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Default Santro GL LPG or Spark LS LPG

I am thinking about getting a hatch to get to work everyday. The daily commute is close to 50kms. and with the way Petrol prices are climbing I wanted to future proof myself somewhat by buying an LPG car (I'm in Hyderabad, so no CNG).

I had heard of the Santro LPG variant and was pretty set on buying it. Wagon R was never an option because of the looks and I have had a Santro (Petrol) before so I was pretty gung ho about the whole deal. The GL LPG (on-road) came in around 390k (this would be my second car so I pay more tax). However, with the launch of the new variant that price went up to 410k. All of this for new upholstry (which I can get cheaper on the market) and very very minor changes.

The other day I walked into a Chevy showroom and spotted a Spark LPG. Instant love. Did a test drive today and I am blown away by the performance on LPG. Went up a hill and switched to petrol (and back) mid-way. No hitch! The Spark LS LPG comes in at 370l (on road). The only problem is the amount of space the wheel takes up in the boot (but that problem exists for the Santro too).

The moment I mentioned my interest in the Spark family and friends started calling me advising me not to make the mistake. What with GM's after sales and the general condition of the company. I'll be the first one to admit it, I despise American car companies. In fact, I tried very hard to dissuade a friend from buying the Ford Fiesta (and I was wrong, so terribly wrong ).

So this one's for all the GM experts and Spark (especially LPG) owners. What do I do?

Sorry about the longish post
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I dont think we have a Santro/Spark LPG owner on this forum, I myself have been waiting for reports on Spark LPG!
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It's obvious that you are smitten by the Spark, and are only wary of American reliability & GM's health. The first point is taken care of, as the Spark is actually a Korean (just like the Santro). The second, well, GM India has been pretty honest about their parent's state of affairs and seems committed to the Indian market (no guarantees though). They have 2 new launches in the coming months, and the Spark is doing rather respectable numbers (3000+ monthly). Further, GM is giving out excellent 3 year all-inclusive maintenance packages with the Spark.

We just bought one for my Bhabhi, and I'd recommend the Spark to you straight away. I've liked this nippy li'l hatch from the time of its launch in India.

P.S. : GM has recently introduced a beige interior option with the Spark. If you do choose the Spark....

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+1 GTO
the spark is wonderful little car. Its runs smooth, super silent, relatively inexpensive to maintain and has very good road manners for its size. We bought it over an i10 just because of its road dynamics. Its been about 9 months of ownership and only issue has been a fallen off wiper blade.

Go for it.!
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i would advise you to visit both A.S.S. and find out how both the cars fare when it comes to regular visits to the service centers!

remember you go to the shiny and spanky showroom just once to buy the car but you go to the service centers regularly for service and maintainence!

i would go for Santro LPG!
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Originally Posted by Parm View Post
i would advise you to visit both A.S.S. and find out how both the cars fare when it comes to regular visits to the service centers!
Only on the point of A.S.S the Wagon R Duo wins hands down.

However the Spark looks better and comes with a better overall package
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Santro has a very strong track record but Chevy Spark is also doing well. My personal recommendation is Spark. Reasons -
1. Santro design is too old now and you had a petrol Santro before.
2. Chevy A.S.S. gives very good service but network is not like Hyundai.
3. Next three years you don't have to worry about service cost and spare cost only you have to spend for fuel.
4. Spark - much better overall package
5. Festival time - you can get good offer from chevy
6. Resale price of Spark will be less in comparison to Santro.
7. Look for the boot space in both the car I guess Spark has a much better one.
All the best.
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Spark lpg has much better lpg unit than santro and wagon R,overall better car than competitors. Only down side is resale value.
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Hey! i own a Spark but not LPG.
But looking at its performance and service provided by GM, I am very happy
owning one.
Since you live in Delhi, there is no problem of after sale service.
The LPG specs show a decent power under the hood.
LPG engine provide 60bhp n 63 in petrol mode.
Also the capacity for lpg is 26 lts n mileage is 13.72 km/l.
That says with full tank (Rs. 300-500) u can go around 350 km, which is more than enough.
The LS version has everything you need.
Definitely The Spark is more comfortable, silent and soft than the Sntro.

You will get ample space inside, but lesser boot capacity than santro.
On every other points Spark is better than santro.

I hope this might be of some use to you.
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So what is good about the new Santro, if one does not want an LPG option? The highest end (GLS) does not offer even a music system as mentioned in their site. Initially I was considering a Santro GLS for my dad, who plans to change his 800. But now I am thinking otherwise.

He is more of a back seat person. So Astar was out. So the options are Santro Xing, i10 Magna or the Ritz LXI or the Spark. Still working it out.
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No doubt, Spark is 100 times better than Santro in all aspects, except service network. The reason why I assertion you to buy Spark is:
- Spark is in a growth stage in the Product Life Cycle.
- Santro is almost in the declining stage (because of the positioning of i10) and Hyundai is firing the last rounds for boosting the sale.

Its better to stay away from a declining product. Once discontinued, the resale value will go down.

According to various feedback in this forum itself, the performance of LPG variants is in the following order.
a. Spark
b. WagonR
c. Santro

So go with Spark and enjoy life....

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The GM showroom is pretty far from our place and I am not sure of the service, although there is a 3 year extended warranty. The Maruti and Hyundai are closer.

From that point of view in my dad's case I was thinking a base version of Ritz may be a good choice as well (the LXI version).
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Hi ampere,

In that case, you better go for Ritz Lxi. It is value for money car. Anyway, you can buy fully loaded Spark (LT) or i10 magna is also that same price tag of Ritz. And i test drove Spark LPG a week back. It was amazing, no difference in the ride while switching the modes. Anyway, Ritz has following advantages (only for you)

-- Nearest A.S.S
-- A Maruti product
-- Better fuel efficiency
-- Little roomy than others
-- One step upper segment hatchback (comparing to Spark,Wagon-R)
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Exclamation Spark LPG review

Hi All
A delayed response to this thread, but better late than never. I have a Spark LPG, you can access my review @ http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/long-t...er-review.html
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