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Default Arya Honda - THE BEST !

Hey guys - this is my review on the LATEST HONDA DEALER FOR MUMBAI - Arya Honda.
I don't have experience with their showroom,so,am only posting for my review on their service facility at Lalbaug.
I had bought my NHC CVT in June 2005 from Ichibaan Honda,Worli,and from day one,their service was poor..the delivery of the vehicle was delayed by them for over 7 weeks,and I had to take up the complaint with Honda Siel Cars,Delhi for a confirmed delivery date of the vehicle.
The flood repair job was delayed,and the car given to me back from flood repairs in late October 2005 !..
Then,I had decided to shift over to Arya Honda,which opened in December 2005..and luckily,was in town..at Lalbaug..a bit more far than Ichibaan Honda,Worli..but well,wanted to try out the latest Honda dealer..
I had some minor gearbox problems(Ichibaan,Kalina had replaced my gearbox in flood repairs costed me Rs29,000)..and I called them up 10 days after I got my car,but they said "sorry,we don't have space in the workshop,and to take an advanced booking to check the vehicle,which can be only after 15 days !!)..
I then called Arya Honda..who told me to get the car over,and immediately took the vehicle in for the repair job !..and completed the job in 2 days..no charge,since the vehicle is in the 4 year warranty period.
I got my 2nd and 3rd free service done on my vehicle from Arya Honda,and man..they are getting better each and every time..
They also give/print the service advisors cell no. to the customer(which is company provided cell no. !)..so,it's easy to reach them anytime..
All service advisors there as well as receptionist/staff are really quick at the job and immediately get us in touch with a service advisor to take the vehicle in for service.The service advisors are quite knowledgable and understand th problem quickly..and before they even sit to check the car/note the kms inside/trial drive..the Honda techicians fit a cover over the drivers seat, cover floor below drivers seat,a steering cover and a gear knob cover,so that these things don't get dirty throughout the service/repair process..
They also provide free drop off for the customer in their courtesy car(since the main road is around 1/4th km walking distance from their service facility)..
Now's the best part - The customer lounge..
If we have to wait for any small repair job/oil change/car wash,the customer lounge is with many firsts perhaps for any Honda dealer in India -
1. Free Broadband Internet Access
2. Plasma TV with remote
3.Separate bathroom ONLY for customers waiting in lounge
4.Widest variety of newspapers/magazine
5.Telephone inside customer lounge for free direct dialing local phone calls
6.Direct telephone dialing to pantry/receptionist for tea/coffee/water or just inquiring about status of car work being done.
7.Mobile phone chargers for all different brands of mobile phones.

They send you an SMS on your cell when your car is ready at the service facility for delivery..and even if you call them on their direct landline number,they always make it a point to get the call transferred to the right person within 1 min..(unlike Ichibaan Honda,who put you on hold for 10-15mins even if you're calling from your cell)..and with Ichibaan,you don't have an option to call the service advisor directly,since they don't provide the direct cell nos. and tell us (it's their personal cell no.)..now,I don't know whether things are better at Ichibaan..
Arya Honda also has the best Customer Relations department,who have immeidate replies within 24 hours to your emails..infact I came back from US on 18th Jan 2006,and my NHC was due for it's free service on 20th Jan..so,I had sent them an email on 16th from States to confirm a service appointment for 20th,and they sent me the confirmation reply within a day.
All this customer related stuff,plus,they have an excellent service facility,with a huge servicing area..and I think their per day service capacity is a bit higher even than Ichibaan Honda,Kalina..which was previously the largest service center in Mumbai.
Even inspite of them getting more and more number of customers day by day from the time they opened,the customer service hasn't changed,and infact is improving..
By the way - they have also improved their working timings..!..and they have the best work timings - 8:30am to 7:30pm or something..while all other Honda service facilities here start taking cars in around 9:45am and shut shop by 6:15pm..even Arya Honda had timings like the other dealers..but then improved the work timings based on customer feedback !!..good going man..never seen this till date with Ichibaan ever.
Recently,my friend who has a OHC VTEC,whos battery had drained out,called Ichibaan,Kalina to ask the price for battery recharging,was kept on hold for 10-12 mins. and then linked to the concerned person who could tell him the charges..!..probably his mobile call charges went higher than the battery recharging charges !
Arya Honda also offers home pick up/drop off facility on a reasonable rate for servicing/repair jobs..
I have also had first hand experience with the emergency call vehicle of Arya Honda as well as Ichibaan Honda in Jan 2006..
The drivers side power window wasn't pulling back up(and worst - it was a Sunday..so,couldn't take it to a service center..)..and I couldn't keep the mirror open like that..I called up Ichibaan Emergency number..they said they are in Vashi,and have to attend some 4-5 vehicles,and they can make it to my place only after 5-6 hours !..
Then,I called up the service advisor at Arya Honda,whos cell no. I had during my 2nd free service in december 2005..I called him and asked him for emergency number..but he said they haven't started emergency service van yet..and he gave me Ms.Rupas cell no.,who was the customer relations executive..I called her..she told me she'll get back to me in 5 mins..and I got a call from a Honda technician within 5 mins.,who asked me my address !!..he was at Mahalaxmi,and said he'll come to look into the problem within 30 mins..and there he turned up at my door !..(he came on his personal bike..)
He didn't even take any money which I offered him after he checked on the window !..I just thanked him a lot for coming up on a Sunday,even without a proper emergency call number..
Today,they have a proper 24 hour Emergency service team,with an Emergency vehicle.
Ichibaan Honda only has the quantity - Number of showrooms,number of service facilities..but Arya Honda has the quality and leads the pack for customer satisfaction.
Guys - trust me..go once to this service facility,and you'll be their customer for life..plus your car will love it.

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Wow. I am actually speechless. Do such service centers actually exist in India? These guys are too good to be true! Hope such a service center opens up in Delhi too.
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This is what a dealership is supposed to be like. Afterall, you've paid so much for your car. You deserve to be treated well.

Hopefully, more dealers will realise this and change their ways.

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Well, in such a case Arya will top the list of customer satisfaction in no time. An ideal model for other service centres/dealers. They really seem to respect the most valuable thing, time.
Fine post srasania!

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It should continue like this. Its a new company so therefore they may not have so many calls for emergency and also to create a name in the market they might put in extra effort to get there. Ichibaan on the other hand have so many customers to attend to and sometimes becomes difficult. Though thats no excuse lets hope the new dealers continue to remain the same way and create an example for other set dealers to follow.
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I too have experienced excellent service from both Arya Honda and Shaman Ford (same group). They have taken care of my needs to a T. The service advisors are prompt in repsonding too.

They have a huge inspection area next to the reception with 3 - 4 ramps and when you go in to drop your car, they do put the car on a ramp and inspect it for the complaints there and there itself to figure out the issues.

Off-late my car broke down at Khalapur (1st toll booth) on the Mumbai Pune expressway and they were there to help me in 2.5 hours flat.
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Sounds too good to be true. I would consider the lounge stuff and all an eyewash, after all how long are you going to spend in that lounge to take delivery of your car. A nice addition nonetheless.

But the service. Man! thats another story. They way you put it, i'm kinda skeptical. Gotta check it out myself. Hope it stays the same and does not deteriorate with time.

Either way good to hear that customer service is improving. Hope others follow suit and put "Customer's First" into action than just as words on their banners.
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Isint competetion a great thing!!

Things improve so much when 2 guys are competeting for your business. Even I've noticed a change in attitude of Whitefield honda in Bangalore after Deccan Honda sprang up.
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This is great! Have been hearing a lot of complaints about Honda dealerships so this really is good news. Hopefully Ichibaan will also improve when they realise all their customers are going to Arya. I hope someone puts in their expereince with Arya's sales for us.

excellent service from both Arya Honda and Shaman Ford (same group).
and Shaman Fiat? Are they the same group?
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Originally Posted by amit
and Shaman Fiat? Are they the same group?
Yes. All 3 workshops in the same complex.

Managed by different teams, however. I had heard about both Shaman Ford and Shaman Fiat not being too good with their services, but I switched to Shaman Ford after visiting Arya. And was happy with them too.

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well used to go to shaman fiat before when i had the uno diesel and the service was crap but its a altogether different story with shaman ford almost the same facilities which is provided by arya honda and the service done is good
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this is something all dealers should learn to do , i have not come across any hyundai or maruti dealer as yet to do this in delhi . next target is toyota in delhi for my innova which is going to get due soon ! hope some thing like this from them may be !!
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Arya Honda has the cream of the service staff from Shaman FIAT.I remember the last time i was at Shaman FIAT,realised that a lot of their good mechanics were not there.On enquiring I was told that they had all been shifted to Arya Honda and thus were getting trained for the same.Now we have only dumb fools at Shaman FIAT
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Old 1st July 2006, 04:50   #14
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Finally Honda owners in Bombay get the service they Deserve!

I have had horrifying experiences with Ichibaan Honda.....Overprice,Disorganised and Inefficent are the best words to describe Ichibaan.

The situation has gotten so frustrating that this time i serviced my Accord and City from our old trusted mechanic instead of going back to Ichibaan.

Will make it a point to give Arya Honda a shot next time I need to get any work done on my Hondas, hoping my experience is as good as the one mentioned above.
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how is prime honda, ghaziabad????
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