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View Poll Results: Which budget hatchback would you choose?
Renault Kwid 224 59.73%
Maruti Alto 800 14 3.73%
Hyundai Eon 28 7.47%
Datsun Go 4 1.07%
Tata Nano GenX 37 9.87%
Maruti Alto K10 68 18.13%
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Old 18th August 2016, 06:35   #106
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Default Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

Guys I read in lot of ownership threads that Eon doesn't have lot of ground clearance and so we have to be really careful when driving over a speed breaker. I don't think Tiago has this problem as it has decent ground clearance.
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Default Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

Guys wanted to know that if we get power windows installed in a car will warranty become void? My relatoves have finalised Tiago XE variant. It does not have power windows so they were thinking of installing power windows from outside. Is is a safe option?
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Warranty is voided when there is an after market install and there is wire cutting. Best is to check with Tata Motors
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Default Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

Originally Posted by HappyRoadie View Post
Guys wanted to know that if we get power windows installed in a car will warranty become void? My relatoves have finalised Tiago XE variant. It does not have power windows so they were thinking of installing power windows from outside. Is is a safe option?
Regarding aftermarket power window installs on TATA cars, I would also advise against it. I myself had asked about this at the ASC and the SA told me that -

1. Its a hassle to install it in cars which do not have the wiring kit for this pre-installed.
2. Reliability issues with non OEM parts (this point was also validated by a friend of mine , who faced regular issues with an aftermarket power window install...eventually he had to go back to the manual winding version)
3. Warranty voiding due to wire cutting etc ...as mentioned TheBigH

IMO, its best to get a variant which has the feature factory installed.
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Old 1st September 2016, 19:46   #110
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Default Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

Originally Posted by TheBigH View Post
Will keep everyone updated as more of the story unfolds!
Further progress on the story:

Consistent follow up with Tata Motors and my friend and I received a call last Sunday that I could have the Orange colour within a week to ten days and was asked for a confirmation for colour change in half an hour.

Consulted the family and agreed on the orange (I had any way selected the orange as my first choice and I was secretly extremely pleased).

Called the SA and gave her the go ahead to change the car colour.

Was called the subsequent day and told that the car had been dispatched on the 26th and that I should complete the loan formalities and down payment.

Here's where a conundrum set in as to whether I should get the loan processed and give the complete down payment. I decided against it and asked the SA outright as to whether she had a target to meet in the month of August, to which she replied in the affirmative! Well, she was at least honest and transparent!

I went to the showroom yesterday and completed the down payment, and I was given a discount on insurance after some haggling. No other discounts whatsoever. Period. The car is expected to arrive at the showroom tomorrow and I have asked for delivery on Sunday.

In the interim, I went to the local SBI branch which had already completed the verification formalities for the loan armed with the requested documents. The process took approximately two and a half hours, and was fairly long and bureaucratic, but completely transparent. The Bank handed me the loan disbursement documents and explicitly asked me to hand the documents over to the dealership only at the time of delivery so that I did not have to get stuck with EMI's for a car I didn't have! I will post a detailed buying experience report and an initial ownership review once I have my hands on the car!

The dealer also threw in discounts on the accessories. I wanted the Fog Lamps with DRL's which weren't available, the Sunroof, which I later decided against since it would need to be fit by Webasto after cutting the roof which would spoil the structural integrity of the car in my opinion. I strongly believe that a Factory Fit is a Factory Fit! I also wanted the Heads Up Display which I am still contemplating. The car comes with rear parking sensors, but no camera, and since it will be primarily used by my wife who is a newbie driver, it may be a worthwhile investment!

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Default Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

I just like the Kwid. It looks the best of the lot.
Of course, it ought to have had at least 2 airbags, ABS and AMT.
Else it is just perfect.
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Default Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

Was in the market for a car for running errands. Strictly for the driver. But i still believe i chose the best vehicle possible. Bought a Renault Kwid, 2nd top model. 800cc of course. Looks the best, though i like the Eon too. And falls a shade cheaper than the other comparative models in terms of features. Only lacking features are the ABS and airbags. But since its a car for the driver, won't run over 60 kmph, ABS absence shouldn't be an issue. Though i would strongly urge everyone else buying this car to buy one with airbags.
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Old 27th October 2016, 07:41   #113
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Post Re: Budget hatchback war: Renault Kwid vs the others

Hi All,

I am planning to get a car for Chennai city runs. I have short listed EON owing to its size. I live in a congested area inside city close to Marina, looking for a small car which will be easy to park in my tight parking area and for a narrow street. About myself, I am 182 Cms tall, medium built. Occupants other than me would be wife and baby as of now. Mom does not travel much and my wife/sister might be interested to drive this inside city. There would be occasional highway runs only twice in a year when we don't get train during festive season to Coimbatore, might also travel to Bangalore occasionally.

Monthly run would be 500-600 Kms inside city. Overall running cost should be less. Need to give at-least 14-15 with 40% air-con inside city. Currently Palio air-con is powerful and cools down quickly compared with others but taps more power from engine. When driving alone, use ac only when the climate is hot/sunny and during summer.

Pricing wise, the below ones which i am looking will be around 4.5L +/- with the discounts.The only exception will be 0.8L Eon which will be 4L for the Magna variant. I might consider opting for airbag once the vehicle is decided since all the below comes at-least with Driver side airbag. Hyundai guys are chasing me to complete the deal before Diwali for the discounts though they might extend depending on their stock clearance.

Let me know your overall suggestion. I liked Eon 0.8L, considering to go for 1.0 though i have not got a TD for 1.0. If someone here has driven, how different the engine power is compared with 0.8.

- Low end torque in low revs.
- Moving in traffic with 2nd gear
- Expected average inside city with 50% AC.

Currently having Palio stile 1.1 and have extensively driven one nano 2011 model of a relative which i enjoy driving than the palio inside the city for its size. In the past have used Matiz.

I have done TD for the below vehicles, below are my observations, please let me know if i am wrong somewhere and also add your views.

Eon 0.8

- Looks like a downsized epsilon engine.
- Seating posture is in the mids.

- Good overall performance
- can pull better in 2nd gear without acceleration compared with K10 engines.
- Do not find gear knob vibes as others have mentioned though one of the mechanic says he has seen the vibes and sound creeping up after few thousand kms and he mentioned one part to be changed to correct this frequently.
- Has Temperature guage which is omitted in i10 irde2 and most of the others in the competition.
- Small turning radius 4.5M

- No RPM meter, less info in the MID though have seen one of the members here have used torque app which reads more info from ECU though OBD.
- Unsettles in bad roads and with road undulations.
- Acceleration is sluggish with air con which is expected nature for 0.8L
- Looks low on GC though have 170mm on paper, need to check in my parking slot.
- Gearshift is rubbery.
- Styling and curves overdone on the rear.

Eon 1.0 - Need to check how this 3cyl 4v vtvt engine behaves in low and high revs which should be similar to the one sold in the i10 Europe.

- Have driven i10 1.2 in the past, did not like the low end torque compared to peppy santro epsilon engine which is 3V/ cyl sohc inside city.
- Might this also give better ride quality due to increase in weight from 715->795 Kgs?
- Can we expect 15+ avg inside city?

i10 Irde2 - Outdated looks, might phase out soon( had a short TD only inside city traffic)

- Love the low end torque with 4 Cyl, less gear changes, but found eon easy to drive in small streets similar to nano.
- Seating posture seems to be higher than eon.
- Better Brakes and overall composure.
- Gearshifts are slick

- No temperature guage.
- Might return lesser average compared to MSIL K12 engine.(around 13-14?)
- Era variant which is being offered now has been completely cut down compared with the ones offered few years back, need to start with Magna only during purchase.

Celerio P

- 4.7 turning radius
- Might return 17 inside city ?

- Low rev not satisfactory maybe tuned for more mileage.
- TD vehicle air-con was poor in cooling, took time.
- Plastics are not up to the mark. Wife found plastic quality was poor along with light doors, was against MSIL for this.
- Rear seats width similar to wagon r, could have been better.
- Most of the features cut down in the lower variants, VXI does not have RPM meter and don't think there is a temp guage.

Celerio Diesel - MSIL might discontinue soon. Long term review of overdrive said maintenance costs were on higher side during 19K run.

- Found diesel to be having good pulling inside city ie the torque which moves the vehicle, though the rpm needs to be bit on higher side.
- Vibes were less and need less gear changes, can pull easily in 2nd gear which i miss in 3 cyl K10 engines.
- Better Air-con compared with petrol variant.

- Start and stop engine vibration (baby got up from sleep during cranking)
- 2 cyl and vibes are more than petrol nano for this price.
- Reviews say highway performance will be sluggish.

Wagon R Manual - Have they retained same initial K10 or they switched to K10B which is sold currently? Might opt for stingray LXI if i decide to go for this model for a fresher look.

- Easy ingress and egress.
- Engine power seemed better than celerio which shows why waggie has 20.5 arai rating.
- Lots of features for LXI/VXI even for stingray.

- Found it very boxy in shape.
- Slight curve in the highway at the speed of 70 at Omr showed body roll compared to EON in the Td vehicle which i found similar to that of nano. In the same stretch found stingray to be better though sales guy have told me air was less on the front tire for stingray.

Wagon R auto

- Auto transmission seems to be good, was able to adapt quickly.

- Miss the low rev pull of 4 cylinder which also applies for the manual variant.
- Seems to be having a lighter build compared to older wagon r.

K10 Need to try another TD vehicle.

- Shoots forward good after 2K rpm. Nice surge of power like mini turbo.
- Good frontal view.
- Can return 17+ in city?

- lots of vibes more than a 2 stroke auto in the TD vehicle which has run 16K
- Low seating posture, was not comfortable. Found palio which has low posture to be better after a short TD of K10 in dense traffic.
- Engine was like turning off below 1.5K rpm and needs revving to move forward.

Kwid - Decided not to go for this due to turning radius and weak engine response in 1.0. Also did TD for Tiago, found the ride quality good but was similar to palio in size with a longer turning radius.

- Frontal view was good
- SUV type styling
- GPS navigation with touchscreen

- Looks like the engine is tuned similar like 0.8 in the low revs and brakes are poor.
- Thought i was driving a 0.8(did not notice the 1.0 on the sides while getting in) and was asking for 1.0 to the sales guy when completing the TD.
- Turning radius is high.
- Tried in parking slot which has a steep slope in my home, engine power was very weak and it was a very tight fit while getting inn.
- This also hit the floor while taking it outside, 180GC is questionable(might be due to the angle), palio with true 170mm GC does the job well.

0.8 - It had initial jerk during acceleration but engine needs a lot of gear shifts, engine seems weaker with higher gear in traffic and throws bad engine noise and vibes which is scary thinking about the overall quality. Brakes were like wood. Only +ve which i found was the ride quality over bad roads.

See that many have opted for KWID due to the overall features, i am not offending anyone, its just my view. I value engine response and overall quality and serviceability in the long run more. I am having great difficulty with local mechanics and have only one good service center in OMR for Fiat. I am not considering Pulse petrol which is offered on-road below ex showroom price. Even Renault has only 2 here in Chennai when i checked with sales rep, they are planning to collaborate with TVS/Tata like how Fiat did it in the past. I wanted to get Ritz since it ticks most of my needs but MSIL have stopped petrol and have only LDI white color for Taxi.

This post is big, moderators, please let me know if i need to start a new thread for this or can continue here and Thanks for people who has gone through this big post.
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