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Old 14th February 2006, 19:19   #16
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Originally Posted by Samurai
Actually I did buy a SPL meter from Radioshack ($86) for calibrating the HTS system for my boss (he paid), but I didn't get it back to India. My current setup is placed in a very inappropriate T shaped room with hardly any acoustic advantages.
why dont you get some sound absorers placed in strategic positions that would lessen the reverb....
you could consult the same person who is into projectors to design some sound absorbers for you..
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Old 7th April 2006, 18:28   #17
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Okay guys, question for the enthu folks...

Where do you keep your rear speakers?

a) Wall mounted, fixed at above audience level and pointing striaght to the other wall.
b) Wall mounted, fixed at above audience and pointing inclined towards TV / audidence level
c) Wall mounted, at ear level, pointing straight to the other wall / or at 45 degrees.
d) Do not care as long as sound is coming from there.

I guess from my earlier reserach C) is the best option. I need to decide one more time on this for my new apartment.

thanks in advance
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Old 8th April 2006, 10:12   #18
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if you got 4 rear speakers (7.1) then it ok to have speakers firing at the approximate listening area but with 2 rear speakers (5.1) I would suggest a more diffsued sound. this can be obtained by using speaker that has a diffused output or by firing a monitor like speaker at the ceiling or rer wall or other hard surface.
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Old 5th March 2008, 11:03   #19
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Originally Posted by pingmepal View Post

c) Wall mounted, at ear level, pointing straight to the other wall / or at 45 degrees.
You should keep it if possible at two feet above the ear position.I don't know you are talking about 7.1 or 5.1 angling of the speakers depends on that.Literally there will be 4 speakers in 7.1.

Wall mounted is not a bad option but some walls creates problem.if there is enough space for speaker to take breath it is the best.
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Old 24th June 2009, 09:06   #20
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Lovely for this thread to be bumped. I never knew Samurai-san had created this gem of a thread back in 2005 !!

This is exactly what a n00b like me would be interested in knowing about HTs. I've been scouring forums passively to get some info for laymans like me who can understand tech stuff but only to a certain extent.

Can someone (preferably the OP ) update this thread as quite a few of the information from the second posts may have changed with the update in technology e.g. Samurai himself now uses WDTV as one of the components of his HT.
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Old 24th June 2009, 09:40   #21
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Very good information and pretty useful for the beginners.
I am in the process of completing my Home Theater. Currently, I have a HK 3115 AVR with JBL S310 front floor standings and JBL Control One surrounds. I am planning to pick up JBL Studio LC2 center speaker and not yet decided on sub.
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Old 24th June 2009, 16:39   #22
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I'll be looking forward to your updates. The thing which I like the most and which I've been trying to understand is the various components that are involved in creating a basic HT system i.e. A/V Receiver, Speakers, Source (DVD Players), etc. I had never understood why and how these various components interact and why having a component based system is better than having a HTiB.

To many this may sound very idiotic and quite basic but for a n00b in this field, it is extremely important. Thanks to you I am better informed !!
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@Samurai - Would it be possible for you to share some links/documents for further reading on this subject ?

I'm hooked.
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Old 30th June 2009, 10:57   #24
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Need some help setting up the sound system in the living room. It's two flats joined together hence there is a main beam in the middle so I have got the wiring done on all four corners of each side, hence total provision for 8 speakers.
I am not looking for anything ground-breaking. The speakers will be used at moderate volumes only on occasions, not going to be attached to the TV either. What speakers do you guys suggest I get? I would prefer something small (satellite type) and preferably white in color. The speakers will be mounted high up on the wall, near the ceiling and I would prefer something that throws decent amount of bass, thereby saving me the hassle of fixing a woofer.
Also, what amplifier has provision for 8 speakers to be setup?

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Are you looking for 8 speakers?

I read in an article about Audioengine and they have their distribution in India too and the reviews are good. Base version (A2) comes for 10k for 2 speakers but very small ones, 19.5k for bigger version speakers (A5). They have woofer and also amplifier in built. And they are available in black and white...
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Old 9th July 2009, 20:37   #26
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Smile Musical home theatre suggestions please

Hi Guys,

I bought a new Samsung series 5 LCD TV LA40B530.

Can you please suggest which home theatre I should be buying?


SD TV ( with hathway STB) - 70%
MP3/Radio - 20%
Movies - 10%

I will be willing to shell not more than 40k. I live in a rented place so the smaller the speakers the better ( to carry them later). I dont mind even a 2.1 system. I am looking for quality sound.

I also have an option of getting the reveicer from US ( A friend is coming down).

Please help with the choices!
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Old 10th July 2009, 12:30   #27
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IMO with only 10% movies, your spending should be geared more towards a stereo system rather than home theater.

Get a gem of an amp (heavy duty, with real RMS power, not the ones advertised in AVRs), and mate it with nice speakers (you might not even feel the need for subwoofers).

And there you go with your system - that can humble HTs worth 4-5 times your system.

40k is your bugdet.
You can get an good amp for 15-25K
Rest you can spend on speakers.

Again IMO, speakers are most important and you should spend more here than on amp.
So my bet would be spending ~25K on speakers and 10-15K on amp.
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Old 17th July 2009, 15:13   #28
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Thanks Samurai

That is very helpful! I am planning to get one and did not know anything!
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Old 28th August 2010, 22:30   #29
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Some questions.

Probably a dumb question; but how do I know if a speaker is "bi polar" by looking at it?

Why dont we see discussions like "ovals vs. rounds"; and "coaxials vs. components" kind of discussions on the home theater front?

One of the Altesec Lansing speaker systems I saw in the classified section here has a SNR of 75dB; I guess this is different from "sensivity" mentioned here.

Edit:- I am deliberately asking here, instead of the other Home Theater thread; I feel that the question is more relevant here.

And what is to one understand from "Sound Pressure Level" rating of 99dB, announced here:-


It may be noted that some information found in one pdf, cannot be found in the other. Or did I miss something?

Also, how reliable is the claim of "full range" drivers?

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Old 17th September 2010, 23:40   #30
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Hi Guys,
It is an awesome informative thread. I do join with you to have some ideas on the home theater. Recently I bought a Samsung C543 system and connected with Series 4 22" Samsung LCD with HDMI connection between DVD and Tv. Let me give the effects and the feed back soon.
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