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Default Need advice choosing a car

Hi All,

I just joined the team-bhp. Read many good reviews about various cars. Still thought it would be great to hear your opinions on my criteria and the cars that fit in.

We recently sold our Indica V2 diesel model after using it for 4 years. Satisfying in some ways and not too good in others.

Here is my wishlist for new car:
- Good ride quality
- Comfortable seating for 5
- Good leg room at rear
- Power does not matter that much but the car should not be dull to drive especially when AC is turned on with full capacity. (If you have driven Indica then you will know how it behaves with AC - very sluggish) Should have good pick-up.
- Fuel efficiency matters
- Monthly drive of max. 1000 kms.(city/highway 50:50)
- Should be as silent as possible inside.
- Price range: max. upto 8 lakhs.
- Self driven
- Intend to keep car as long as 5-6 years atleast.

Help me in checking or ruling out currently available models based on above criteria.

This weekend I am going to take TD of Logan and SX4. Lets see.

Thanks in advance

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Arrow lot of options

customer is enjoying a good sea of options with multiplayers coming to india and entering ... Hence you have good number of options available for you....

I will share my expreince with you on this since my req was similar to yours

I was maruti user alto, 800

but recently booked Aveo... 1.4 LS really its value for money

Mileage acceptable on this segment in city it gives 12-14 with ac on depends on your driving and city also.

AC is really good after GM changed it recently. test drive the changed version to check on AC

Gear shift problem resolved to good extent ... its better and easier now

it can easily accomodate 5 passengers

very spacious
good ground clearence
When u make ac on power will not godown Cabin is very silent

over all its good package my advice before deciding have a look on Aveo.. but check for New version certainly .... its much better then before ... dealers will not show u that easily as they had to clear old stock too....
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Another option is Corolla Executive if you increase your budget by 1 lakh more else there's City Zx vtec/Optra .

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Was in same situation as you... heart was all out for Corolla executive, finally had to setlle for Fiesta Diesel for now... as Corolla is due for change next year, and I didnt want to invest soo much in something thats going to go away so soon even though i just loved the corolla. But my plans are to buy the new corolla as my second car next year.
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since you said upto 8 lacs, i was about to advise you the logan, but i m tilting towards sx4. anyways lets make this profitable to you:

IF AND ONLY IF you can put up with cabin details being bad then go for logan diesel - its got space, power, FE, ride is good, engine doesnt suffer at all with AC and is 7.6 OTR bangalore. (if looks and console features dont matter to you!) - mind you its got one airbag for that price.

coming to sx4 - two things

1. colour choice and wait period for that colour
2. seating for 4 only

if you can put up with these, go for sx4, at 8.12 OTR bangalore, you have plenty of goodies, about 11-12 mileage with climate control, airbags, abs, stereo, everything is there for that price. might be a tad bit noisier than honda.

no honda since its > 8 lac. would not recommend aveo or fiesta (personally i dont like american motor companies, prefer japanese)

you could also consider the indigo long wheel base dicor version/verna CRDI/fiesta TDCI if your heart reaches out to these cars. anyways, drive the car first. compared to logan anyday for 8 lacs OTR verna crdi is far far better.

hope this helps!

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I think you should go for Verna Crdi hands down as it meets all your criteria.

Its has a good rear space, build quality is gr8, zippy when u pedal, great mileage of 16 in city with AC on, comfortable for 5, u will never hear any sound inside, its diesel powered..... kindly take a RD of verna before u decide on anything..
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i second drsvijay. read it everywhere, the verna crdi's supposed to be very good on FE
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Hey bro,
I would suggest a Fiesta 1.4 Diesel.
It may not be the most powerful out of all the options but is qite powerful, gives amazing FE (Our FE bills for approx 1200 - 1500km/month are round 4K-ish)
Has amazing ride quality
Is decently spacious
Is amazing to drive (better than the rest)
Also, we've owned 2 ikons and we recently got a Fiesta (a little over a year ago) and the maintainance of these cars hasn't been too much (unlike rumors about Fords = high maintainance).
In comparison to the Verna CRDi, it is much more stable, safer (better brakes) and has much better quality interiors (IMHO).
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I took TD of Honda City, Maruti SX4 and Verna Petrol version.
Usually on sundays showrooms close early, so could not try Aveo.
Saw Ford Fiesta but yet to TD.

My first impressions:

Maruti SX4
- Looks quite bulky and muscular from outside; true to their slogan 'men amongst cars'. I Personally did not like its extra bulkiness.
- Heighted, easy to get in and outside.
- Driver's position is good except for very bad triangular portion at the door corner, blocks lot of view, could take time to get used to.
- Powerful it is to my satisfaction.
- Rear seat could accommodate 3 people but the middle person had to sit straight and forward. quite uncomfortable actually. Wish they could have atleast given an option to have rear seat without armrest.
- Good interiors (Zxi version).
- Felt steering wheel vibrations while driving.
- 7.77 on road (thane registration)

Honda City ZX Gxi
- Super silent and better in terms of noise/vibrations compared to SX4.
- Power is good though not as good as SX4. SX4 was just running at the touch of pedal.
- Rear seat is better than SX4 - the armrest does not protrude too much.
- Good looking
- Interiors are good - except for the integrated stereo in SX4, i felt the rest of the interior quality was better in City.
- No ABS, alloy wheels, airbags, climate control.
- 8.05 on road (thane registration)

Verna Xi
- Looks good.
- Difficult to get in and out. especially driver's seat.
- I felt the suspension was not good at the rear.
- Powerful engine. Can be placed between City and SX4.
- Rear seat was again uncomfortable for the 3rd (middle) person. The arm rest which folds inside is too hard to be comfortable for the person sitting there.
- Rear leg room is far less compared to SX4 and City.

Ford Fiesta
- 1.4 version comes out to be cheaper of all above
- Driver and passenger seats are not quite wide. Also feels like sitting bit low.
- Rear seat has least width compared to all three above.
- Looks good.

I did not try Verna CRDi since it is out of my price range. Also, I was thinking that Honda City's first version - Exi would be better for me. SX4 is really a VFM if you compare Honda and SX4. I will take a look at SX4 again.
So, I think SX4, City, Fiesta and Aveo are still in my mind. Verna is out.

Ex-showroom price for Pune is usually less by around 26000 for all the above cars as per their websites. I asked this to dealers in Mumbai but they were not sure and saying that only 1.5% octroi is less in Pune which should come out to be a very less difference. Anybody has compared prices between Mumbai/Pune ? I intend to take car from Pune if there is so much of difference.

Shall keep updating.

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@ksr, Even if the dealers know about the prices in Pune being less than Mumbai no one will accept that on the face. Check out the sites. The manufacturers are normally correct. Once you have everything decided upon (the make, the variant etc) call up the pune dealers and ask the price. If it is actually lesser by that amount land up there and negotiate. Never let them know at the negotiation stage that you have come from Mumbai. You may manage to get good dealer discounts which may add up to a still better deal.
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Ksr, Looks like you have taken a liking to the Fiesta 1.4.
As lambo said, its not true that Ford's relate to high maintenance.

Do test drive the car and let us know your impressions, so that we can guide you further.
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Logan should be out straightaway... choose among others. Its just awful.
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Go for the NHC Gxi - fills in all your requirements with ease. You'll love the space, comfy seats, very low NVH, good FE, and decent city drivability.
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Try the SX4, its got great features for the price and above all, its a Maruti, so FE and A.S.S wont be a problem. Why pay premium just for the Honda Badge?
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Hi All,

Thanks for your opinions.

Finally I took the test drive of Aveo and I very much liked it.
- Comfortable seating for 3 in the rear seat (First version - 1.4 doesn't have armrest in the rear seat making it very comfortable seat for 3).
- I felt the driver's and passenger's seating is just perfect.
- Very good leg room in the front seats.
- Sufficient leg room for the rear seat.
- Interiors quite good.
- Lot many features for the price it is available for.
- Gear ratios are well suited for city driving. I could drive at the speed of 20 in 3rd gear with AC ON and car fully loaded. The gear need not be changed every time we brake.

- Not as powerful as SX4. But that was expected as I tried Aveo 1.4 which has 1400 cc engine compared to SX4 which has 1600cc engine. Or as other people said, the response of the engine in lower gears is not thrilling.

Overall comfort level was too good in this car compared to Verna or Fiesta. The gear knob was bit hard on the demo version car which was of 2006 make. The 2007 make has improved gear knobs. Overall I was bit confused with different information about the same car from different dealers. Like, many dealers say that music system is not coming along in the 1.4 base version. However some dealers say that music system which comes along with 1.4 LS version is now also coming with 1.4 version. Chevy's website is not updated ! The website also does not mention about tubeless tires in the car. Same info with carwale.com website. In the specs, it does not show tubeless tires.

I got a good deal from Pune dealer and I booked it.
1.4 base version -- 6.46 Lakhs on road with lot of accessories like music system, body coloured door handles and rear view mirrors, MGA, seat covers, steering cover, sun control film.

IMO it is really a value for money car when compared with likes of NHC or SX4.

Will update you once I get the car keys in my hand.

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