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Old 20th July 2009, 14:39   #31
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Originally Posted by condor View Post
No software can convert the fake drive into a real one.

The drives in question have the capacity to only copy the directory list. So when you copy into the drive, the drive's directory will only List the copied data. The data itsel is not there.

Try to copy the data from that drive back into the PC, you will know.
Sorry to correct you on this - but approx a year ago I was a victim of such fraud - and yes I did manage to reclaim the real storage capacity of a fake drive... I don't have the software now - I deleted it long back but just to prove it's possible a blog's link for this is attached...

Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives SOSFakeFlash
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Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
But look on the bright side.. a 4GB pendrive still costs about Rs.400/-, right?
Now you have a magical 4GB pendrive which shows 32GB, but at Rs.300/-.
But since its a fake, it may stop working after some days. Rs.300 down the drain.

Originally Posted by anujmishra View Post
Somebody gifted me 1 GB pen drive 1 year back, it was actually pen drive cum MP3-MP4 player. I knew it was chinese. Upon format it remained 70 - 80 mb.
If you want your data to be safe always buy from a decent shop, with B&W. Nowdays 4GB pen drive comes around 300-350 bucks.
This has been going on in China for a while now. Many people have been cheated. Now it's started in India.
Originally Posted by Tejas@perioimpl View Post
Thank god for this thread. I was gonna order one for 1500 bucks! I'll make do with my 8GB transcend for now. Imagine if i had bought it and then seen this thread?!
You're lucky man. Others were being robbed of Rs.300, for you Rs.1500.

Just makes me wonder, what if they start selling cars like this. An OHC 1.3 with 1.5 Vtec badges?
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Old 20th July 2009, 16:18   #33
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Oh my!!! Thanks for posting this and alerting your fellow members.
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Old 20th July 2009, 21:26   #34
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I heard that the original pendrives have some number printed on the body. By going to the website and entering the number, you can verify if the pendrive is genuine. Anybody have any info on that?
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Old 21st July 2009, 17:50   #35
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A few of my colleagues were a victim of this - last week. Beats me how IT guys can fall victim of such a scam. People were ordering them by the dozen !!
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Old 22nd July 2009, 09:37   #36
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Yesterday I saved few guys. One person was standing outside and selling 32GB in 900 bucks. I warned my friend and just to test he brought in one to the office to test. It can copy only 100 KB files thats it. We tried in Linux as USB disabled on windows :(
We simply returned saying we want bigger size
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Old 15th November 2009, 18:58   #37
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Here is a link to a website. THE FAKE 32 GB's

There are instructions to download a software which can tell you the actual capacity of the PEN DRIVE.
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Old 15th November 2009, 19:06   #38
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Just buy with a bill people. Everything else will be fine. Kingston, Lexar, Sandisk - all are available officially in India with a limited lifetime warranty and definitely a bill.

You have no reason to try to save a few bucks and give up the lifetime warranty.
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Old 14th January 2011, 21:19   #39
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Talking Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

A friend of mine from Bangalore recently visited New Delhi for a week. He had a nice time on official visit and had taken his wife along. He found time to visit the Taj, Qutub, Parliament, Rashtrapathi bhavan and Karol Bagh Market.

Of course none of the other BIG names matter over the Karol Bagh Market.

So, he calls me today morning right after I got up.


Whats up?

He is back in bangalore and had a ball of a time, spent 1000Rs on a rented camera around the Taj with HIS memory card in it Man... ways to make money!!

Wife is very happy, spent 10K on 2 days of shopping, actually scope of improvement I say, of course our dude is with a long face, no; not because of his wife spending 10K in 2 days of shopping, but because of - Yes, you guessed it right, Karol Bagh market.

1st two three days were spent with clients, yes, he visiting the clients gives him money every month end, which in turn goes to his wife for spending... and him visiting - yes, right again.

A full day inside a bus, some tour and travel bus and 2 sore bums after, the next day dawn and is picked to visit the...

Our friend (by now, yes, our), is busy planning to get out of his room and spend the entire day for shopping, his shopping...!

A walk here, there, everywhere, stroll here, pick up some winter clothing, Delhi is freezing mind you.

Our hero now sets his eyes on some dude, a regular unassuming dude, in the plainest of clothes, absolutely zero english, on the Karol Bagh streets. He is actually on the street, with a spread out plastic sheet, lots of things, one of which happens to be, our title of the thread.

Karol Bagh Dude : 1500Rs

Our Hero : No, ways, I get better in bangalore.

Tbhp readers : As if you know..!!

KBD : Nahi sir, last 1200, nothing less.

OH : blah, blah

TBHP R : 300 in Karol Bagh really?

KBD : (after many many in between dialogues) Ok saar - 300Rs..!!

TBHP R : Eh, so why this thread?

OH : (Calls bangalore) - buddy (not me!!) - 32GB for 300

New Hero : Get me 3...!!

OH : Ok, pack 4.

Tringg... tring...

New Hero : Dude, I called new-new hero, get 1 more...!!

TBHP R : Gets better..!!

OH : Pack 5

Pays 1500


OH : Still smiling (GRINN)

So, the call continues, my friend still smiling, for a different reason now, say this story to me.

He came back in a smooth IndiGo aeroplane, thankfully not purchased in KarolBagh Market. Our dude takes a smooth cab home and settles down amongst the 10K Rs of his wifes shopping.

After the lady of the house shifts thru her shopping, only now OH gets to his prized purchase...

Takes out the DeLL Laptop, switches it on, waits for it to boot.

All desktop visible, takes out the 1st of the pendrive, all 32GB of it, sticks it into the slot.


Ok, how many GB did all of you guess?



Nothing happens...

Ok, must be a loose connection. Takes out 2nd, same result.

3rd, 4th,...

OH : now panicking

TBHP R : Got the drift and grinning already

5th - BLANK... absolutely nothing.

Sees inside the bedroom for wife, still happy shifting thru the 'how many K' of shopping, 10 - yes - nice reading...

Slowly goes to kitchen, takes a sharp object - sticks it in - the USB stick#1.

Exit stage north

KBD : Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha ha...

Back to south...

Click - the stick opens - Whats inside...


Of course NOTHING, Not even a dummy not-working chip, circuit board, resistor, capacitor, alternator, starter motor, axle nothing...!!

All 5 - Of course Dumb OH...!!

Shall give you all 2-3 days to recover from shock, laugh, ROFLMAO, What ever, will come back on monday/tuesday with another update.

I am not sure about the update, but after I recovered from the ROF!!@#!$ just before I Hung Up - My friend - OH - says he got 2 RADO watches from, no not Karol Bagh Market, some place else...

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Default Re: Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

Thats an old gimmick,and a very common one at that.
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Old 14th January 2011, 21:28   #41
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Default Re: Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

I don't know how people fell for these tricks easily. 32Gb for 300 statement itself should have alerted him.
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Old 14th January 2011, 21:33   #42
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Default Re: Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

At least the ones sold earlier used to show the claimed capacity when inserted in the computer. Once you tried adding the data, it was a rude shock.
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Old 14th January 2011, 21:37   #43
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Default Re: Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

Last month i was standing outside my office in chennai at OMR, this portley guy appears out of nowhere has a pack of 10 pendrives, same 32 GB stuff says kingston, walks to me sir i got some from customs want one, i was like both you and me know what is inside so why waste our time huh? He said correct sir and left.

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Old 14th January 2011, 21:41   #44
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Default Re: Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

Been there. But I knew what I was in for. Just wanted to figure out what these guys do.
The one I bought was a 32gig one. I asked him to check it for me. He put it in his laptop, it showed 32 gigs. He started copying like 6 gigs of songs and it worked like a charm..
He even played a song from the last folder copied.
Basically it was a 1Gb pen drive with a program that copies data onto the original data again and again but does not delete the names of the initial folders. When you enter Lajpat Rai Market, there are like millions of these surrounding you. 1Gb, 2Gb,32Gb, 1000Gb all for Rs300.
BTW yes even the 1 Gb got corrupt pretty darn quick.
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Old 14th January 2011, 21:54   #45
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Default Re: Funny Story - 32GB USB Pen-drive for 300Rs

Tell me about that!

My buddies went on a trip to the north and even they were tricked the same way.

A piece of plastic called Kingston 32GB.
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