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Default Safdarjung Hyundai, Gurgaon - Avoid for Service!

With the Indian car market evolving over the last few years, it would be an understatement to say that it's not an easy choice these days when it comes to buying a car. After all, it's the family's "prestige issue" to the "convenience of parking". One has to factor in so many issues while buying a car. So it's safe to say that I was faced with the same quandary while switching from the city to the next ride. After sales, "kitna detei hai", rising fuel cost, emi - were all factors which had to meet the essential check list amongst others and with that ended up buying a Hyundai verna 1.6 fluidic. The reason to switch apart from the rising petrol cost was to avoid the hassle of maintaining a 8 year old city, which after 8 years of hassle free ride starting had a personality change over. From a docile babe she turned into a mood swinging uptight hoity toity with a new niggle a day. Anyways, that's another story....

Safdarjung Hyundai turned out to be the most efficient in terms of offering the right deal and follow-ups + the right value for the city. An 11/10 to the sales team here for sure, however, all the good work done by them was royally and literally washed away by their service team.

Day 1 - the car would shut down with a judder
day 7 - Low fuel average observed, around 8-10kmpl in city conditions on a diesel ride.

Day 23 - 1st service done with the above observations listed and got the standard reply, "sir yeh awaz tow normal hai" and "average tow abhi mileyga ek baar engine khul jayey thoda" (the judder is normal and the average will increase after the engine beds in).

With that I left the place shaking my head in disgust that they don't even bother to hear the consumer. All those rebuttals of make me hear it in a different car were refuted by a simple wave of the hand. They are only interested in tearing the service coupon off the manual. Period!!

As time went by and the more I understood the benefits of moving from petrol to a diesel, I also realized this wasn't going to be easy. The average was a mere 10kmpl on a diesel car and between the 1000 km mark (1st service) and 10k (2nd service), the judder increased, and so did so many other noises. However the ignorance stayed, the excuses changed. This time at the 2nd service, was told "lambi gaadi hai, 11-12 se zyada nahin deti" (It's a big car, wont' give you more than 11-12) and I again resigned to the fact that maybe it's me and my driving style and to obtain a more meaningful 15-17, I need to be in the 50kmph range. With regards to the judder and the other noises, they were kind enough to change the steering assembly. however, as soon as the car returned home, the judder was back.. Somehow, my instinct kept telling me it's a clutch judder or a clutch issue but also the fact that it's a new car and the city did 1.25km on it without any clutch overhaul, it would be stupid to even suggest that to the service engineer - after all they are more qualified and experienced than me and it's probably my paranoia.

Knowing the fact that nothing is going to change with safdarjung, I decided to observe the car more. After all, the only comforting factor was the 2 year unlimited comprehensive warranty by Hyundai.

Between the 10k and the 20k service interval, it was nothing but a nightmare. Every 3k km mark, would take it to them for the judder and the low average but no respite and finally at 18k mark, I called up the Hyundai call center who promptly arranged a call with AGM - service, safdarjung and I met him post Diwali, who kept the car for the 1st day and sugar coated all his conversations saying he'll take care of this but on my return to the work-shop the 2nd day, it was the same nonsense all over again. Umpteen number of kmpl tests and god knows what all tests, the average did not go up beyond 10kmpl and the judder simply refused to go.

Finally on making enough noise, the car was kept for 2 days and returned with the MID showing an average of 17kmpl the first time and 0 judder. Part changed was a suspension stabilizer bar (or something like that) Also I took the opportunity to get the 20k service done and what happened here literally made me go This is what the 3rd service entailed and was done in front of my eyes

1. Oil filter - changed
2. Fuel Filter - Changed
3. Engine Oil - Changed

Service done. Till date I wonder if this is what they did in front of my, did they really change any parts in the 2nd service? Hyundai, assumably does not have the policy like Honda to return old parts or maybe it's just the dealer!

so much so, I still have the 3rd service coupon with me - they didn't even bother to tear that off.

Having seen this and conspicuous of their methods, I decided to take the tank full to tank full test for the fuel average and for the first time was pleasantly surprised to see that the fuel average was indeed 17kmpl in city conditions. But as it's said, good things come in small packages and a few days ago I got to know the real story - while taking the car up a ramp in the office, I heard another sound. the instinct kicked in and said " Clutch" and today when I got it checked from a different service station, they acknowledged that it is indeed a bad clutch.

A phone call narrating the entire experience to the ASM Hyundai- has gotten me a clutch overhaul within warranty but it's only verbal for now. I need to take the car in tomorrow, so let's see what experience does this new workshop brings but honestly, what a scam safdarjung runs. First dupe the consumer and with enough time and mileage, get him to pay for a problem that was there from day 1 however, not rectified. Net result - Get rich!! The excuse, "Clutch is not covered in warranty sir".

I'll be posting the Job card details (if I can find that) and the 3rd service coupon voucher here.

For all those Safdarjung Loyalists - All the best!
For those who decide to change, please let me know if you come across an honest Hyundai workshop in Gurgaon.

Thank you for reading!!

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Default Re: Safdarjung Hyundai, Gurgaon - Avoid for Service!

I had given my cars (both Hyundai make) to Safadarjung Hyundai for PMS and the work quality was good. Especially Getz improved a lot for next 6 months (3.5 K KM).
I have shifted from Gurgaon to New Gurgaon and had taken my car to Triumph Hyundai which is just next to MacD. For PMS, it has been okay (and reasonable).

Again, I am in same boat. Some reliable place in Gurgaon for our i10 which is currently having many niggles. Heavy steering, random on-off suspension issues.
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Default Re: Safdarjung Hyundai, Gurgaon - Avoid for Service!

I had always disliked Safdarjung Hyundai, reason being the workshop is always crowded, plus getting in and out of the service station is always a big problem-given the single entry & exit, and the limited parking space once inside too. They just keep moving the car every 2 minutes to make way for other cars to park/drive.

I had made a mental note not to give my car for servicing here, given the huge volume of cars they deal with (or at least what looks like it).

Have been there a couple of times for some random paperwork, as I bought my i20 from their sister concern - Superon Hyundai - which I prefer as it is more spacious and less crowded - however is quite far, well past Rajiv Chowk on the wrong side of the road.

On a related note, do check out Dee Emm motors in Sector-18. A large workshop opened a few months back. They are still new in the market - so relatively less crowded, and you might get some discounts too.

Had given my i20 for some insurance related body work, and found them satisfactory in terms of the workmanship- you would need to constantly chase them for updates though, as they are don't seem to believe in the philosophy of updating the customer.
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