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Originally Posted by nemo View Post
testing with a diffrent cable never flashed my mind until last evening. classic case of how little things gets missed which makes all the diffrence
And we disscussed from IP Addressing to routing paths etc.
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well, actually i wouldn't necessarily call the discussions waste because until i posted here i was working with a pre concived notion that this setup is not possible and that my router was only designed to work with a dsl connections. as soon as i realized from here that it will work, it got me thinking in diffrent direction.

So once again thanks to everyone who tried helping me
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Default Request timed out Error

I use an Airtel connection in New Delhi with a Beetel 450 TC 2 router and am using Wi-Fi to connect to it. The signal strength is fair and the radio type is 802.11 n.

Of late, I have been getting intermittent connectivity issues, when trying to browse the web. Often the internet drops and I get the failed to load website error on Chrome. This is not local to my machine but my sister also faces the same issues on her machine, which is pretty much next to the router.

Also when I ping a site like Yahoo, I get a 2 request timed out messages after every 30-40 attempts.

I have tried the following so far

1. Re-installed the drivers
2. Disabled the windows firewall and the router's inbuilt one
3.Tried playing with the MTU settings, currently set to 1490.
4. Called the Airtel guy, who showed with another laptop that the issue was local to my machine. He has also ran my machine in safe mode and the ping requests worked like a charm.

Can someone tell me what might be causing these connectivity problems ?
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Default Re: Request timed out Error

What DNS servers are you using? Have you configured DNS servers on the router or on the individual machines? Tell us what you see for the output of command "ipconfig /all".

Also, what happens when you try a live cd of any Linux distribution, say Ubuntu or Fedora (or others)? Still see the same set of issues?
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Default Re: Request timed out Error

If everything is working fine in Safe Mode, then it looks like some 3rd party software is utilizing your bandwidth or closing all the connections on your machine. [just an assumption though]

Firstly, what OS?

If Windows, try these...

1. In Task Manager, check if any process is utilizing high CPU / Memory.

2. If it is Windows 7 / 8, you can see Ethernet usage under Performance tab (again in Task Manager). Does it show any usage?

3. Go to MsConfig (Start --> Run --> type MSConfig and press Ok). Go to Services Tab. In that Hide all Microsoft services Now uncheck any unknown services. Reboot the machine and test.

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Are you on windows 8?
Or was the airtel techie on another version?
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Default Re: Request timed out Error

To rule out if it is a laptop issue:
Take your laptop to a friend's place who does not have this issue and check if you are getting dropped pings there when connected to his wifi. Note your friend should not be getting any dropped pings when connected at the same time!

To rule out if it is a modem issue:
Borrow a friend's modem (on Airtel broadband) , update your Airtel account name information, directly connect (using LAN) to your laptop and check if you continue to have dropped pings. If you do, then ask your friend to also directly connect his laptop as well. If his laptop also has dropped pings - call 121 - and give them a good dose.

To rule out if an issue with the integrated wifi router:
Borrow a wifi router, save its config settings (for later restoration), and do a hard reset. Then update the wifi configuration, and try connecting. Then check for ping drops.
If you dont get any ping drops, then your problem was with the router. Just buy a new router, configure it, and plug it to the LAN port of the Beetel. For your friend's router, import the previously saved configuration and return the router.
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Default Re: Request timed out Error

Many thanks for the prompt replies
Here's a link to the output for the ipconfig/all command


DNS addresses are set on the router and the computer is set to automatically obtain them

Primary DNS :

Secondary DNS :

OS : Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1

Haven't tried running another Linux distro yet. The techie used another laptop at our home, that also runs Windows 7. No suspicious services seen so far, except Net session.

Also adding a screenshot of what Resource monitor throws up
Attached Thumbnails
WiFi Problem-screenshot-network-activity.jpg  

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Default Re: WiFi Problem

Available equipment:
1. FTTH Modem
2. D-Link 2730U modem-router with wifi

Connect the D-Link as a wifi router only.

WiFi Problem-homewifi.jpg

Status of equipment:
All working.
D-Link works if I have a standard copper (tel based internet connection).

I also have an ASUS N150 modem router. If I use this instead of the D-Link all's well.

How do I make the D-Link work in this scenario ?

I am looking for specific config information.

Pls dont ask me to connect the D-Link directly - it does not have FTTH

I am able to ping the Modem also. So connectivity from Modem to D-Link is not a problem. BUt I am not able to connect to the net.

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