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Old 25th March 2009, 07:51   #31
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i donot know if i can call my self gadget freak, i will let you guys decide :

blackberry bold, nokia e71
xbox 360 w/ 120gb hard drive
two hdtvs 22inch and 15 inch
2 laptops - one mac book, one hp 2000 series
2 old palm pda's which i donot use any more
bose sound system and ipod dock.

the thing is i donot tend use the gadgets to the best of their ability because i get bored easily
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Old 25th March 2009, 11:30   #32
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I believe in the saying "let the boys have their toys" no am not referring to the Royal Enfield.
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Old 25th March 2009, 13:23   #33
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I think so i am
Loaded myself with many unwanted stuff and still hunting for more having 2 mobiles unused and planning for one more, one Dolby certified Sony Ericsson hands free with FM, Nokia Bluetooth headset, 2 Upscaling DVD players, TeamBHP fav Panasonic Plasma which is used by my Mother in Law for watching saas bahu serials LOL, 2 Tata sky settopboxes, Next month changing my rooms TV with Philips 32"LCD, Car is loaded with spekers and big amp(one more amp is waiting from past one year to get it installed), too much of cables in stock mostly USB, Firewire, RCA and HDMI, one Onkyo HT which was used only on first day and some 2-3 more times just for demo to others, one setalite Radio, two digi cams, two Handycams, costly battery charger just for charging battries of my kids toys, computer which i keep on upgrading, oh yes one air pressure gauge which i used only twice, buying Ring RAC 600 air pump also and latest is Sennheiser RS 120 headphone.
Apart from them if RD's are considered as Gadget than i am more than freak have three of them + spares which will easily make another RD(My family calls me Junk dealer for them).
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Old 25th March 2009, 13:47   #34
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I have too many gadgets. I pay for very few.

However I have recently renovated our house and Jenny and I have the following audio/video gadgets in our home for 2.

Living Room:
  • Panasonic 42" Viera Plasma
  • Pioneer DV-410 DVD with HDMI 1080 and USB support
  • Harman Kardon AVR255 with Faroudja video conversion
  • LaCie Silverscreen hard drive
  • Harman Kardon HKTS11 5.1 speaker system
  • Harman Kardon TC30 remote.
  • The Bridge (coming)
Elaboration: I love the AVR255 amplifier as it allows me to connect a single HDMI cable to my TV. It upscales and converts all video inputs to HDMI.
I use HDMI to connect the Pioneer to the amplifier and an S-Video to connect the LaCie HDD.
The Cable box will also connect to the amplifier.

The remote is special. Being a colour screen macro remote, I have programmed it with simple macro commands. Jenny hates all these inputs (put TV on HDMI1, put amplifier on DVD2 and so on) so the remote is macro programmed.
For instance on the colour screen there is a simple command "Watch a Movie"
On pressing it, the TV is turned on, put to the correct input, the amplifier is turned on, put to the correct input and the DVD is turned on.

If you now press "Listen to Radio", it will switch the TV off, switch the DVD off and the amplifier will switch to tuner mode.
It also controls the Samsung split aircon in the same room. Great fun.

The bridge will allow me to control my iPod with the same remote.

Kitchen: We have an open kitchen and it was my original intention to "Zone 2" the kitchen and aisle, choosing the Harman amps multi-room facility to include a touchpad in the kitchen and aisle, that amplifies the speakers and carries back remote commads to the amplifier. The in-wall touchpad has its own digital 20W amplifier.
However Jenny vetoed the concept, saying that the house was too small to do all this fandango. We currently have no audio gadget in the kitchen (plenty of other gadgets though) and I am negotiating.

Guest Room:
  • Panasonic 26" Viera LCD
  • Kanto iPod Dock (it is bright green and mad - look!) lol Name:  Picture 8.png
Views: 533
Size:  45.9 KB
  • Pioneer DVD player (not decided which model yet)

Strangely this is least gadgeted, I've opted to go in for a JBL Radial, a good old school iPod dock with an RF remote.

In the bathroom however I have another iPod dock with a little remote that is also radio controlled. I keep the remote close to the shower so I can change tracks and volume while in the shower.
Also great fun.

Also between Jenny and I we have a wide assortment of headphones from JBL, AKG and I have some sennheisers lying around the house.

I enjoy gadgets, lol.

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Old 25th March 2009, 16:09   #35
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Sam gift some of these gadgets which you are not using to less fortunate people like me
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Old 25th March 2009, 17:21   #36
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My Gadgets:

1.) Canon Powershot A610
2.) Canon Powershot SX10 IS
3.) Ipod Video 30GB with ipod Dock
4.) Iphone 2G 8GB
5.) Sony PS2
6.) In my Safari: Reverse Cam with Internal 7inch screen also connected to VCD Player 1Din Sony VDX5800
7.) HTC Touch
8.) Laptop: JP NX7400
9.) Miscell Comp. Extras like 8Gb Pen Drive, 100GB 2.5inch External HDD, 250GB 3.5 inch external HDD
10.) Some watches
11.) Nokia and Sony Bluetooth Headsets
12.) 7 inch Coby Digital Photo Frame with Stereo Speakers and Plays Divx
13.) 2.1 Home Theatre setup for IBM Desktop at home

few others....so yes I am a gadget freak
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Old 26th March 2009, 23:56   #37
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kinda - I love gadgets but I'd like to believe I'm discerning about what I buy.

Let's see in the last six months I've bought a PS3 (ostensibly for my son!), TataSky+, a wifi router, a Dell Studio 14 laptop and as of last week a Firewire cable (to connect my old Handycam to the laptop).

But at the same time I use a 2-year old Blackberry that works absolutely fine and I have no plans to change it despite the Bold, Storm etc. That may change if Vodafone introduces 3G - I guess the reason has to be compelling for me to upgrade. My desktop PC is an 8-year old 1.5ghz P4, which with some parts upgrades over the years, runs brilliantly well and I have no plans to change/upgrade it. Same with my DSLR, at 6.1MP it's just fine for what I use it for and again I don't have an itch to change it.

At the end of the day one collects a lot of stuff but I take the most pleasure nowadays out of thoroughly using what I buy - be it cars or electronics.
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Old 27th March 2009, 00:29   #38
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post

I do feel strange while talking to people who have the bluetooth ear ornament. Sometimes, I get confused whether they are talking to me or somebody else.
Ha ha if i were you i would get him admitted and start him on medications!!

As regards gadgets,me too-i used to spend a lot of money on them but nowadays i do a lot of research before i buy any.guess i am growing old!!

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Old 27th March 2009, 00:32   #39
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Originally Posted by carfreak View Post
Ha ha if i were you i would get him admitted and start him on medications!!
And the first question to ask would be "Do you hear voices in your head?"
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Old 27th March 2009, 00:44   #40
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I used to use a sony ericsson bluetooth headset in 2003 or 2004 (I guess they were the first commercially available BT headset) and once my grandma asked me (then), are you using a hearing machine? (hearing aid)
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Old 27th March 2009, 00:46   #41
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
And the first question to ask would be "Do you hear voices in your head?"
It would be do you hear voices talking to you when you are alone!!
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Old 27th March 2009, 01:00   #42
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not sure if owning the following gadgets makes me a gadget freak or a jerk. upto you people to decide.
here is the list of gadgets that i own

- Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV (Living Room)
- Sony 5.1 Home Theatre (Forgot the model #) (Living Room)

- Assembled Desktop (Intel C2D 2.2 GHz, 4gb RAM, 320GB HDD, 17" Samsung LCD Monitor, NVidia 256mb Graphics card, LG DVD Writer, Altec Lensing 4.1 Sound System hooked up with desktop) (Study Room)
- Dell Vostro 1500 - (Intel C2D 1.8 Ghz, 4gb RAM, 120GB HDD, 15.4", NVidia 256 mb Graphics card, webcam among other features)
- Western Digital 3.5 inch 320GB External HDD.
- Phillips 2 in 1 Music System (Study Room)
- A 1983 Cosmic Dolby Digital Sound System(cassette) with amplifier and speakers.
- Panasonic VCR (VHS Cassettes player)

- Sony DSC H50 (8gb memory stick)
- Sony DSC W150 (4gb memory stick)
- Sony DSC W80 (2gb memory stick)

- Iphone 2G 8gb black
- Plantronics Bluetooth headset
- Sony w580i spare phone

- Ipod Nano 4gb (swap with zen sometimes)
- Creative Zen 4gb (While travelling)
- Sandisk Sansa Clip 4gb (While Exercising)
- Sony Walkman nwxx616 4gb (swap with zen/nano)
- Creative EP-630 earbuds
- Sennheiser HD 202 Headphone
- Other misc headphones like RCA Noise cancelling, HP 318 Blass reflex(china made), sony earbuds.

May be missing some miscellenous thing that i can't remember or no longer use.

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Old 27th March 2009, 08:35   #43
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My Gadgets

- 40" LCD
- 5.1 HTS / Onkyo AVR
- Airport Extreme does the foll
(Wifi router/ Print server / remote file server)
- Airport Express does the foll
(Acts as a wifi bridge which links the following
- AVR to n/w
- Network media tank to n/w
- Popcorn Hour
(Network media tank,Plays all HD formats, holds all my movies/ Some TV series/ Music / Photos / other .. internet access devices )
- A 320gb Laptop External HDD connected to the A.Extreme
(Acts as a music server / data server)
- A 1Tb Maxtor HDD linked to the Popcorn Hour, to dump all the HD content
- Toshiba Satellite laptop
(My personal laptop, use iTunes as all the music is organized here, it access music from the remote server and streams it to the HTS wireless
As your music collection grows this is very useful to mix n match your playlists, stopped playing from CD's)
- A bunch of opensource software for the Popcorn Hour, Music jukeboxes, Movie jukeboxes all which connect to IMDB/ other sites and download metadata like movie poster/ rating / synopsys etc.. and create cool UI's for your TV)

In short everything is connected wirelessly. eg if someone has a CD with photos to be viewed/ Music, you can place it in the laptop DVD drive, and view the output on your TV, Or route the music on your HTS.
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Old 27th March 2009, 09:30   #44
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Heres my rather mini list as compared to some :::

CRT- 21 inch LG flatron ( my room)
CRT 34 inch Sony Wega ( MOM/DAD room )

My 2 ch set up:
Krell 400xi Integrated amplifier
Dynaudio Focus 140 stand mount speakers
Cambridge Audio DV99 DVD player ( currently serving as CD player )
Kimber speaker cables
Kimber Interconnects
Stello DA1000 Signature (Digital Analog converter to be used with CA DVD as transport)
Wadia iDock -iPod dock to be used with WAV files( as an additional transport )

My faithful Acer laptop ( TravelMate 2420)
SeaGate 320GB External HDD

Apple Ipod ( 20GB )
Sennheiser HD280Pro Cans
SennHeiser earbuds ( current Gym use cans )
ETYmopic ER4 ear buds -Planned ( for Gym use)

Car ICE:
Kenwood Reference Emotion series KCD 01 Head Unit
Rainbow Profi Vanadium CS365 Kick 3 way component speakers
Image Dynamics IDQ 10 subwoofer
Tru-Technology Billet 2 channel amplifier
Tru-Technology Billet 4 channel amplifier
Connection Audison Best Cabling and interconnects
( a lot of upgrades planned here )
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Old 28th March 2009, 03:32   #45
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I wouldn't really know if it is right to call myself a gadget freak but I do have a good time with them, and have a bit of a shopping disorder. (I have to try really hard to stay away from Amazon and company!)

Some of the gadgets I own:
Pentax K200D (Pentax 18-55, Tamron 70-300, SMC-Pentax A F1.7 lenses, all in a Lowepro FastPack 200 backpack)
Samsung L210
Olympus C370Z (My first digicam)

5G IPod Video (80 Gb)
Altec Lansing MX 5021 (Brilliant 2.1 system)
Creative EP 630 IEM (Looking to Upgrade)
Creative HN700 Noise Cancellation Headphones
No Car means No ICE now!

Jasper XBox 360 Arcade
Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang GT R/C

Dell Latitude D620
Western Digital Passport 320 GB

HTC Mogul CDMA Phone
A useless Motorola W180

And last but not the least, I have it on my skin:
Name:  Tattoo.jpg
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Size:  79.9 KB

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