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Default New Wagon R or Ritz ?

My cousin want to buy a car. His budget is 4-4.5 Lacs. He has shortlisted 2 cars mainly. New Wagon R and Ritz. He want car mainly for city commute & occasional highway driving. Monthly running is also on lower side.

So which car is better here? I am suggesting him Ritz as its a new car compared to Wagon R. Also it has better inside space, it can accommodate 5 elders which is not case in Wagon R. Engine is more powerful & its a good handler. Only problem is its little costly than the Wagon R.

So what is the better choice guys? A.S.S. is not issue here as Maruti is best & both are from same. He is confused.
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wrong section. It should be in What car ->hatches

well, technically WagonR is the latest - it was launched a few months back. If he can afford it Ritz would be a better buy as it looks better and has a 1.2L engine.
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1) This thread must be in this section :
Hatchbacks - Team-BHP

2) About the car, well, the new Wagon R's rear seat is very spacious, but the Waggie loses out on boot space. Overall, the Waggie is just that, a very comfortable city hatch, but not as comfortable on highway as Ritz would be.
If affordable, go for the Ritz as better in overall ride and is better handler than the Wagon R. Also the higher boot space and bigger engine would be very helpful on highway trips.
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Ritz is a good car, few of my colleagues have it and satisfied with the performance. Go for Ritz if you can stretch your budget.

Both the cars fails in the looks dept - new WagonR looks bad from all angles. Ritz front and rear looks OK, but side view looks horrible.
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Ritz as a car is a segment above the WagonR.
What it boils down to is your requirements. In case purely city driving with emphasis on fuel efficiency is concerned, look no further than the WR. However, if a good build and decent highway performance are also added o the euqation, than the Ritz should be your choice.
Do keep in mind that a fully loaded WR with Airbags and ABS would cos less than the Ritz similar specd version. Again, boils down to your requirements..

Do also check out:

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/hatchb...tz-petrol.html (New zen Estilo or Wagon R or Ritz Petrol?)

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Technically, Ritz/Splash is the 'New WagonR/Agila'.

Originally Posted by aniketi View Post
He is confused.
Ritz LXi v/s Wagon R VXi(ABS), that's the confusion I guess.
If I have to decide between Ritz and WagonR, I would choose Ritz. Overall its much better then the Waggy.
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I think both are in different segments. Still I would vote for Ritz Lxi than WagonR Vxi.
Tall Boy - Both
Comfortable for 5 passengers - Only Ritz (I have a very bad experience as a 3rd person in WagonR rear seat)
Boot space - Ritz is better(235Lr vs 180Lr)
Suspension - Ritz is better
Power - Ritz is better
Smoothness - Ritz is better(4cylinder. WagonR is only 3 cylinder)
Handling - Ritz is better
Mileage(Petrol) - I guess both are same
Look - Ritz is better (Subjective to individual)
Cost - Ritz lxi would still cost approximately 30k more including music system.

In my opinion travelling/driving comfort is more important than powerwindows or things like that. My suggestion is defenitely Ritz(Provided your cousin can shell out that 30k more). One assumption from my side is Ritz Lxi comes with power steering. Just ensure that. As mentioned somewhere above, technically Ritz should had been the new version of Wagon R. If Marutis were Toyotas it would have happened that way.
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So you question is - which is less of a bread box between the two
A) Ritz, for that and many other reasons including better interiors, better exterior, better ride and better features, Ritz should actually be a half segment above the WR.
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My vote is for WagonR unless a little more power is solicited. But again if there are 5 elders always to occupy in the car, more power required & budget extention possible, then, the answer will be Ritz.
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Ask him to go for Ritz, it's a better package than good ol' Waggy. Also its a segment higher.
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It's simply better than the other car, the WR.
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Ritz is miles and miles ahead of the blue eyed boy - both engine-wise and dynamics-wise. Though it is a tall boy, it is much, much more stable around the curves, less body roll and handles surprisingly well.
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My suggestion is Ritz.

@ looks (funny comaprison). WagonR - a girl with full skirts and Ritz - Her Big Brother (Motta bhai)

In terms of inside space, WR is the best but ritz beats her with space and looks.

IMO, MUL lost her cuteness in new WagonR. AFAIK, New WR is not a big hit like old WR.

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Dude.. take a TD

Went to TD the new Wagon R with a friend and at that time we had rejected Ritz for it's looks, but then some one said to TD Ritz also. since it was time before the TD WR would had come so we took Ritz TD first.

believe me after Ritz we outright rejected the new Wagon R

Though it's a different story that he landed up buying an Hyundai Accent...
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I bought the New WagonR 2010. In my opinion

Ritz - Best petrol engine in any hatchback to date and a better handler than WagonR.

WagonR - For everything else.(More space, easy to drive in city, better interiors and Vxi come fully loaded). Downside is that the 1L engine is underpowered for the car.

Price is almost the same for a Ritz Lxi and WagonR Vxi.

Take a look at my thread. Hope it helps .

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