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Old 21st May 2007, 14:43   #61
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Hi I have a 2006 palio.My 3rd free service is due on June.When I checked my last FE it returned 13.2 KM/L, which I think is not bad at all for the city driving in Bangalore.

But again it all depends on personal taste.I did quite an amount of research before deciding on Palio.In fact, i had to cancel my booking of Palio during August 2005 (due to floods in Mumbai) and waiting until June 2006 to get my babe.touch wood ..I have no regrets so far.And enjoying every bit of my driving in it.This is just my personal experience.

I am not here to influence you to buy Palio, but just want to correct some bad-mouthing that has been going around on the FE of Palios.

Thank you
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Originally Posted by Sush View Post
This has become a war zone.. :-)
Let's stop the Fiat and anti Fiat thing and concentrate on the guy's requirement.
I think the guy ran away. Normal users tend to stay out of these debates out of politeness and to avoid the futility of these arguements that have happened over the last god knows how many years.

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Originally Posted by typeOnegative View Post
Why should it be a joke? If that is whay he has experienced, then have the grace to admit it.
TypeO, why only we should have the grace to accept all the crap heaped on by Fiat haters???

Atleast, I will not take it lying down!
I will call Horse a Horse and donkey a donkey, whether anyone likes it or not!

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Finneyp buddy, I am increasingly getting suspicious that you have some sort of a Inferiority complex. What is this idea about Fiat Haters? Thats something you have concocted in your mind. Please chuck that out at the earliest.

If anyone here hates anything it is the absolute compulsiveness with which some users fall on a newbie with those superlatives about anything Fiat. Objective suggestions are always welcome and they help people see the light. However its those dangerous rumblings which border on fixation that grates on other members.
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The best solution buy a sports bike within your budget..LOL
You will get a pretty good one and surely a head turner.
Just decide by yourself.Take a test drive for all cars and then decide.
I am also contemplating on buying a new car with the same budget.
I will be taking detailed test drives for all of them and according to my priority areas in terms of handling,FE etc etc which will be different for everyone I would then shortlist the car.
Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by finneyp View Post
TypeO, why only we should have the grace to accept all the crap heaped on by Fiat haters???
I dont think they are Fiat haters. Most of it seems to be a reaction to mindless recommendations for Fiat. Even when there might be other viable options around. And even if you disagree with some one on Fiat's value proposition, you need not go out of your way to ridicule them. That is pretty petty isn't it?
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Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post

Considering the piddly numbers that the car actually sold, this is totally out of proportion with reality.

It is childish, unprofessional, unbecoming and totally sickening. Seriously - we need to put an end to this nonsense for our own sakes.

The worst you can do for a cause is to defend it deliberately with illogical arguments.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

I think your signature puts your point across even more emphatically than your post . Whether this was a coincidence or not, I dont know!
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Originally Posted by EatMyDust
Finally I think the only car that fits the bill is the SWIFT petrol for me. I may be making a decision by the end of month. I wanted comments from you, whether I'm doing the right thing? I hope my hard earned 5L are spent wisely
I don't think you can go wrong with the Swift. While there are some cons like (1) very common on the streets (2) rear seat not very comfy etc, it suits your requirements like VFM, good FE, safety (dual airbags, ABS, tubeless tyres etc), good A.S.S, etc.

You could also try the U-VA. Saw a few of them on the roads and they did look good, big and spacious.

Originally Posted by EatMyDust
WagonR: Cons: Doesnt suit my bachelor image
Why do you think the WagonR does not suit bachelors ?

Try to get a test drive of the Stile 1.6 (if at all it is available someplace). Take along a friend who has some experience with cars. From what I read here, the Palio1.6 should make your driving experience real fun. So, if that is what you like, go for it. The service and A.S.S. would not be fun, but then that should be a sacrifice you need to make.

Inspite of what people tell you, the 1.6 will not be as FE as the Swift due to the extra power it dishes out, the way it is tuned and due to the extra weight of the car compared to the Swift. So, its your call as to whether you want the adrenalin rush of the Palio1.6 or a decent performance with good FE from the Swift. There are lots of user reported FE figures for the Palio and the Swift - do a search and it will become clear.

Originally Posted by EatMyDust
I hear there's some diff in SWIFT Vxi and SWIFT Lxi's power steering. ONe is EPS, the other is not.
I would expect all the versions (Lxi, Vxi & Zxi) to have the same power steering.

Originally Posted by EatMyDust
Is it cheaper to buy it outside Bangalore and then get it in, so that i can save some more money?
Not a good idea. In Chennai it is OK to run other state cars, but from what I hear, the cops in B'lore will make life tough for you.
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sorry guys, i didnt know i was going to open a pandora's box by asking this Q.

But, I felt it was a genuine Q. Maybe u guys are right, i should've posted it on some other thread. In fact, I've already gone thru most of the other fiat threads.

but i thought that the 1.6 sport stile is a new model, didnt know it was using the same engine from the OFP. I thought, its better to get facts on the *NEW* FP 1.6 as this will be new data.

i myself find only these 2 cars at the top of my list. I've Td-ed the swift and thought that it was good enough. I am yet to td the new 1.6

once i do that, i will make a decision, and maybe i'll let u guys know asap.

@mod:: if u please, i think u can close the thread now. i have got more info than expected from u guys. thx!

now, i shall be active on the ICE threads- so see u there then!
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Originally Posted by EatMyDust View Post
i'm a newbie not only to this site, but to cars. i want to buy a new (first) car.
my profile: male, age 29, bachelor. i want to buy a good, reliable, cool hatchback.

Cars short listed:
Palio Stile 1.6, SWIFT pertol, SWIFT Diesel, WagonR Vxi (i know they're diverse, but they all fit my budget
Price range: Max - Rs. 5L (Slightly stretchable)

Maintenance & (A.S.S.) expectations:
- Dont mind spending time and money once in a while but there shouldnt be any nagging and persistent problems

Stile 1.6:
Pros: Driving pleasure, Powerful, highly reco on the site, 5 seater, safety, Maverick image
Cons: Vry bad FE, ***

SWIFT Petrol:
Pros: Driving pleasure, Tried and tested, Road presence shows how popular it is.
Cons: Bad Backseat comfort, too common look
Guys everyone is very OT. This sort of hijack scares away new members.

For a first time car owner A.S.S might be more important than for a car Enthusiast who can manage with 3rd party garages and such. Since the short list is the Swift and the Stile with a preference to the Swift why did this thread spend the last 3 pages discussing the Stile.

Amit's post #53 says it best "5. Service expereince at Shaman: Till last routine service was average but last repair job visit expreince was pathetic". I dont own a Fiat but I have heard horror stories from friends (about the A.S.S) - one has a S10 and the other the GTX. For a newbie the Stile might just be too much.

This thread should have been closed around post #30.

P.S. The Palio is/was a great car to drive but it's A.S.S let it down. No buts about that. End of Story.

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