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Default Re: Santro Xing - HMP ruins my gear box! puts dough like oil!

Originally Posted by SS-Traveller View Post
All cars are prone to water ingress in gearbox through the air vent / breather pipe. Oil colour changes to opaque brownish to whitish in appearance if contaminated with water. For most small hatches, it is not advisable to drive through water that is more than 300 mm (1') deep, to prevent water going into vital components.

No one will comment without actually looking at the oil, isn't it?

Try a regular mineral oil with higher viscosity (say, 90W-140) - no need for synthetics - and you could perhaps just manage to not open the gearbox if no funny noises start coming. Change the gear oil after 5k km again, just to wash out the mud and metal particles if any.
I have never faced conditions where I had to drive in 1ft deep water, I think A/C drain pipe might be the culprit! It is on the front left side, close to the gear box.

90w-140 oil would be too thick; the gears are hard when cold so the higher rating at higher temperatures may not help. Got the oil replaced last weekend again with Mobil mineral 75w-90 (synthetics are way too expensive), i feel some improvement now.

Originally Posted by Sutripta View Post
Engine oil was OK?

Yes, the engine oil was in decent condition. The car is fitted with CNG and it helps engine oil last longer.

Originally Posted by dhanushs View Post
Here, I think it might be very difficult for you to build a case against HMP. Only because, you changed the oil from a nearby garage.

That said, the reasons for water entering has been discussed above.

Going forward, if you decide to keep the car, I think the syncro rings are worn out, and hence the difficulty to change gears, and the need to manual revv matching. And, as SST suggested, change the oil in the next 5k kms or so, just to flush out impurities.
Yes, building a case against HMP would be tough but solving this amicably should be easy. I accept my fault of not taking the car to them at first and hope that they would accept theirs if they find any.
I bought a Hyundai for complete peace of mind and expect that they deliver on it!

And yes, I would be keeping the car for a good two years now. The resale value has plummeted and it doesn't make sense to take a 1.5L hit in just 2.5 years on a santro.

Originally Posted by amitpunjani View Post
On many occasions i have seen the gear oil color change to milky white when contamintated with water.

Just a suggestion, just check the gear lever rods, they might be the real culprit.

Thanks for the suggestion Amit. Can you please give me some more insight about the gear lever rods and their function?

Originally Posted by tanwaramit View Post
I once drove (around 2008) around 30 kms to HMP to get my car serviced. They did regular servicing and while replacing the oil filter didnt tight it properly.

As a result my car started to lose oil slowly, after a few days, one fine day I noticed the engine oil light not going away even after starting the car, called up a local mechanic, he checked filter, which was new, but noticed, it wasnt tight, got a refill for engine oil and got it fixed tightly.

Car ran beautifully after that.

Avoid HMP, their employees are quite lacking in basic work finesse. I goto a Hyundai Dealer service center next to my home, and they work good.

Would recommend, visit a service center closer to your home and get your current issues rectified. Santro parts are not that costly to replace (if need arises)
Even I have to drive some good distance to get to HMP for their class leading service. Hope they resolve my issue as they did yours.

Originally Posted by carbookie View Post
If you are overseeing the job being done by mechanics, make sure they lubricate the gasket of the new oil filter. The gasket can be lubricated by the engine oil itself. This will ensure that the filter twists on smoothly, and that the gasket does not break off during installation. Non-lubrication of the oil filter gasket is one of the biggest reasons filter come loose.
The engine oil and filter were OK when changed. It may be possible that the technician who changed the gear oil left a bolt loose which caused the problem. A loose bolt can cause water/moisture enter the gear box!
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