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Old 1st September 2006, 15:18   #1
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Hi guys n gals,

I have finally decided to buy myself my first car since I got recently married. I don’t have a great budget and I think I can manage to set aside Rs 5000-6000(max) towards monthly installments. So this brought me to deciding between a small car (hatchback) or a used car. Among the small cars I don’t want to go for 800/alto as they are too small (I am of a fairly big build) and low powered. So I prefer Indica Xeta (~3.4lacs) due to its value for money and power/torque and lots of space. Then I also had a look at the Maruti certified cards and saw that an Esteem Vx 2002/45000km was available for 3.1 lacs.

Now I have to make a decision. In case I buy a used car, I have to do a lot of modifications including refurnishing the interiors with new seats and new tyres and maybe a new paint job too. This involves a lot of expenditure which is not covered by loans. Whereas in a new car the only expenditure not covered by loans are the paperwork. Also interest rates for new cars are around 9% and for used cars are around 14% so I feel I can get a bigger loan for new cars. I want a long term car and I would like to make modifications later on in terms of alloys, wider profiled tyres etc. Also I would like to go for the topend/fully-loaded variant so that most of the expenditure is covered by the loan.

Could you please help me in deciding on whether to buy a used car or a new car and in either case, which model to go for that would give me a bang for the buck. Also which variant to opt for and whether it makes more sense paying for the addons(variant specific) at the dealer level or doing modifications after purchase (eg: body colored bumper/handles/mirrors etc). Plus I would also like good mileage but comfort and ride quality takes precedence if it comes to 2-3 kmpl difference.

Also I heard about the Maruti Driving School. Do you recommend it for a beginner like me or do I go to one of the local driving schools. How costly is MDS compared to other driving school when you look at quality of training and is it worth the extra money. Also will they provide training if I decide on some non-Maruti car model?

Please do help me out in this decision as I really need someone with good knowledge in many areas. Should I wait for dusshera/diwali for some offers or what do you think is the best time to buy a car?

Thanks a million, in advance.

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I guess you'll be better off with a Maruthi. Tata Indicas esp. the petrol ones are a bit troublesome. Lots of niggling issues. Better go for a hyundai or a Maruthi.
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Welcome to Teambhp and congratulations on getting married.

my suggestion to you is to either go for a new and established and proven car like WagonR or Santro Xing.
Indicas are good, but imho, they are better only when they are diesel powered. Petrol Indicas are not so refined as you might be expecting them to be.
to experience good refined performance and decent space (since you are of large frame!) and troublefree performance for many years to come, go for WagonR or SantroXing.
and in these two cars, try going for the model with AC and powersteering only. other things might not be of much utility to you, moreover you can get them fitted later.

so my sincere suggestion is to opt for a new, petrol, Santro/WagonR with AC and PS.

happy shopping!

and regarding those MDS, it is always better to go for reputed brands with good facilities! and MDS is pne such place. go for them.

and IF you can wait till Diwali, better wait coz it is not far and you can get some better discounts in car price by way of some cash discount or some freebies like free accessories or free insurance!
and might be some respite in loan payment too!
else you are the world, go ahead and buy your first car!

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Indicas are only good for economy i.e. their diesel powerplants. I dont recommend petrol Indicas to anyone.

Stick with the Marutis and Hyundais if you want to go petrol.
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Used car:
Imho, prefer a Maruti. Importantly u can get a complete loan provided u buy thru Maruti True Value and talk to them about the modifications beforehand.
In which case the choice is open between Esteem & Wagon R variants.

New Car: Wagon R

If u can, please wait till Dussera or at least second half Sep.

Driving schools:
Check thru word of mouth which of the local schools have good "Masters" i.e. teachers. That should be deciding factor.

Best of luck to you.
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The issues I have faced with my March 2003 Indica V2 LSi have been with respect to the silencer assembly. The car has never let me down in 41 months and 66000 km.

If you are of a large build and value comfort and ride quality, the Xeta will meet your needs perfectly.

Maruti and Hyundai will probably take care of you a little better. Do take long-ish test drives in a Wagon R / Santro Xing / Getz to see whether you feel comfortable in these as well.
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I echo everyone else here, Hyundai/Maruti is the way to go as far as first car is concerned. Not that Indica Xeta is bad, but the very fact that its from TATA, makes buying it like a gamble. The gamble sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. And when it doesnt, it does hurt. Heard a lot of horror stories about quality issues/breakdown already, and in any event, Petrol Indicas are not known for anything good except space and comfort/ride quality.

Just my 2 cents.
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well why not an Indica, I drive a Lancer, I drove an esteem, I owned a Uno...No car is bad ..just that some cars are badly maintained or simply defective...! There have been so many instances of NHC,Ikons,Matiz catching fire and burning to cinders..So they become unsafe...No..Simply people make prejudiced opinions about a car ( Specially the one they don't own) and crib about it all over town...!

The XETA petrol is so much improved over the previous V2 Avatar+Its CNG system compatible...! Although My first choice was a Wagon R, simply because I also belonged to the Old school of thought of choosing something tested...But Maruti does not offer warranty after CNG.

I'm not disappointed with my XETA, Infact feel much happier and Safer..!

You could read my reviews on the XETA-CNG in new car section..!

Many members own Indica's D or Petrol, But all of them will swear that If you don't maintain it...It will drive the ****s out of you.

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The MDS is supposed to be great compared to your ordinary driving school. Has theory, simulation and then on-the-road training. I would recommend it to you as you are a beginner and it should help you get your basics right.

Regarding the car, the safe and trusted options have been already mentioned by other members above. A WagonR should be a nice option for you - especially the Duo (dual fuel) option.
Why take a gamble with your 1st purchase ? I keep hearing that the Indicas will drive you crazy, if not maintained well. I am not sure what maintenance is referred here.
But with the other cars mentioned above, the maintenance is almost nil. Just give it for service at the specified intervals and you are good. The choice is upto you - play safe or gamble.
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Well Herculese, why don't u think abt the Indica Turbo. Its diesel and at the same time turbocharged, it gives awesome pickup and is not too bad in terms of FE. I recently picked up a turbo, after the test ride i was literally suprised, abt the power it delivered. Go for a test ride and decide. Its gud in terms of space also, considering the fact that u r heavily build.
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Go for the XETA.... Muuuch improved car.... powerful and yes you have the option of CNG which does NOT affect ur warranty....
As for new car vs old car... its your choice entirely.... If you feel confident of starting of with a new car... NOTHING LIKE IT... after all you need a long termer... But if have worries about the dents and scratches that you may put on the car in the initial days (which is not unusual), and may loose sleep over it, then better buy a 2nd hand one...
Although personally i dont see any difference in denting a new car viz an old one... In both cases you have to get them repaired and in both cases you make insurance pay... so whats the big deal in learning in a new car...
The choice however is yours...
Now for the variant, if you like things like body coloured door handles, power windows and the like, and are willing to pay for it... go for it!! as simple...
Training in maruti schools is on their own cars... So if u go for an indica, its better to train in a local driving school and in their indica...
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Though I drive an indica, if you are buying petrol go for Santro/Swift or Getz if it falls in your budget.
I am 6'2" and find santro comfortable enough due to its high seating.
Getz is the best in this regard for large frames, about the swift some swift owner can tell you.
If you drive a lot and need diesel economy either wait for swift diesel or go for Tata indica Turbo.
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Training in maruti schools is on their own cars... So if u go for an indica, its better to train in a local driving school and in their indica...
U dont need to train for every car u drive.
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hey strongman buddy,
i will tell you what. since you are newly married & all that, why dont you go ahead & buy that terrific esteem for 3.0l. i will assure you that you will appreciate it & feel that every damn hard earned paise was worth the buy. it is absolutely trouble free. it has style, class, speed, room, mileage etc etc., which you can only dream of in indica. i know of very tall guys who have fit perfectly into the esteem. i am not tall, i am 5 11 & bulky, but i do fit in quite comfortably inside my esteem. esteem is my choice for you buddy. but bargain that price & have good , safe fun.

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it has style, class, speed, room, mileage etc etc., which you can only dream of in indica.
Indica is more stylish and contempory, esteem is now CLASSIC rather than classy and in terms of room, if esteem has got room than indiac has got whole apartment, but I agree on speed and mileage front.
herculesksp, I would suggest you to go for new car because if your fear of bashing your new car than let me tell you won't because being a new driver you will be doubly cautious and second, after couple of months, when you get apt at driving, you will start hating your second hand car and start craving for new one but I leave the choice to you.
If you decide on new one, looking at your parameters nothing comes close to Xeta, it is much improved car over its previous versions and fits your bill in terms of money and requirements very well. Regarding some people calling it a gamble to buy Xeta, I would say, many people took gamble with Swift and they faced issues too, but when you ask them, they will still be happy customers, because in this world nothing is perfect the only problem is the issues with their own cars to owners look small and they don't even discuss that whereas similar issues with others are looked at some kind huge flaws.
I have seen in my circle, Xetas running well, and as far as maintainence is concerned, it is all about doing regular servicing at defined intervals.
Even after this, I would suggest you to go and test drive(I know you can't drive, but you can still sense lot of things) Xeta/Santro and then decide because that is where I have seen people firming on decisions.
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