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Getz Prime 1.3

why not the Aveo?
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I would just list out the pros of the cars you mentioned.

1. Getz Prime 1.1: Spacious, comfortable, practical, has a big boot space. Performance adequate for city.

2. Indica Xeta: Highest Space/Cost ratio, highway stability, big car feel.

3. Stile 1.6: Good Highway performance, tank like build quality, doors close with a "reassuring thud".
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As per your requirements this is the order which I can think of for each point.
1. Fuel efficiency [Atleast 12Kmpl for petrol in City, expected running about 12K Kms per year 90% city, 10% highway] - Indica>>Getz>>Palio1.6
2. Space for 5 people. - Indica>>Getz==Palio
3. Ride & Build quality [Has to travel 1Km daily is one of the worst roads in Bangalore, max speed possible even if the road is empty is around 5-10 Kmph => the cars body should not start rattling] - Palio>>Getz>>Indica
4. A.S.S - Not sure but looks like Getz>>Indica>>Palio
5. Unscheduled Maintenance frequency - should be as less as possible [car should be trouble free]. It is Ok, if this comes at the expense of 15-20% higher regular maintenance fees when compared with the other cars.- least Cost of Maitenance Indica>>Palio>>Getz
6. Budget : 4 to 4.25L Ex-showroom - VFM - Indica>>Palio>Getz
7. Will use the car for 3-4 years. -resale will be getz>>Indica>>Palio

happy TDing..
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If you are planning on GETZ, then please consider 1.3L over 1.1L engine. Its a good, practical city car. Returns a mileage of 10-12 with A/C in city.
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I think the UVA should also be considered. If it is in your budget, I think it will be pretty close to your other requirements !!
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Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post
Whoa! Where is that Zappo? I'd like to see this post. I am sure a highway figure of 17 is possible then you wouldn't really be driving.
Sent you a pm on that I do not want this thread to go off topic and you know it will if we start it here...
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I would suggest the Getz 1.3 (if your budget allows) followed by the Getz 1.1 followed by the Palio Stile 1.1 (only if you really love drving the car)

The 1.6 Stile would not make you happy in the driving condtions and expectations you mentioned. The Getz 1.1 might just feel a little underpowered especially when you hit the highways. The Getz. 1.3 should really match your requirements. In case you wanted a choice there. Try the U-va also. I think it gives a good ride comfort and decent F.E figures. You might also get good discounts. You need to keep in mind that the 3 year 1L km warranty comes clubbed with the price of the U-va.

In a nutshell my first options would be the U-va and the Getz 1.3 depending on which you like to drive.
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Thanks for all your suggestions. Have been ON and OFF Bangalore for the past few weeks, hence did not update this post.

During August, took TDs of Santro, Prime 1.1 , prime 1.3, Xeta, Palio, Swift Diesel and U-VA. Will update this post with my observations on the TDs in the next couple of days.
If all goes well, then I should be booking my car this week
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Thumbs down Xeta & Stile 1.1 Testdrives

Visited Prerana motors in the ORR for the TDs. The staff were very friendly (no other customers around)

Xeta TD
Took the TD in the ORR and the Sarjapur road.
* The car was easy to drive in heavy traffic conditions but found the power steering to a bit vague
* Overall visibility is good
* Suspension were so so, occupants do get thrown around in patchy roads.
* Bumper to Bumber can traffic can be negotiated in 2nd gear
* Gear shift quality is miles ahead of Wagon R
Overall I did not find anything exceptional about the car, except the price.

Stile 1.1 TD
Stile 1.6car was not available, hence took a Stile 1.1 TD in the same route as the Xeta TD
* Having never driven a Palio before, the first thing I noticed in the drive quality is very good. Fantastic Suspension , all rough patches in the road were handled with ease [I did not even have to slow down this car on small speed breakers]
* Precise power steering, I felt I was in total control
* Clutch is very hard when compared with other cars I have driven
* Power, hmmm I am not a very experienced driver to harness the full power from this motor. Found myself frequently shifting gears where none would have been required in Xeta.
* Found it very difficuly to negotiate bumber to bumper traffic in 2nd gear, forced to downshift frequently
* No dedicated TD car, the car which I test drove had it's odometer cables removed => It will eventually be sold to some unsuspecting customer
Overall, I find the car to be a tad underpowered.

After these two TDs, I decided against Xeta and stile 1.1. And was eagerly waiting for the Stile 1.6 TD.
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Cool Stile 1.6 story

The reported mileage issues/low resale value/poor A.S.S were always on the back of the mind when I shortlisted this car, but I kind-off rationalized by decision based on
* Some users (web forums) report 10-12 kmpl in city limits
* Will be using the car for 3-4 years, hence a 50K here and there will not be major concern when selling the car
* With Tatas, the A.S.S should not be an issue
After all "there are no drivers only lovers"

Then about 2-3 days before the TD
* My neighbor (he bought a swift VXi 3 months back, he would have bought a Getz 1.3 if the price was less by 25-30k, common HMIL wakeup) mentioned that his friend who owns a palio 1.6 gets around 6-7 kmpl, he has kept the car unused due to the poor mileage and sold it off eventually for a poor price
* Noticed dad experience reported by some of the fellow forum members [Car in the service stations for weeks together waiting for parts]

The above got me thinking again. True "there are no drivers only lovers" but should I buy a car just because selected few were in love with Palio? I have not ever driven the car before!!!. I decided against Palio and removed it from my shortlist even without a TD. Hope the Palio owners do not pounce on me for this ,

Now it is back to Prime 1.1/1.3 [The HMIL sales girl call me on a daily basis but says no discount] or may be start considering U-VA?
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Consider UVA. I found it to be better than Prime 1.1...and on par with prime1.3.
I hate to admit it, but i found swift to be the best so far.
but owning to the long wait period for swift, i will put my money on UVA.

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Old 5th September 2007, 01:47   #27
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TD the UVA and the Spark as well just for kicks.. I dont recommend the Spark for you as you want to seat 5 adults comfortably which Sparky can but not always

Keeping in mind your other requirements the FE and A$$ and maintenance costs UVA fits to the T.. A.S.S is bound to improve.. And ride quality is one of the best in its class.. and since only 10% is highway..it should suit you..

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both Getz 1.3 and UVA are good cars. Spacious and have 60:40split rear seats. UVA even comes with 3 yr warranty i think.

TD both and select the one that you are comfortable with. Also share your TD experience.
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Default U-VA TD at Sundaram Motors

Visited Sundaram Motors on a Sunday. They were about to shut shop, the U-VA sales person was busy/not around, hence the Optra guy joined me for the TD.
* Suspension + ride quality + build is as good as Palio
* Precise power steering
* Gear shift quality is good but not as good as Getz
* Car easy maneuver to city traffic
* Big car feel
* Engine is quiet but it does get a bit nosier when revved to higher RPMs in lower gears
* Engine power is more than adequate in city driving
* Bumber to Bumber traffic can be easily negotiated in 2nd gear.
* Boot is small when compared with other card
* Equipment levels were less even in the LS variant.
Overall I find the car good except for the gray plastics and interiors

The TD route was from Kasturba road, around the stadium, Anil kumble circle, U- turn at Mayo hall and back to Kasturba road. Seriously need another TD will less traffic conditions, requested another TD from Sundaram which was promptly promised but some how did not materialize. Since the response was not encouraging from Sundaram, decided to try out Garuda.
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Lightbulb SWIFT Diesel TD

Due to pressure from my parents and in-laws to consider a Diesel car, took the Swift Diesel TD in my native, Trichy [Even though my initial budget is 4.25L Ex-showroom, I can stretch it till ~5.25L]. Since the waiting time for the car is huge in Bangalore, in parallel I was also exploring ways to expedite the process

About getting the car delivered faster [YES it can be done]
* In lot of places the waiting period of Swift is much less when compared in Bangalore. I believe some forum members have reported that the waiting was a week or so in Kerala. Book your car there and get a temporary registration done [valid for a month].
* Then get the car to Bangalore and get it registered in the local RTO by paying the Road tax + reg costs + alms to the RTO officials
* M.A.S will continue servicing your car irrespective of the dealer you bought it from.

From the TD
My in-laws own the Indica turbo, so most of the comparisons below are between the turbo & the DDiS
* The torque/drive is much much better, I do not have to say much on this front, most team-bhpians will already know
* Fantastic gearbox, but still I find Getz gearbox to be superior
* The DDiS was surprisingly more noisier from the outside [May be the sales guy was trying to move the car without down shifting]. The cabin is quiet though
* The TD route had a lot of potholes and I find the ride quality better in turbo than DDiS [DDiS < Turbo < Prime < U-VA ]
* Our turbo has crossed about 27K, the DDiS TD vehicle has covered bout 6-7K. But there were lots of panel/door noise in the DDiS when compared with the Turbo. The U-VA vehicle that I test drove at sundram has also done about 6-7K but it was super silent
* There was one thread in the team-bhp on the panel gaps in Swift, so had a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle, the panels gaps, ~3 mm very obvious expecially in the rear. Even the turbo did not have that big panel gaps

When compared with Prime/U-VA, DDiS will make economic sense after 3 years time [for my kind-off usage]. But then, if I get Prime/U-VA converted to LPG after 3 years [after warranty period] then it will even things out.

Overall this is a fantastic car provided it's usage is 99% of the time in decent roads. If the usage is frequently on poor roads the rattling issues may start and annoy you [Check out Geeksrik's thread on Vdi]. I do not have the luxury of 99% decent road for my daily commute)

Got the Garuda contact details form a colleague and waiting for the next TD of U-VA
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