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Arrow Which Hatchback below 5 Lakhs - Advice Please

Hi Huys this is my first post in Team-Bhp. Please enlighten me to this problem.
I am facing a huge dilemma. I have gone through almost all the posts of Team-Bhp but unable to decide which car to buy. This will be my second car. I already have a Santro LE 1999 model (The first santro ever launched in India) and has clocked just under 37000 KMS as of now. I love this car. It is called my Red Darling and I am driving this for the last 5 years. But the problem is I am now transferred to Bangalore and unable to bring my car here as if I bring it here I will be paying around 45K INR as taxes. Which is for a 10 years old car. So planning for a new car.

My Requirements : 500 Kms - 600 Kms of City Driving every month and at least one monthly weekend long drives of around 400 KMs with minimum 3 people at the back max will be 4 . Dont worry all thin ones. Fuel Economy is a factor for me. I am interested in cars with a tad better FE as I want to keep the running costs low. Diesels are also fine with me.

Cars I am considering -

Petrol - i10 Sportz, Getz 1.3 GVS, Ritz VXi.
Diesel - Ritz VDi

I took a test drive of i10 , Ritz and A-Star.

i10 Sportz - Engine is damn powerful and there is a solid feeling in the car. The accessories with it is really good and also I am getting a discount of 27K + free accessories. Also to mention here AC was super cool and car was super silent and overall finish quality was very good. Car was peppy and after 3rd gear it was hard not to hit above 100KMPH. It had everything except FOg Lamps, ABS and Air Bags.The stock Music system was very decent one.

i10 Magna(iRIDE) - This is a very zippy car. The car I took for test drive was damn smooth and very responsive in lower gears. But the features of this model was particularly low. Discount is same as Sportz.

Ritz VXi - Car is damn smooth. But I didnt like the interiors and finish quality. i10 is far better than this. But what I feel that the Ritz engine was very very good for driving and as I am 6ft+ so the tall boy design fits for me. Here they are oiffering me ZERO discounts and ZERO accessories.

Getz - I am yet to take this car for a test ride. But I am specifically thinking for this car as I need rear space and this is 1665 mm in the rear which is 100 mm extra than the i10 and 15 mm lesser than Ritz. Also Getz engine(1.3) is a good one and enough powerful). Freebies is same as Sportz model. Also the reviews of Getz on TBhp is very good.

A-Star - Car is very bad. The test car I accelerated and even before touching 60 the engine was sounding horrible which was even audible from inside the cabin. So A-Star is out. Here they are oiffering me ZERO discounts and ZERO accessories.

Also I would like to mention that I went for a test drive of Indica Vista. But even after waiting for 30 mins no body came to attend me or even show the car forget test drive. So I guess, if this is the attitude of sales people then god help with service. So Indica Vista is toally off for me.

I am open to other cars also. Please suggest me something whose on road price is less than 5L.

Any help will be very helpful

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Of the choices you've indicated I'd say its a straight fight between the I 10 and the Getz. From these, in my opinion, purely because of space and comfort, the Getz would be better though a tad underpowered with the 1.1 engine.

Why not consider a Swift too? It is a stylish, smart car with reasonable FE. Maybe with a bit of a stretch the LDi will just about fit into your budget at 5.5 lacs. The LXi certainly will fit at just under 5 lacs, as will the VXi with a bit of a stretch at about 5.5 ish lacs.
But then, if you are willing to make a small stretch, you can even consider the Base version I 20 which is a very very good car and which you will get for about 5.7 lacs. You may wish also to consider the Fiat Grande Punto Active 1.2 at 4.6 lacs and the 1.3 Active at 5.6 lacs.

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I think i10 should serve the purpose. Just to get you tempted if you could stretch your budget wee bit you can maybe get the i20 1.2 Magna. Else i10 Sportz should be the best bet.

P.S. :-

You crossed your smiley limit
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Hmm, the i10 is an excellent machine. But if running costs matter then why not consider the Spark? A.S.S. of GM has so far been above reproach. Given the 3 year warranty which includes service costs as well as those of consumables (oil and spares) means its a no brainer when it comes to lowest running costs. High Fuel efficiency and an excellent ride quality are added bonuses. You may reject the car due to size / looks , but I do suggest taking a test drive on this one.

I like the looks and specs of the A star , however it seems you have had a good test drive on it so that leaves it pretty much out of the question.
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why are there no tatas in your list ?
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Its best to go in for the Getz or the Ritz, as you need a car which can seat 3 at the back for long runs. You could also consider the TATA vista.
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Go for a Punto Active 1.2 you get a bigger car at the price of an i10 sportz. Thou engine is 1.2 in Petrol. Punto MJD active will be costly thou.

i10 is a costly car for its size and value one gets. Its still a santro by size wise, but so expensive. Looks lovely and peppy drive, but stiff ride quality. Reflecting dash board in sunny days very very irritating.

Else choose Vista very spacious and same Fiat engines as in Punto.

Go for Swift - If you want to wait for few months to get delivery and start experiencing rattles.
Go for Ritz - If you really like the rear looks, man when ever i see one i feel like drawing a boot at the rear just to complete the car. Ha Ha Then I can sell it as Ritz Dezire
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Try a TD of Fiat GP petrol and Diesel. You will get similar featured version within 5 lakhs.

Things you should look for are
City driving -
1. Turning radius
2. Pickup at low speed (compared to others)
3. Braking
4. Fuel economy. Do not let a difference of less than 4 kmpl make you change your decesion

Highway driving or may be on bad roads
1. How bumps are handled (take car to your fav bumpy spots and see the difference)
2. How sturdy and stable do you feel at speeds above 100 lmph and 140 kmph
3. What your feel of the external built and strength of the car.
4. Whats you feel on the safety features

Just see how Fiat GP changes this (if at all)
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My take:

Indica / Vista - I owned an Indica V2 DLS for 7 years, and except the coarse gear train and engine (typical diesel engine sound), it had been always a wonderful experience with loads of space and great smooth ride. *** should not be bad from Tatas. Vista seemed to be somewhat better in terms of features and brand positioning (not that "taxi cab" at the least).
Fiat Punto - great car, nice set of features, good ride. Only thing is *** where the Tatas seemed indifferent in even getting the car for TD.
Ritz - good car, though with a "broken" back.
Swift - great car, good ride.
i10 - again a great car but somehow felt overpriced.
Will not consider A-Star or Getz at all.

I'd say, try to have the active/passive security systems in whatever you buy (ABS, airbags, etc) which would be really helpful and value-adding in the long run, and of course a good *** from the dealer/manufacturer - in that manner, you may look at maruti, tata and hyundai only in this price range.
I'd still suggest you to look at entry level C-segment (Dzire etc) though if you can stretch your budget a little and there is no parking space constraint.
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If you would like to fit 4 at the back and get above average FE, forget i10. I have been driving it for the past 2 months (90% time I drive it alone, so rear seat was never really a deal breaker for me). Other than this there are no other complaints with i10.

If you like to go for rear seat comfort and 4 people at the rear alongwith good FE, try indica vista quadrajet diesel (but keep in mind the not-so-famous TATA A.S.S).
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Try for Fabia and Jaaz. Jaaz is bit overpriced. fabia will be a bit noisy as three cylinder car and also its famous Skoda A.S.S.

Otherwise evergreen maruti swift.

Punto is also over all good buy but the same A.S.S from tata which is a concern
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Out of the cars chosen by you, Getz makes the most sense if rear seat comfort is of prime importance, and i10 if resale, fresh looks and more peppy engine is of prime importance.

My advice will be to also look at Punto Multjet base model or ritz vdi, also i10 CRDI launch is around the corner. With 1000KMS every month you should go for a diesel. Just my 2 cents.
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Your priorities seem to be space and a running of 1000 KM every month.
A diesel makes more sense.
The Ritz VDI makes a lot of sense - good space and fuel efficiency. Great engine too. I would vote for this.
A Swift diesel would be the Ritz competitor!
i10 is much less spacious and with 3-4 people in the back, you will curse a lot on longer travels!
Swift and Ritz will cost over 5 lacs though, for the diesel.
Don't push out the Vista just because of a bad reception the first time- try it once as it has great space and is a lot more refined than the Indica. It will work out the cheapest too.
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I would also vote for ritz vdi.we have 3 cars in our house-santro,ritz vdi n verna vgt.lately am seeing that the ritz is being taken more n more for all the city chores-its so convenient to drive n very frugal.can be parked easily.love to drive verna but in city ritz vdi gets my vote.
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Does it really make sense for Victorsinha to get a diesel car for ~1000 km/month drives ?
I do not think so. Somewhere in teambhp (I think GTO) made a comparo on when to go for a diesel car. I guess the cut off was 1500 km/month.

Take this for example:

Ritz vdi with ABS: 516005 (ex showroom Bangalore)
Ritz vxi with ABS: 443701 (ex showroom Bangalore)

Maruti Suzuki Ritz

price difference: 72304

yearly kms driven - 12000 km

average mileage on ritz petrol: 17

average mileage on ritz diesel: 20

fuel cost on petrol - 12000/17*48=33882
fuel cost on diesle - 12000/20*36=21600

gain on diesel for a year = 12282

extra amount paid for diesel version = 72304

years to break even with petrol version = 72304/12282 = 5.88 ~ 6 years

From 7 th year onwards the owner shall gain from the low diesel costs.

Please correct me if I went wrong anywhere.

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