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Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
The Flair seems more spacious than both the Accent and the Esteem at the rear. Although how comfortable a 6 footer at the back would be i am not sure.
The rear seat of the flair is the best amongst all the entry level sedans (though I have not seen the wide-bodied Logan ). That was the reason I bought it. Three slim 6 footers are reasonably comfortable at the back.
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GETZ 1.3 GLS is 5.64 lac and GLX is 6.10 lac on road. I'm afraid, both these cars are above your budget. So you need to consider between GETZ 1.1L and UVA 1.2L . In that case UVA makes more sense .
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why not the GVS version thats around 5.1/5.2 on road, and if you factor in discounts, its below 5L on road!
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If you are down to Getz 1.1, Indica and UVA. I will suggest go for UVA. (otherwise Getz 1.3 is equally good) I did couple of TD on UVA, I really liked that car. Only because my budget got crashed, I gone for Spark.

UVA is very very refined, very silent. It has got lots of space. Really good for City driving. I tried driving it in 3rd gear in really slow traffic, there was no problem at all. I heard it is good on Highway too, though not as powerful as Swift.

I suggest you Test Drive it before taking any decision. Don't worry about so many things other experienced reviewers test. Just try to drive in slow speed, then faster. See how it feels in lower and higher gears. Try imagining using this car for your daily drive.
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i own the UVA base model - got it last month. i went thru a similar confusion, but i didnt have the indica in my list, i had swift, spark, palio 1.6, and the uva.

Reg. the GETZ, i was checking out the 1.3 (not the 1.1, it has the santro engine which i dont fancy much) and it was out of budget. the indica went out of my list because of its taxi stereo-type.

the spark was out cos my legs didnt fit in the back also during sitting and getting out of the driver's seat, the steering wheel used to hit my legs. but otherwise the drive experience and handling in this is superb.

the swift's back seat is a little cramped (as u pointed out) but its a pure pleasure to drive this baby. Also i couldn't wait for 1.5 months of delivery.

i couldn't afford the Palio 1.6's FE in the long run. But otherwise this was the best performance oriented car under 5L

having said all that, it doesnt mean the UVA is the best and so i went for this.

UVA also has its own problems such as a not so peppy engine and an OKayish FE. Also the interiors aren't so inspiring. But overall the drive quality, backseat room, handling, big car look and feel, affordable price, looks etc. made me to buy this car.

I suggest to please TD all shortlisted cars yourself. Another criterion before u buy is whether u'll drive urself/ not and how much does FE matter to u.

You have any Qs reg. UVA, please PM me, I'll be glad to answer!


PS: You can also check out entry level sedans such as Esteem, Ikon and Logan. I think they'll be good too, if u're concerned about comfort

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Thank you all for helping me "clear" my doubts. After reading all the inputs on this tread and all other threads, I think i am highly tilted towards U-VA. Shall be TDing UVA and others in the next few weeks.
EMD, i see that you are quite a contributor on this forum, and now ur offer to PM you....i am going to learn all i can abt cars :-)
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Originally Posted by amohit View Post
i had been doing a lot of research and with every passig day, the confusion in my life is only going upwards.

My Requirements:
1. Budget max 5.2L(including Music system,autocop,seat covers and other basic accessories).
2. Driving: Say around 700kms per month in city and 1 weekend trip(250+) kms per month.
3. Rear seating comfort is of importance as weekend trips will be with 3-4 friends.

My initial shortlists were Swift LXI,UVA LS,Xeta GXG

Swift is out as rear seat leg room is bad.
so the choices are Xeta GXG or UVA.

I want to buy xeta for 3.5L and spend abt 50-70k on accessories and make it real posh...
but somewhere down there in my heart a voice says "UVA".

So now really confused
I am planning to make my purchase in oct end, so i guess Skoda Fabia will alo be out by then...to add to my confusion.

Also does anyone have any info abt any new launches that would be worth waiting for?

I would really appriciate any help in reducing my confusions.

reducing your confusion???

here is my contribution:

How about an amby grand or avigo???
It has one of the best rear seating comfort in India.

I hope I havent increased you conphushan.
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Get the Uva its a good package
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Choose between UVA and Getz both offer good space and package. Bargain hard if you consider Getz. Bargain for freebeies on UVA because I think they don't give any other offers.

UVA is really spacious I agree that and it comes with unmatched warranty.

You can consider Sedan as well Logan P or D , Indigo D both are very good choice as far space and cost concerned.


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Default About UVA

I have never driven a Getz, but since so many car-enthusiasts like it, it's got to be good. But looking at the prices, I am not sure if the Getz 1.3 can be accomodated within your budget. ACI rates the 1.1 to be less fuel-efficient than the 1.3, albeit marginally.

If you choose UVA, then my suggestion is you go for the LS version which should be within what you want to spend. It's got most of the goodies people normally need and like. I like to tell you one thing about UVA which I noticed and liked while I TD'ed the vehicle. From a high gear, say 5th, going at a reasonable speed, say above 60kmph, if you apply brakes and come down to say 30 kmph and then try accelerating again staying at the same gear, the engine does not knock at all. I would not have normally done it (it cannot be a good thing for the engine to do it often), but the dealership guy insisted that I did it. It just shows that one does not need to downshift that often in cities.

I think it's overall a good package, not excelling in any one department except perhaps space and looks (I liked the looks of UVA).
When I visited the Chevy showroom, there were absolutely NO discounts, not even corporate discounts on UVA and Spark. That was about a month ago. About couple of weeks ago, the Kolkata Chevy dealers ran an ad in the newspaper where they offered corporate discounts.
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Why not Esteem vxi .. very good discounts nowadays ( 50 k or so ) !! big car in that price, beautiful engine, good resale, very very good VFM, good FE.

Why do you go for UVa or Getz which are ridiculously overpriced ?
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