germany, France, Netherlands and South Africa.
  5. Dec. 2001 Another Nokia 3210 with a bigger battery and chrome faceplate.
  6. May. 2002 Nokia 3150 Nokia's first polyphonic ringtone handset. Had GPRS but a WML browser and no PC connectivity.
  7. Mar. 2005 Nokia 3230. Fixed focus Carl Zeiss. 1.23 megapixel. Purchased a license for SmartMovie player and installed it. Also installed Python programming language interpreter. 512 MB card.
  8. Sep. 2006 Nokia N73 Autofocusing Carl Zeiss Tessar. Mechanical shutter. 3.15 megapixel with LED flash.
  9. Dec. 2007 Nokia N82 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss Tessar with Xenon flash. Had Wifi and GPS hardware.
  10. Oct. 2010 Nokia N8 -- my current phone, now upgraded to 48GB memory and running Symbian Belle. 12 megapixel with Xenon Flash.
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Old 26th February 2012, 15:47   #129
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Originally Posted by F50 View Post
Using since 2003.

3350, 5110, 3530, 8250, some Sony (not SE), some Kenwood, 1100, 6510, 6681, 6610 (currently). Next N73 or KJam.
5 years down the line, I have added these to the list.

BB 8900 (t-mob)
iPhone 3GS 32gig (currently using)
BB 8900 (at&t) (currently using)
Samsung Galaxy S
iPhone 4S 16gig - waiting to unlock it

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Old 26th February 2012, 16:44   #130
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

I was using Dad's Alcatel One touch during 1999-2000 and later started with Nokia 3310 in 2002 when i was in 11th standard . Then all the following happened:

I am a Nokia fan

Nokia 6670 (First Camera and multimedia phone. It was with me for 4 years)
Nokia 6060 Flip
Nokia Express Music 5220
Nokia X3
Nokia C1
Nokia C2

Motorola C 350
Motorola L6i
Moto Rokr E6

Samsung Guru Dual

LG GW 300 Querty
LG CDMA basic with Reliance connection

LAVA A10 (Currently using)

Sony XPeria Neo V (Currently using)

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Samsung c230 - July 2005-April 2007
Sony Ericsson - M600i - April 2007-December 2008
Nokia E63- December 2008-September 2010
Motorola Milestone - September 2010-January 2012
Samsung Galaxy R - current :-)

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Default Re: Your Mobile History

I do not even remember all the phones I had :(
A partial list:

Alcatel One touch easy
Nokia 3310
Nokia 8250
Motorola Startac
Siemens S 25
Siemens S 35
Siemens A 40
Siemens a 55
Sony (A model with a scroll wheel on the side -had voice recorder also. )
Samsung A800
Motorola T191 (One of my most favourite phone)
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1108
Motorola C168
Motorola V500
Motorola L6
HTC Touch (my first and hopefully last touch screen)
Blackberry Curve 3G

And couple more models (mainly Siemens and Motorola) which I cannot recall the model number.

CDMA phons - currently I am on my 6th or th handset a basic handset by ZTE. All the handsets before also were basic models from LG.
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Old 27th February 2012, 10:17   #133
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

The phones I used/Still have:

1. Nokia 5100 - As big as a cordless model
2. Nokia 3310
3. Nokia 3315 - Still have it
4. Nokia 9210 communicator
5. Nokia 9210i communicator - Still have it, Perfectly working condition
6. Nokia 9300 communicator
7. Nokia 9500 communicator - Still have it, Perfectly working condition
8. Nokia E90 communicator - Still have it, Perfectly working condition
9. Nokia N8

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Old 5th April 2012, 15:35   #134
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

here comes mine

2004-2006 - Nokia 3310
2006-2008 - Sony W550i
2008-2009 - Sony W910
2009-2011 - Blackberry Curve 8310
2011-Till date - Apple Iphone 4

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Old 5th April 2012, 15:40   #135
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Default Re: Your Mobile History

Originally Posted by driving_smartly View Post
1. Nokia 3310 (Jan 2003)
2. Nokia 3230 - Still with me as a spare (Oct 2004)
3. Nokia 6600 (Aug 2005)
4. Nokia N 73 (Jun 2007)
5. Samsung C170 (Aug 2007)
6. Samsung Star (May 2009)
7. Nokia E71 - Current Phone (Jan 2010)
8. Samsung Wave 723 - Current Phone (Jan 2011)
9. Samsung Omnia W 8350 (March 2012) - Sold my E71
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