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When it comes to the Palio1.6, almost all seem to agree that it is one of the best hatches around as far as performance goes. The build is also tough with the car resulting in being heavier than its peers. The comparitively bigger/powerful engine and more kerb weight itself would make it significantly less FE than the other hatches around. More so when the competition is Japanese - known to milk out the max from fuel. So, then why so much of ambiguity / confusion about the Palio's FE ? Actual user-claimed FE for the Palio from the forum is on these lines.

1) I bought GTX 1.6 from Manipal Motors in Bangalore. Have done about 1000km. Gives me about 8k in the city and 13.5 on the highway. (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/258057-post6.html)

2) I can vouch that you will not get more than 8kmpl in the city with a/c in the Palio(I owned one). It will give you 13 or thereabouts on the highway. (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/256636-post16.html)

3) The average has gone terribly down. Earlier, the car used to give us 8.5 - 9.5 kmpl, then it started giving us 6 - 6.5kmlp and then after the tune up, it gave 7.5kmpl but then the odometer got messed up again and it's not working properly but i have a gut feeling its gone down again. According to the odo read, it's giving less then 5kmpl
(http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...nce-1-6-a.html (HELP - Palio giving low FE and poor performance (1.6)))

4) i ve got a palio 1.6 i got a free flow exhaust on it (got it from coimbatore) i noticed a sudden drop in fuel efficiency last month. went down from 8 to 4/5 kmpl!!!
(http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...html#post41586 (4 kmpl palio 1.6???? HELP!!!))

Based on the above, normal FE for the Palio1.6 seems to be 8kmpl (city) and 13kmpl (highways), which is significantly lesser (not marginally) than the Getz (city-10, highway -14) and Swift (city - 11 to 12, highways -16 or so).

While giving credit to the Palio for its strong points, let us also acknowledge the attributes where it lacks with respect to the competition, so that the buyer is able to take a knowledgeable decision and not regret it later.

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Originally Posted by airfoil
We own both the Palio 1.6 & the Swift ZXi.

As has been said, buy the Palio 1.6 for performance & build quality (I mean the tank like build and not necessarily fit & finish). It offers a little more interior space (vis a vis the Swift) and is a joy on the highway. The attractive 50+k discounts may make it more worthwhile. The engine is aptly labelled 'Torque', which really can get addictive.

I would not recommend the 1.2 to anyone, the engine spoils the car IMO. The Getz has nothing special to offer overall, beyond allowing you to walk around with your elbows extended.

The -ves of a Palio that you'll want to consider are:

* Dated interiors & dashboard
* Service can be a nightmare and spares availabilty sometimes compounds this further
* Ride quality is harsh, especially on the 1.6 shod with alloys
* Forward visibility can be a problem when the going gets tight
* Resale values are abysmal
* No safety features such as ABS/Airbags
* The engine notes get quite harsh when you push the car (from my point of view - some people love this)
* Steering can get a little heavy, and the exaggerated turning radius helps none
* Almost forgot - this car has quite a bit of a thirst. Expect nothing better than 10 kmpl while in the city and a real world figure of 9.

Other factors to consider are:
* Fiat is in the process of introducing a new, facelifted Palio soon
* The TATA~Fiat alliance is vague

Now on to the Swift. This car has an eager, high revving engine, which loves to be wound up.
This IMO is how the car compares to the Palio:

* Modern interiors & dashboard + climate control (on the ZXi)
* Service - Maruti is among the best here, enough said
* Ride quality is excellent, at least when compared to the Palio 1.6
* Overall, visibility can be a bit of a problem in the Swift as well, but the ZXi comes with a seat height adjuster
* Resale values are decent, to my knowledge - but this is more of a generic statement, the Swift hasn't been around long enough
* Features ABS, Airbags & keyless entry on the ZXi
* The engine sings out to you when pushed
* Torque - this car needs to be coaxed a little to get moving and pottering around in low RPM is not its forte
* Fuel efficiency - the Swift does a whole lot better overall
* The Swift is a blast to drive on the highway as well

All in all, I like driving the Palio more, but then I've owned it for almost 5 years. Given a choice between the two cars, I end up choosing the Palio over the Swift most of the time. However, it is dated and the competition has moved on and beyond.

All in all, you be the judge and decide after test driving both cars. My vote goes to the Swift.
That is what is called an honest comparison. No superlative statments, no fuss, just facts and figures. I loved that Airfoil ...Kudos to you.
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Originally Posted by Raajiv
Please let me know the exact price ex-showroom chennai of Palio 1.2 NV and Palio 1.6 .Also ,is it adivaseble to get the under body coating considering the monsoon.

Dude, just call up the dealers and ask the price!!!!!
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Please stop behaving like children who scream 'my toy is better than yours'. Airfoil and Floyd have posted sensible views as owners.

Somebody please lock this thread before it degenerates further.

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Note from mod :
This is not a "mine is bigger than yours contest".
No use arguing. This thread is closed. If the original poster wants more information, PM me, and I will repoen this thread, with the deleted posts staying deleted
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